Monday, April 30, 2007

"Spongebob is on my forehead"

Clint and I are sitting on the couch enjoying a nice quiet evening. We have put in a movie for the kids in their room and they are back there being so good, so quiet. Then we here what sounds like a herd of elephants coming down the hallway. The kids are all yelling "Spongebob got on Ethan's forehead". Out of the hallway appears Ethan.

Clint's first response "What the hell have ya'll been doing?" Ethan quickly replied, "It wasn't me it was Steven." To which Steven promptly began his defense,"It was an accident!" Oh come on....an accident my ass.

I jumped in and began my counter bullshit operation. "An accident? What happened? You just fell down with a marker in your hand and accidentally drew spongebob on your brother's head?" At this point I would like to tell those of you who have no children or have only infants that sarcasm is lost on children at this age. They will take your sarcasm and twist it to suit their little devilish needs and wants. Steven quickly took my sarcasm and ran with what he saw as an opportunity. "Yes", he said "I fell down and accidentally drew Spongebob on Ethan's head." This brings a great deal of laughter from Emily because she knows. She knows that they are all full of bullshit. She also sees the defeat in her parents' eyes.

At this point, I know I can no longer stare at Ethan with the Evil eye and I have just been beaten down by my four year old son. He has taken my ammunition and fired it back at me. I concede. I give in. You my children have won this time.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Find

I got an e-mail about a week ago asking me to check out a new website. It was just getting up and running. I headed on over and have not stopped playing with it. It is a one stop photo shop. It takes your photos and puts them into professional looking slide shows. I mean super it is so super cute. The best part, you can e-mail them to Grandmother afterwards. This is of course great for computer dummies like me. You have to check it out.

It is completely free until June. They will soon be adding tons of extras and a store where you can upload your photos for the slide shows and then order gifts and prints. Pretty cool if you ask me.
If you like it, please let me know. I decided I would start sharing all my cool Internet finds with people I know. If you are not interested, let me know that too.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

"MY Penis is BROKEN"

My dearest four year old son was laying quietly watching TV and apparently handling his man parts. He suddenly spoke up in a not so manly voice (he is four you know), saying "My penis is broken". I looked over and the kid's boy part was ta full attention. I tried to explain, without peeing my pants from laughter, that it was normal and it would happen more. He told me he should probably see the doctor. I wonder if his concern is because little brother had to get his penis looked at? Does this mean he is going to be an exhibitionist or a hypochondriac. And I wonder why I am medicated.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For The Love of Poop

I have this gross habit. I am pretty sure it was inherited from my mother. I can remember seeing her do the same thing. It is gross. I warn you now so if you have a sensitive gag reflex, find that x up in the right hand corner and hit it. I clean out under my nails with my mouth. Yes that's right, that food that gets under there is just a little entertaining snack for later. I know you are wondering where I am going with this, well.......

It was a beautiful day out. Clint had just gotten home from work and we decided to take the kids outside to burn off some energy. I took them out while he got a cold beer and some cheese. I was sitting on the bench and noticed a little something under my nail. I went to clean it out with my mouth and just as I got close to my mouth noticed a faint smell of poop. That's right, I had poop under my nails. Apparently when I wiped Emily's butt for her, just before we headed out, I got her shit under my nail. OH MY GOD, I ALMOST ATE HER POOP. I ran upstairs and sent Clint to watch the kids as I proceeded to scrub and scrape my nails. NO, I did not use my mouth. I no longer clean under my nails with my mouth. I am cured of ONE of my nasty habits. I ALMOST ATE POOP. OH MY GOD.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Recalling the LabiaPlasty BEFORE and AFTER

While I was in Texas staying with Tara, I made up my mind that when we have the money I am going to get a boob job. Tara and I started the research and spent quite a bit of time looking at before boobs and after boobs. One night, Ethan came in after we had already moved on to the link that read "labiaplasty". Come on, you know you would look too. Anyways, the little guy comes wondering in, still in a half sleeping state, until he saw a before labia picture on the screen. Oh, his attention was caught. He immediately wanted to know what it was Aunt Tara and I were looking at. Always being the straight forward parent, Tara followed my lead and told him at was labia. Ethan's response? "EWWWWWW Wabia is diskustin' " Tara and I laughed so hard. If he only knew his thoughts would change when he gets older. After clicking on the after picture and seeing what appeared to be a lovely pink, symmetrical set of labia, Ethan responded with " MMMMMM I wanna eat that Wabia". Apparently my youngest son was reminded of some delicious taffy or bubblegum. I was amazed at how quickly his opinion changed. I thought it would surely take years for him to come to such a reconciled thought. Ahh, out of the mouths of babes.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When he pees he pours

We have been waiting for a consult for Ethan to see a urologist. Apparently when they did his little circumcision, the poor boys pee pee hole ended up a little more to the top then the tip.

