Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cards, Cards, and Lunch

We are all getting dressed and fixing to head out (Christie loves when people say fixin'). We are taking the kids to Red Robin for lunch and window shopping at Home Depot. I then get to do thank you cards with the kids for all the generous people who sent them gifts. I am also going to start my Chritmas cards. Yep, you got it. I am doing it after Christmas. I seem to have a bit more time now.

Meritt, I knew it was a made up, stupid holiday. I did not know all the other crap. Thank you mommy Meritt for the lesson. Oh, the new theme is for the Jewish folks. I just want them to feel just as special as the Christmas celebraters. Oh shit, I forgot to do a Yule design. My mother would be so disappointed in me.

Oops, gotta go....Daddy is ready to do some man shoppping.


Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Kwaanza

So, today is the first day of Kwaanza. We celebrated by taking down our Christmas tree and putting up our Kwaanza something or other. What do they put up for kwaanza? I know they have a big feast or something.

The kids were thrilled (I have oh so many pics I will post), Mom and Dad are tired and the transition of meds is going a bit smooth. I think it isn't too bad because I know what to watch for. I guess we will see. Damn the man for not giving me any zanax. That would smooth out the rough spots on those days. You know the ones....when I am up to my asshole in toddler shit. Ah....memories, of the other damn day. Emily decided the other day that she must have still been wearing a friggin' diaper because she not only wet her pants twice, but took a big ol' healthy shit. What the fuck.

Clint got me a winter jacket, some new underwear and of course some rubber spatulas for my baking. The underwear.....desperatly needed. I have still been wearing underwear I bought back before I ever got knocked up. Sad...Sad. The Jacket....also a great buy. I did not have one. Yes, I said it. I did not have one. I have been wearing Clint's. I look like I am walking around in a damn down circus tent. I am from Texas dammit. Oh, and the rubber spatulas? They are the good ones. Yep....I am worth Kitchen aide spatulas.

Tomorrow, I will post some pics. Maybe?!?!?!

We are taking the kids to eat at Red Robin, thanks to their Auntie Tara. Oh, I also need to post the pictures of all of us in our Hawaiian shirts. My dear sweet sister in law JillArmy sent us all t-shirts from Hawaii. Damn she is sweet.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Funnies

Damn good thing Santa brought me that sugar glider!

Christmas is a confusing time for some folks.


Super Cool We Are!!!

I do a lot of my photos for posting through photobucket. I love it. It is very very user friendly. They have a new loop thing. It is at the bottom of my blog. Check it out!!! I am so damn excited.


Miracles Never Cease

Yes, Yes, I am posting again.

I am so damn excited that today is Christmas Eve. I can not wait for the kids to get up in the morning and come down the stairs.

Clint got my Christmas present yesterday. Quincy....Sugar Glider #2. Stitch was so very happy to have a friend and I was so very happy stitch would not die of loneliness. Quincy is quite the jumper and glider. We had so much fun last night just letting him jump from person to person. I guess I will have to post a picture of my newest baby.

I am starting pre-school with the kids in January. I have been busy looking for websites with printouts and teaching ideas. I am really excited to get them on a more structured learning schedule. They thrive on their current schedule, but I think they need just a bit more structured time throughout the day.

Clint's parents are coming to visit the weekend of the 6th and I am REALLY looking forward to that. I am so lucky to have in-laws I get along so well with and are so fun to be around. I tell you what, they are a hoot.

Merry Friggin' Christmas to all and to all a stiff drink. Bwhahahahaha Oh shit....Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, and of course Atheist Day. Hee Hee!!!!


Friday, December 23, 2005

I have unhitched the trailer and lit a fire!

I went to see doctor prescription and am now taking zoloft. Let's hope this keeps the craziness under control. I feel better already, not nearly as sluggish and strained. Whoo Hoo.

