Monday, April 17, 2006

Best Friends

Emily and her friend Madisyn.

Emily amazes me....she is so mature. I sthat normal for girls. I mean her little friend is six and she is 3. But they really play great together. Now, throw these two in the mix and holy shit......

This is Steven and his little friend Kaden. They get together and the girls can not get a moments peace. Is that normal? Why are boys so destructive......


Scooter Butt

I am not sure if this is normal, but pants that used to fit Emily are just falling off her. She has sprouted up and not out. All of her jeans are doing this. It makes for a good laugh......


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Shame on you!!!!

So, thank you to Christie. The only one who played Show Michael. I mean come on you lazies. He is putting his life on the line every day because our government has sent him to Iraq. He is a dedicated father, husband and friend I am proud and honored to know him.

Well, ANYWAYS!!! Congratulations is in order for my dear, darling husband.

He went to the board on Friday and is now an E4P. For those of you who do not know what that means, that means he is still a specailist, but he is now promotable when the time (points) comes. Clint is going to be a big bad Sgt. Stein for our last year here at the lovely mountain post.

OH, that is not all the good news we here at the Stein Family Household are celebrating. The children were sad to see him go. Freaks. That is what my children are, FREAKS!!!

We have been fibnallt freed from the clutches of illness. The Oxygen machine was picked up and we are now a healthy (physically) family again.

PS......My grammar, spelling, puncutation....okay my entire repetoire of writing skills seems to be deteriorating. Would anyone like to volunteer to assist my pea brain? If you see problems, please feel free to point them out. I will not be offended. I have come to the conclusion that all thses small children are slowly killing my braincells. Even faster then any drug could do. They should do a study on that. What affects the constant exposure to small children and children's television programming has on and "adult" brain. So, please feel free to send me an e-mail with all the horrible mistakes. If you are really nice, I may include a footnote with my gratitude and ogf course a link to your site.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Show Sgt. Michael Ivie

Hi Mike!!!! I am still waiting for the pictures of you in your work clothes so people who decide to play can see yah.
Well, here I am in my normal summer uniform....tank top and shorts.
I had to use the timer on my damn camera which took me awhile to figure out.



E-mail or comment if you played too. That way I can add you to the list and give Mike some entertainment. It is okay if it is late too.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A New Blog Game

So the time has come. Mike has been on the computer fairly regularly, so I knOW he will now be able to see what everyone posts. Tomorrow will be the first day of "SHOW MIKE".

Mike is over working hard, carrying a gun and sacrificing for us , so let's keep him entertained. For tomorrow's SHOW MIKE, Let's all show him what we where to work. Stay at home mom you say.....well, show him your uniform. I know you have one. We all do. Mine is the tank top/ jeans look. Some of you may be sweats and t-shirts.

For those of you who work outside the home....let's see what you wear. If you are lucky, I will find and post a picture of Mike in what he wears to work.

Thanks for all you do and all the sacrifices you make Sgt. Michael Ivie. We all miss you and love you.


Oh crap.....I hope some of you are midget strippers!!!!


Link Share

Can you believe this shit? I got a check yesterday for one dollar and nineteen cents. I am friggin' rich. The linkshare is paying off. Someone ordered 16.99 at overstock and I made 1.19. That is a hell of a commission. Whoohoo. I recommend everyone go sign up. LinkShare.com They have tons and tons of affiliates and tons and tons of ways to make a little extra cash. Whoohoo. That is going right to Clint's student loan payment. Hell friggin yeah.

I am only 13 dollars away from getting a check for my adsense.
You should check that out too. I figure I am going to blog regardless, I should do what I can to get it to work for me. I have no problem being a begging blog whore. Really, none what so ever. Go check out those sites. Make you a little extra money. Do it.

Oh and get this. Clint has made four bucks off of people signing of for bravenet. Can you believe that. Go check that out too. Everybody can use some extra money.
I am so damn excited. Can you tell?


Monday, April 03, 2006

Blog Buttons

So, say I was going to have little buttons for my blog that other people could use on their blogs to link back to my blog......say that 10 times fast. What do you think they should say. I am having a creative meltdown and can't think of anything good. I need a few that are fo rthe very faint of heart and then a few that are for the people with really sick and naughty senses of humor like me.

Meritt came up with "The Daily Poop" heehee love it

Rhianna sent me "Your Daily Dose of Pageantry" Good....very good

MamaDuck suggested "I'm Addicted to Poop" now we are getting a little more on the gritty side. Sweet!!!!!

I know Christie has something good to toss in the hat.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weight Loss for Dummies

Listen Katy, it is important to lower your caloric intake and increase your caloric outake if you want to lose those eight pounds you put on over the winter. Katy, those love handles hanging over the sides of your pants are not sexy nor is the "little" pooch. You must do your Pilates everyday. You must quit stuffung yourself with carbs. Why oh why are you such a carb addict. Why do you love the candy so. Why must you do this to yourself. You must fight the urges. Fight it. Be strong!!!! Oh and you stupid bitch, do not go outside and help Amy all day with a yard sale and not put sun block on your face. You are such an ass bag. Well, at least you are going to look like one pretty damn soon if you keep exposing your youthful supple skin to the sun. Bwahahahaha


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