Let me tell you what this means. It means when he is holding his wee little dumpling straight down at the toilet, that the entire bathroom gets a coating of piss. Yes, that's right.....he sprays up. I am going to have to buy stock in Clorox clean up wipes if they do not get his problem fixed soon.

The little guy tries so hard to compensate by twisting and contorting his future favorite thing. When Clint got home from Iraq and saw our newly potty trained man trying to position his pal so the pee hit the water, Clint's first impression was the guy was abusing himself. Clint, being the owner of a penis himself pointed out the problem. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the Army fixes this soon.


Even The Meek Have Spoken

and then I got this:
One More last question.........WHY do you feel the need for Susan (She is my Aunt and my Grandmother's daughter and has a right to know anything about a woman so openly taking advantage of her family, plus you have now become entertainment)to read my emails? Just a little curious. OMG......You really have taken this a little too far. Since I got to read all the emails again....show me one bad thing I said about Tara. I am Honestly thru with all of this, this is rediculous. You have really lost your mind!! Someone speaks their mind to you, and you get all crazy, and I am the one who needs help???? You might wanna step back and take a look in the mirror Katy. I guess the phrase "The Truth Hurts" is VERY TRUE!!!

So, I think this may be the last post about my Dad's wife for awhile. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

She has moved on to my poor sister-in-law. Jill Army is too nice too ever reject anyone so when she called me and told me this story, I was both shocked and surprised.

Jill Army got a friend request on her Myspace from Daddy's wife. She denied it and sent Lisa a short but very poignant response:
Yeah Sorry Lisa I think I will have to choose sides on this one. I'm going with Katy.

I was shocked that my sweet, always walked all over sister-in-law had the balls to stand up for me and my father has yet to reign his wife in. Karen got his response:

Not a problem...I totally understand. I just hope you understand both sides of the story. I merely spoke up about her partying every weekend (I did not know going out four times in five months was partying every weekend)when Clint was in Iraq.....and I guess that was completely wrong of me. It opened a whole can of worms. I am not a bad person....but I personally know that, and everyone else is entitled to their opinion. I find it very strange how Katy can speak her mind to whoever she wants...but when someone else does it, it's wrong. I was simply watching out for my kids....Kimmie babysat quite a bit for her while she was here (Uh, when Tara read this, she laughed her ass of because Kimmie babysat the kids twice at Tara's house in the five months. She was there a few more times because I wanted to pend time with her.)...and apparently didn't rate a thank you,(Wow, all the money I spent on her I guess was neither Thank you enough nor constituted payment) like Tara's family was given. Please don't get me wrong....I know Tara and her family did SO very much for her, but it hurt to know that she couldn't express her thanks to this side of the family. The emails...which I am sure you have read were written in anger....YES. But I did mean alot of what ICheck Spelling said. She should call ME when she has a problem with me, not her dad. I know you will send this on to Katy......so Katy...I hope you enjoyed this letter, but it was intended for Karen. I have no hard feelings toward you Karen, or anyone else in the family......but I will remain in Steve's life forever, and how everyone choses to accept that is their choice....not OURS. She has run Ashley of...Hope (Her best friend)...and now me. I can see why now!! Katy is a very hard person to understand. I am done trying....and I will not email you again...so tell Katy before she has a cow...LOL (I wonder if she realizes we are laughing at her and not with her. Oh and if you are going send nasty letters, use spellcheck. I am terrible with spelling, but that is why they have it.)

So, I think that is all for now. Of course we move back to Texas in 28 days and have a few things that need to be taken from my Dad's house. I am going to leave that up to Clint. I suppose if if she acts crazy then Clint and dad can sit down and have a man to man conversation. Because of course my husband has huge ball and a very sturdy spine. He has to. He has to keep me in line, which is apparently no easy task.


