Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weight Loss for Dummies

Listen Katy, it is important to lower your caloric intake and increase your caloric outake if you want to lose those eight pounds you put on over the winter. Katy, those love handles hanging over the sides of your pants are not sexy nor is the "little" pooch. You must do your Pilates everyday. You must quit stuffung yourself with carbs. Why oh why are you such a carb addict. Why do you love the candy so. Why must you do this to yourself. You must fight the urges. Fight it. Be strong!!!! Oh and you stupid bitch, do not go outside and help Amy all day with a yard sale and not put sun block on your face. You are such an ass bag. Well, at least you are going to look like one pretty damn soon if you keep exposing your youthful supple skin to the sun. Bwahahahaha


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