Friday, May 27, 2011

Penis juice and vodka

We have one more week of school here, yet my children have already disconnected the brain switch. I hate to tell them but we will home school throughout the summer. Luckily for them we can get our work done in less then two hours with only three kids and of course the fact that I sneak projects in throughout our everyday activities.

Ethan decided he is exempt from the school dress ode because school is almost out and the daughter has jumped on that band wagon. I decided to let it slide. I figure a cute little t-shirt isn't going to ruin any one's grades, they were all turned in on the 24Th, so we will see if I get a call from the school.

So today's little golden nugget of delight is brought to you by Ethan.

Mom:Ethan, quit messing with your business. Go to your room if you want to do that.

Ethan: I am not messing with it, it hurts. It feels like I am going to bleed when I pee.

Mom: Oh honey, I am sorry but you will have to go to your Dad. He is in charge of penises. I handle vaginas.

Later Clint and I figure out the kid might have the beginning of a urinary tract infection so we loaded hm up with cranberry juice and extra fruits, veggies, and vitamin C. It seemed to have worked.

Aunt Kimberly: Ethan, you like to drink cranberry juice?

Ethan: UNH?

Aunt Kimberly: You are drinking cranberry juice. Do you like it?

Ethan: It is my penis juice.

That makes my day better. I may just go have a penis juice and vodka to celebrate Friday. HAHAHAHAHAHA That sounds all kinds of wrong.


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