Monday, April 16, 2007

And the beat goes on

I think the title of this e-mail is probably my favorite, because you and I both know that we have heard this before. I still have sent no response because I find it cruel to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person and I am not sure if she even knows what wits means. This is a bit out of order because I wanted to keep the emails in a certain group so this email was actually sent before she got the final e-mail from Tara explaining I had not said anything.

My Last Words Ever To You.....I promise

I have a few things too get off my chest and say to you, before I vow to never speak to you again.

First off Katy........Telling Tara I said mean things about her and her family is such a lie.....I will send her the copies of the emails
(I told Tara nothing, she read the e-mails for herself and formed her conclusions. From the last post, you should be able to tell Tara was never a big fan. She does not like fake people who mooch and try to break up families) I sent you, so she will know the truth...regardless if she does my hair again or not.

Second....I can not believe you would even say I am a danger to your kids......that is actually comical
(I find someone who has no control over their emotions a danger they are unable to control their behavior and I am particular as to who scars my children. hat is my job.).....You know...I know...your dad knows...and most importantly, those kids know how much I love them, and would never bring them harm. If you were trying to hurt me, well you succeeded....that hurt!!

Telling me to stay away from your family will not be a problem, Katy....You have my word...I will stay away....and to say that I would keep your dad away...is a joke as well. I have NEVER
(Now, I find this comical...you have made an issue of the friends he used to have, his religion and of any woman in general. So much that he has changed stories to include a man instead of a woman IE: when he bought the t-shirt from the taco store and you thought he bought the t-shirt because a woman was selling it)kept him form doing anything he wants to do ESPECIALLY where family is concerned. If anything, I stay on his ass to please call his son....to email Tom in Iraq...To call his mother more often. Your Dad has issues with that...and it has nothing to do with me.

I know Tom has NEVER liked me...and that is his right...I have never pushed myself on him or his family....but he was ALWAYS welcome here when he came to visit. The same with Dave
(I will try my best not to speak for the boys, but I will point out the fact that Tom and his family no longer stay at your house because the last time they did, it was filthy and everyone got flea bitten as far as Dave, how often does he bring Meredith over? I as a smoker do not smoke in my house and why? Because it makes the place stink like a nasty ashtray and when his daughter comes home smelling like a nasty ashtray.....gross)...and the same with you. If I didn't love you or care about you Katy.....why would I worry about you when you called here crying the night you and Tara were fighting? I was VERY concerned for you, and you know that.

I do not have psychological problems Katy...Only depression, and that is a chemical imbalance...and I am not ashamed of it. For your information...and to maybe ease your mind..I am NOT bi-polar either.....My doctor confirmed it for me
.(How exactly was that confirmed. Maybe you should do some research before you say that. Do you even know how they "diagnose" Bi-polar disorder) Maybe you should check into that......I already have!!

Katy....you are the most gossipy, nosiest
( Oh I a so nosey, I always want to know what is going on and I admittedly say things that are a bit off color. I do however live by the creed that , life is an open book Then I never have to worry about the shame or embarrassment. I am not saying I do not do things I regret and may have done differently, but I am not ashamed to be who I am and I do not lie about having a job or buying a new dog or feel the need to hide things such as that.)...and the most IN YOUR FACE person I have ever met. I came to accept you for who you are. To judge other people ( I do not judge...I am very accepting of all people until they screw with my family and you are screwing with my family...yes, i do judge that and find mooching off of an elderly woman disgusting and the way you keep your house, I have seen worse, but you have no job and teenage children, there is no excuse)the way you do is very embarassing at times. It seems the only time your dad and I fight is when you call complaining to him about me.......and he just listens to what you say...and then tells me..and I blow up...so then a fight starts. He LISTENS.....he is good at that, but remember....I am his wife...he shares EVERYTHING with me. I am tired of you TRYING (UM, I am not trying to cause problems, I do believe all of these e-mails have not been responded to yet, they keep coming, who is trying to cause drama here?)to cause problems in MY marriage...so stay the hell away from me and MY family!!! If you want to blow up at me CALL ME...not your dad......why would you do that when he is at work, can't you find better times to call him, then at his job??

