Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Even The Meek Have Spoken

and then I got this:
One More last question.........WHY do you feel the need for Susan (She is my Aunt and my Grandmother's daughter and has a right to know anything about a woman so openly taking advantage of her family, plus you have now become entertainment)to read my emails? Just a little curious. OMG......You really have taken this a little too far. Since I got to read all the emails again....show me one bad thing I said about Tara. I am Honestly thru with all of this, this is rediculous. You have really lost your mind!! Someone speaks their mind to you, and you get all crazy, and I am the one who needs help???? You might wanna step back and take a look in the mirror Katy. I guess the phrase "The Truth Hurts" is VERY TRUE!!!

So, I think this may be the last post about my Dad's wife for awhile. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

She has moved on to my poor sister-in-law. Jill Army is too nice too ever reject anyone so when she called me and told me this story, I was both shocked and surprised.

Jill Army got a friend request on her Myspace from Daddy's wife. She denied it and sent Lisa a short but very poignant response:
Yeah Sorry Lisa I think I will have to choose sides on this one. I'm going with Katy.

I was shocked that my sweet, always walked all over sister-in-law had the balls to stand up for me and my father has yet to reign his wife in. Karen got his response:

Not a problem...I totally understand. I just hope you understand both sides of the story. I merely spoke up about her partying every weekend (I did not know going out four times in five months was partying every weekend)when Clint was in Iraq.....and I guess that was completely wrong of me. It opened a whole can of worms. I am not a bad person....but I personally know that, and everyone else is entitled to their opinion. I find it very strange how Katy can speak her mind to whoever she wants...but when someone else does it, it's wrong. I was simply watching out for my kids....Kimmie babysat quite a bit for her while she was here (Uh, when Tara read this, she laughed her ass of because Kimmie babysat the kids twice at Tara's house in the five months. She was there a few more times because I wanted to pend time with her.)...and apparently didn't rate a thank you,(Wow, all the money I spent on her I guess was neither Thank you enough nor constituted payment) like Tara's family was given. Please don't get me wrong....I know Tara and her family did SO very much for her, but it hurt to know that she couldn't express her thanks to this side of the family. The emails...which I am sure you have read were written in anger....YES. But I did mean alot of what ICheck Spelling said. She should call ME when she has a problem with me, not her dad. I know you will send this on to Katy......so Katy...I hope you enjoyed this letter, but it was intended for Karen. I have no hard feelings toward you Karen, or anyone else in the family......but I will remain in Steve's life forever, and how everyone choses to accept that is their choice....not OURS. She has run Ashley of...Hope (Her best friend)...and now me. I can see why now!! Katy is a very hard person to understand. I am done trying....and I will not email you again...so tell Katy before she has a cow...LOL (I wonder if she realizes we are laughing at her and not with her. Oh and if you are going send nasty letters, use spellcheck. I am terrible with spelling, but that is why they have it.)

So, I think that is all for now. Of course we move back to Texas in 28 days and have a few things that need to be taken from my Dad's house. I am going to leave that up to Clint. I suppose if if she acts crazy then Clint and dad can sit down and have a man to man conversation. Because of course my husband has huge ball and a very sturdy spine. He has to. He has to keep me in line, which is apparently no easy task.


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