Another thing.....I know you love and care about Grandmother more than anything in the world........BUT....DO NOT EVER bitch at your dad and me for not visiting more often, because when you were here.....we can count on ONE hand how many times you visited her. I offered so many times to keep the kids for you, so you could go visit...especially when she was sick, and you chose not too......I know there were times in the evening you could have visited, and you didn't...you found time to get your nails done...to TAN....to party...but not to go visit Grandmother.
(I spoke with Grandmother almost every single day and no one wanted me dropping the kids off there with just you to go see Grandmother. It was not necessary. Plus you and i both know grandmother is of the old school frame of mind that it is her children's job to care for her, not her grandchildren. And for your information I shopped for her, i took her to the bank, I went over and cleaned, I changed her sheets, I did laundry, and I am the one who broke her confidence and told dad she was possibly having surgery even though she did not want you two to know because she was so hurt that her son and daughter in law who lived less then two miles away saw her and spoke with her less hen her daughter who lived in Houston. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of the amount of time and attention I pay to my grandmother. The sad part is it is okay for you to mooch of this woman but you can not even give her your time.)Now see...it doesn't feel good being bitched at ...does it??? I am honestly trying to make a point here, Katy....but its the truth, and you know it as well as I do.

Since we will not be speaking any longer...you should know that I love your dad more than I have ever loved another human being (Other than my children)....and I will ALWAYS be by his side.....I won't go away....EVER!!!! I will also not take ANYMORE bullshit from his kids either.......MAINLY you...you are the only one that seems to cause grief. He can do and go wherever he pleases to be with his children...but YOU will never be welcome in our home again. EVER!!! I can't even stand the thought of you anymore....you are such the trouble maker!! Your kids will always have a place in my heart, but I know I will never see them again.....so in my heart is where I will keep them.

You told your dad I attacked your marriage.....and that is not what I did.....I simply stated that I did not agree with the way you acted while your husband was overseas.(You did not agree with how I acted?
I went out to a bar with my friends 4 times in the entire five months I lived with Tara. Maybe you should get your facts straight. I laughed and joked about it and posted pictures to my myspace. Would you rather have heard the stories of Tara and I tearing down drywall and watching movies?) If there is ever a woman who loves her husband so damn much its you, Katy....I know that....I was just speaking my mind, which I guess I shouldn't have done.....but you speak yours so freely....why can't others??

Thanks to you...I now have to search for a new hairdresser...which I have done before, so it can be done, but to say very untruthful things to Tara.....that was so wrong. It takes a hell of a person who is used to living alone, to all of a sudden take in her best friend and 3 kids, why would I say mean things about her? I have the emails Katy...I know what I said......I was simply hurt that you could not mention this portion of your family, for the LITTLE help we did give...especially Kimmie.
(May be if you had kept your ignorant mouth shut, you and would have given it a few days you would have seen what I had to say. You have ruined that though with your spewing of false information and by acting like a flaming idiot.)Tara and her family derserve all the praise you gave them and more.....You and I both know that.

I can see now, why Ashley wiped her hands clean of you
( Just to clear things up, not all people like each other which is okay because everyone has different personalities, but the issues between Ashley and I have been put behind us and just out of curiosity, when they came to town did they come see you? Oh, you didn't even know they came to town...hmmmmmmmm)....and now I am doing the same. Now...that is your brother's wife, and your dad's wife...how many more people do you think you can push away in your lifetime?
(I have no problem with you not being in my life, Ashley I missed because I did enjoy her company and her intellect. I only post this to get it off my chest without actually having to deal with you because again like I said you are unarmed and that would just be cruel.)


Saturday, April 14, 2007

And the saga continues

She has now promised no more e-mails my way, so I guess my dearest Tara has become the next victim. A little bit of back history. Tara was doing our hair all through out beauty school. Of course she never got paid except for materials and wine. She didn't care. It was practice. No when I moved to Colorado, Tara tried to continue a close relationship with my Dad and Lisa but was often blown off and then felt like the only time they contacted her was to house sit the dirty squat or to do someones hair. When Tara finally opened her shop, she was sure the freebies would stop. Well, when Lisa would go in to get her hair done (ladies, we are talking the works:foils, cuts,style....) she would just give Tara a check for how ever much she could handle at the time. Not the amount Tara charged of course. Tara never got the nerve to say anything about this because she did not want to cause any trouble for me with my "family".

So Tara's first E-mail arrived:
I am just wondering if you would prefer not to do my hair anymore. I called your mom 2 weeks ago to make an appointment, and she sounded like she was trying to put me off, and then said she would call back to set up an appointment for me, and I have heard nothing back. I know things are going on with Katy and me.....but I really do not want to lose my hairdresser. I was hoping we could at least keep it professional. I am not trying to be ugly at all. I just need to know how you feel, and what you would prefer. I know Katie has an appointment with you on prom day...so please let her keep that. Her and Kimmie, like me....do not trust anyone else with our hair. Thanks Alot...and Love Ya!!

I find the love ya part the funniest out of all of this. Come on,, who are we kidding. Then Tara received another e-mail because apparently in her busy schedule her world should revolve around Lisa and she should have responded immediately to her e-mail.

Tara........I was hoping for a response by now. I know you read my email yesterday. So does this mean, I need to look for another hairdresser? I started to call today, but decided to wait a day or two. Please just let me know how you feel, and I will not bother you anymore...I know you are a busy woman!!
Thanks, Lisa

At this point, I calmly called my Dad..scary calm....and asked him to please make her stop e-mailing me and my friends. that there was nothing to say. I explained that Tara had read the e-mails Lisa had written to me and was offended by the fact that Lisa had insinuated that her family, who all work full time, unlike Lisa, had more spare time. I told him I loved him and he was always welcome in our lives and that she was not. I got off the phone and called my Grandmother to tell her that i had asked him to please get her to stop or I would have to take all the emails in and press harassment charges now that she had been asked to stop. Then what?!?!?! Lisa calls me. I tell her twice I have nothing to say, she says that I lied to Tara and said she had said bad things about her family. I have said nothing but let Tara read the emails and be equally insulted that she would dare say the O'Leary family had so much spare time. they made the time to include the kids and I in their family. Then came Tara's response to Lisa:
I did read your message yesterday but I haven't had time to write back until now I am not on the computer for very often or for that long at a time. I have to say that was and am a little offended by the letter you wrote Katy and your mention of my family. I believe that whatever goes on between you and Katy is in fact none of my business however your comment about my family in your letter to her is. My parents and brother as well as myself did not just spend time with the kids (and Katy) because we have loads of free time on our hands. We did it because we love all of them. You have no idea what are day to day life is filled with, we made time. I am also a little bothered by the fact that you feel like my mom gave you the brush off, you called before Easter which is a very busy time for my shop and your name is in fact on a cancellation list, my mom is a professional. I guess if this is the way you choose to view my family it is a better idea if I do not do your hair anymore. I will of course not cancel Katie's appointment I am not that kind of person and wouldn't be ugly. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

I thought Tara did well holding her own. Oh and if there is any confusion, I have step sisters names Katie and Kimmie. You might have thought it would have ended here, but oh no...not when dealing with a little (okay) a lot of crazy:

I am not sure what you were told,She was not told anything, she read the e-mails herself but I NEVER said anything mean or ugly about you or your family. I can promise you that. I know you did alot for Katy and her kids when she was here. You are very wonderful person...very caring, and giving. I would never say anything mean about you or your family. Katy and I have our differences, and I guess it will always be that way. But to say mean things about you Tara, is simply not me. If it were not for you and your family Katy would have had nobody...and I admit that to you, and I admitted that to Katy uh, when did you admit that to me?. Steve just got a call from Katy, saying for us Us is not the word...I asked him to stop you from emailing and harassing people who do not want your crazy drama in their life. not to email her friends anymore...I was simply trying to find out if I had a hairdresser or not anylonger. I apologize if I bothered you Tara, I truly am. I am not a bad person...I swear to you I am not. We will keep Katies appointment, and then be done, if that is your wish. I will always think of you as a special person no matter what.
So, Tara quickly cleared the air up in my defense:

I just want to take a minute to clarify what you think I was told. Katy (being my best friend) actually read me the email you sent her and I never said that you said mean or nasty things about my family or me I just said that I was offended and bothered. Katy is not the ugly nasty person you see her as and that opinion of her bothers me as well. I did not say that you were mean I I just want to make that clear. My feelings have just been hurt not just by your comments but also your actions. I don't feel as if we are friends, I thought at one point we were but once Katy left I got a different idea of our relationship. I have never said anything before because it was awkward and I didn't want to put Katy in a bad place. So I am sorry that I haven't mentioned it before I just didn't know how. But to tell the truth I think it is just better this way. My loyalty lies with Katy and that really is nothing against you.

Gooooooooooooooooooooo Tara. Someone is standing up and saying we do not have to take this craziness, no matter who you are married to. It was nice to again have someone stand up for me. You would have thought my Dad might have had something to say to his wife of only a few years and the fact that she is driving his family away. Well, then the final Lisa/Tara e-mail came:

Thank you Tara for clarifying that for me. Uh...do you think she is going to apologize to me for accusing me of being a liar? Oh I would never dare hold my breath I definitely understand and will honor your wishes. I am sorry if I made you feel as if we weren't friends. I guess I have a bad tendancy of doing that. I am working on myself though...and hopefully it gets better. Thank you for all you have done, and that truly comes from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best. I will have Katie call to verify her appointment, so she knows the exact time. If I stay out of the picture...and have Katie bring herself and Kimmie in...will you continue to do their hair. I will make sure they check out upfront with your mom Does this mean that they will actually pay the rate that Tara charges and not just assume that they get some sort of discount. I am not sure what made her feel hat was okay. i think i might start trying that at the grocery store. You know, This milk says 3.29, but I think you should just let me have it for 50 cents. I know they really think alot of you....and nobody does there like Tara, of course. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely, Lisa

Well, That has been the last e-mail to Tara, but believe it or not, she has moved on to my sister in-law. The one married to my brother who has just been extended in Iraq. (Watch out Ashley, you could be next)


Friday, April 13, 2007

The next chapter

So we left off last time with the fact that I had called my Dad and read him the riot act about his wife and I had still not responded to any of her craziness. Then I got this:
I don't understand why you went off on your dad.....he wasn't the one who wrote you...I was. I guess I should have kept my fucking mouth shut....and why is it everytime you get pissed at me, you bring up me not working? Uh because you are a grown woman with children in school mooching off my grandmother and sitting on your ass while you watch my father kill himself trying to work two jobs Why is that such an issue with you? You don't work...does anyone rag you about it? and the rent...is that your business...no...that is between Grandmother and your dad.....its not your business!! Did you pay rent to Tara while you were here...who the fuck cares...its nobody's business, but yours and Tara's!! It sure was ok for me not to be working when you needed a babysitter....and have you ever thought that I am not working for a reason??? Has that ever crossed your mind?? Maybe there are somethings we do not tell people!! What is great about this comment is she says she can not work because of depression...uh how many people still work especially when there are bills to be paid and again you are mooching off of someone. I stayed with Tara, you are living in a house that my Grandmother is paying for but does not live in. Its our business...not anyone elses. I do believe there is money being given to your dad and Susan on a yearly basis by Grandmother....Susan gets hers......so maybe this is the way our rent is being paid, but honestly....that shouldn't have to be explained to you!! She should have gotten her facts straight because that was a total and complete misconception. My Grandmother expects them to pay rent and does not give a yearly amount of money to my Aunt. Maybe she should have checked her facts first. and by the way...I do contribute to this household with income...and not too bad of one either....but that is none of your business as well. If she IS WORKING, why the stink and why not just say I am contributing..Why is it that you, and....Dave and Tom, are done with your dad.....thats pretty shitty!! None of us have ever said we are done with our father. We will love him no matter what. I however am pretty sure I am done with you. Are far as what the boys think of you, that is their choice whether to discuss it or not but I think you are aware. Regardless...he is your dad...and have you ever heard of UNCONDITIONAL love!! So...he's not perfect....but neither are you, but does he say anything about it...NO!! I am really tired of all this bullshit, and if you don't want me in your life, than so be it...but I love you and those babies, and you know it!! Why should you punish those babies for mine and your petty bullshit? I am not perfect either Katy...and I have never claimed to be, but I spoke my mind...and I am sorry that it upset you so bad! Maybe next time, you can go off on me, and not your dad...he doesn't control, what I do or say, and vice versa. You will not hear from me again, unless you agree to it... Oh, if only that were true I promise you that! I am done, until we can come to some sort of agreement!!

So, I hoped and I prayed this would be the last contact. Of course it wasn't.
I went though the effort of deleting her and blocking her from my myspace. While I deleted her, I decided to clean my friends up while I was at it. I had a ton of friends that were military layout makers and since ,hopefully, Clint will be out soon, I deleted them as well. Of course in the process I accidentally deleted an entire page of my friends (sorry Dawn and whomever else I have yet to figure out). Well, my step sisters were on the page deleted so that of course made an entire new issue. I not only got another email from she who promised never to contact me again, but I got one from my step-sister. I felt really bad because I know it hurt the girls' feelings. I explained what happened, but of course Lisa had already emailed me and told me to not contact them so I told them to clear it with their mom first.

Here bis the e-mail she sent me, without of course knowing why the girls were not on my list anymore:

What the hell did Katie and Kimmie do to you, to rank getting deleted from your friends list. Now you are being real childish....Thay have no idea what is going on between us. I guess they will know now. Come on Katy....Grow the fuck up!! Actually....leave them off your list.....its better that way...no contact what so ever is best all around for everyone involved. Oh...and just thought you might be happy to know that we will be paying rent now My Grandmother explained to them she could no longer afford to carry the house which had nothing to do with me, the timing was just right though ...and guess what???? I am NOT going back to work!!!!! Uh, didn't she just say she had a job, man I am getting confused as to who is acting childish. OH and keep in mind I still have not responded to her and she has again e-mailed me. So now you will have nothing to bitch about...oh hell, better find someone elses life to make miserable!! You won't be happy until you do....and guess what...MY HANDS ARE VERY CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course they are clean, you do not clean your house so they haven't had a chance to get dirty. Okay, now that is childish. Dammit, shame on me.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And then another

Well, after my plan to keep the peace backfired, I received another e-mail:

Good Morning Katy,
I never heard back from you, so I am not sure whether to take that as a good thing or a bad thing. I just wanted to tell you to have a safe trip back to Colorado! I am not sure why, but when you posted the bulletin saying some of your messages weren't sent or received, and asked to have them resent. I can't quite figure that one out, because on myspace it tells you when a message has been sent...read...and replied to. My first message I sent you had already been read. But oh well......I just want you to know, that no matter what, I will always love you, and think the world of you...and those babies. Hopefully when you return to San Antonio, we can start fresh....I would love nothing more than to have a great friendship with you, Katy!! Please drive safe.....and I know you are sooooo looking forward to finally being with Clint again, and the babies will be so glad to have their daddy back and safe! I am excited for you all. Kiss the babies, and tell them Nana loves them!!
I love you! Lisa

So, now the confusion really starts. Uh, is this the person who sent me the last e-mail? I think she is having some serious mental issues and I have a feeling she was expecting to pick a fight with me. I have again chosen to not respond to her. I did call my Dad and pretty much tell him everything I felt, which of course you read in the last post. So then another e-mail came.


Are you friggin' kidding me?

Here is what I find really entertaining. Before I left San Antonio I had started posting some things to my Myspace about some of the new friends I made. My next post was of course going to be about my best friend Tara and her family. I wanted to really go in depth into how much these people meant to me. The next would have been about my dad and his new family and how they too had been some what helpful, especially my Dad's step-daughter Kimmie. She is sweet and delightful and I really had enjoyed her company. Before I could get to that I received the following :

Grandmother is doing awesome!! She really is....I am sorry I didn't call back...but I came home and layed down...I have an earache in both ears...and alot of pain in my back...it hurts to breathe...so I know its in my lungs...whatever that is anyway. I may end up letting one of the girls stay home tomorrow to keep the babies (I had a doctor's appointment).....just depends on how I am feeling. I will bring them over there so it is easier on you.
I have to be honest, and say that I read your blog.....and got my feelings hurt, due to the fact that you didn't mention this part of your family...I know we have not done near as much as Tara's family has....but they don't have near as much going on either. Kimmie has really been there for you...and mentioning her would have at least made her feel good.

I love you Katy...I always will, but I am not very happy with you right now.....and as always we will work thru this.....but I felt it time to say something. I never had a problem babysitting for you when you needed me to......but to keep those babies overnight so you could party all night, was just not right FOR ME....maybe it was right for you, and that is okay. Maybe I am wrong...and I am not meaning to judge you..but your husband was over in IRAQ...in a war zone.....and I remember you saying, when you first moved back, that you wouldn't hang out in bars...and such, during the time Clint was gone, but you did. I felt like that was just not the right thing to do. (That is funny because I did say that to Clint and friends and Clint told me I needed to get out. that I would need to burn of steam)I know you think its none of my business...and maybe its not, but I needed to speak out anyways. You have made several comments when we were together that seemed like little innuendos, to let us know we haven't done our part. Yes...it made me feel guilty for awhile, but the more time passed, the less I felt guilty. I love those babies as if they were my own blood.....I ALWAYS will!! And you have to see and know that!! I will admit...I am not much of a babysitter anymore...every once in awhile is OK...but I couldn't do it all the time (Funny how Tara's parents WANTED to keep the kids and spend time with them and wanted to play with them and MADE TIME FOR THEM)....my teenagers keep me hopping enough!! Please know that I love you so very much, and try to read this without getting mad at me.
I love you! Lisa

I was so livid when I received this. First we had a blow up not to far in the recent past and I had decided to no longer openly express my opinions about the fact that they were mooching off my grandmother by not paying rent, or the fact that she did not have a job as my father physically falls apart, the fact that my father has a history of cancer and they both smoke like a chimney and upon his death she would receive 55% of his military retirement (major from the marine corps) I thought, how dare her suggest that Tara's family had a great amount of free time when they both work full time, her dad doing extra work, they all are involved in sports and she dare say that when she sits on her ass at home all day long just waiting for my father to kick the bucket. Now, keep in mind I was pissed when I read this e-mail, so these are the very raw things I thought and felt. She also had the audacity to insinuate that my behavior during my husbands deployment was anything but prudent. Clint and I have interests and friends outside of each other. We have a very healthy and loving marriage. My father has no friends and nothing outside of her because she is too insecure to allow it. She also implied that Tara and I were out partying all night everytime we had a sitter. Well, we did do that a few times. I have the pictures and of course I had already had the discussion with my husband who insisted i get out and blow off some steam. Many of the nights we spent working on Tara's kitchen that was being remodeled or just hanging out at the house with friends. Yes, that's right, my husband knows I have friends and does not feel the least bit intimidated. I of course shared the e-mail with Tara, who was also insulted by the comment about her parents made by a woman who has no job. Tara had of course been battling several years over how to handle my Dad's wife because every time she came to get her hair done, she would never pay the money up front she would just leave Tara a check for an amount that she (my dad's wife deemed appropriate). Of course this amount was usually about 60 dollars less then what the service would have cost. Now, there was a point in time when Tara lived at their house and she felt she couldn't say anything because they had been kind to her. Well, after I moved to Colorado, Tara tried to maintain a family like relationship as was treated as a mere resource someone to watch the house or of course do the hair. Well, need less to say there was going to be no love lost for Tara. Then their is the "I love you" at the end. Who the hell are you kidding. You love no one but yourself and you have interest in those who can do things for you. I am guilty of saying it in return and I admit it was more out of discomfort then any type of "love"

Well, I took some time to calm down and decided, well maybe she just got her feelings hurt and my thank you posts could continue on if we could just get over this little hiccup. I then came up with my brilliant idea. I did not want to call her and say "hey jackass, I was going to say something nice about you but you can now blow it up your ass". So, I thought I would "create" situation where now that she was calm, we could pretend that damn e-mail had not been sent. Seems like a good idea right?!?! Saves a family a shit load of drama I thought. So I posted a bulletin on my myspace saying that some of my mail and some of my posts had been eaten. So what did she do......she resent it. That's right folks. Well, anything nice I was going to say was now out the damn window. So that is where the new saga begins. Stay tuned for the next email.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wonder if anyone will notice

Man, the stress has been aparently hiding. Here I thought I was rolling with th epunches, and now.....I have stress induced shingles. So let's see what kind of stress has tere been.
1. husband in Iraq
2. dog of 10 and 1/2 years put down
3. living with one of my best friends with three kids during a kitchen remodel
4. A return fifteen hour drive back to colorado
5. hoping we have jobs by Clint's ETS date
6. Can not start shopping for a house until he gets a job
7. My father's wife burned her bridges with my husband and I and can not understand or refuses to understand her fault in the situation.
8. Living with three preschoolers in a two bedroom second story apartment.
9. Did i mention the shingles? all in conjunction with aunt flo
10. A friend here in colorado who really for her own good needs to know that each and every friend she has is about to mutiny because of her selfish and thoughtless behavior.
11. Ethan has to go see a urologist because his urethra hole is not at the tip but on top causing a completepiss fest while in the bathroom.

Anything you want more details on? Please feel free to ask and I will give you the full story.


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