I talked to baby brother today. I sure miss that asswipe. He asked me if I had read a blog lately that he and I both read on a regular basis. I had not, but when I did, I was fucking floored. I am not going to say which it is, but I will give you a quick overview. This guy walked in on someone he knows really well with his baby girl. By baby, I mean very very very young. My little Pony Young. His description of the situation was gut wrenching. Many of my friends have always said I am paranoid when it comes to someone, anyone sexually abusing my kids, well I think I will just be more paranoid and more adamant my children are not left alone with any man. I know that sounds sexist, but the majority of the stories I hear have men as the predators. It breaks my heart every time I hear of a poor child's innocence being ripped away from them and their gentle, carefree spirits being raped. These predators do more then rape their bodies, they rape their spirits, their trust. I am a firm believer there is no cure for pedophilia and feel anyone convicted of such an act should be put to death. These people who prey on children are sick and tainted individuals. I do not care if they are "stuck in a cycle". I care that they do no have the ability to stop themselves from killing the spirits of our youth. I care that they are killing the trust we have for one another. I care that it could one day be my child, my family. I care that it could one day be your child or your family. Please, I ask each and every parent out there to remember....
These sick people are you brothers, fathers, uncles, priests, teachers, pastors, neighbors, best friends........Be vigilant. Your main priority in life is protecting these little people. It is obvious that you can not rule anyone out. Act as if everyone could be a suspect and watch your children closely.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Fat on the Bacon

Alright, I have not been quite honest lately. Here is the deal. I think since they increased my paxill (BAD MOVE) I have been having some problems. I am FRIGGIN' exhausted. I have no desire to do anything. I have to force myself to clean *HOLY SHIT*. I am just tired all the time, so that means I have not been up to blogging. I am calling the doctor today and hopefully can get in soon to get my prescription changed. Meritt, coffee doesn't even seem to be helping!!! UGH!!!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Happy Birthday

Mommy baked the cake and Daddy decorated the cake. Not to bad looking for a cake for two three year old kids.

Ready....blow out those candles.

I love my new Dora Dollhouse, but when are these kids going home so I don't have to share?

Damn, this was a good birthday, look at the loot!!!

I am pretty sure the twins had a good time. Thank you so much to all of those who celebrated both in person and in spirit. the thank you cards will be out soon.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damn, I am Cute

My little princess has decided she LOVES having her picture taken.

Ain't she one beautiful little girl? However, do you see the red demon eyes? Even the camera can see the truth!


Weird Habits? What Weird Habits?

I have been tagged. Double tagged. By both Rhianna and ArmyWifeToddlerMom. I am supposed to list my five weird habits. Oh where to strat, where to start.

1. I eat my M&Ms in pairs and each pair has to be the same color.

2. I have to make my bed or I feel like the room is a huge mess.

3. I have to call my Grandmother and Dad anytime something remotely exciting happens in my sad little pathetic existence.

4. ArmyWifeToddlerMom always checks her ass and I always check my bbobs. Like I expect them to have grown at least two cupsizes since the last time I saw them.

5. I spend hundreds of dollars on push up bras, scrapbooking supplies and other crap on the internet everyday. I just never actually check out. I guess it is my way of pretending to get stuff I really want or need but can not afford

I am sure that is all the weird things I do (wink wink)

Oh, I am not tagging anyone!!! Get over it.


They Start So Young

Here are my little darlings playing video games.

Can you believe that shit? Video games at three? Thank god my kiddos don't eat. At least I do not have to worry about obesity.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

So, here is an update on the crazy neighbor drama. "someone" (I am not going to say who just in case) got a hold of a colonel's wife , who found the entire situation quite appaling. She was able to get someone to contact him to find out if she was able to clear out all their things. If he said no, someone was to be sent to stop her. It then became a race with time. The closer she got to finishing loading away all of THEIR things, the less chance their was she was going to be stopped. "someone else" called the mps to let them know she was in possesion of pot. I do not know if anything ever came of that. I do know no one was able to get there to the quarters in time. So, unless she got stopped and arrested at the gate........

I guess at least he will know to revoke her power of attorney and change banks again.

Yes, Christie you are correct. Sad unh?


You Give Love a Bad Name

I am so behind on my posts, which seems to be nothing new lately.

There has been a bit of neighborhood drama. I love to hear all about it, but avoid getting involved. Well, at least until this time. Let me give you the skinny.

There is a couple who lives down the street who we have spent a lot of time with. The husbands became fast friends and then "husband" deployed. A couple of months ago, husband and wife had a falling out because husband was considering getting out of the army. Wife got upset, divorce was talked about and then she went home to stay with her mom. Apparently to save money for when he got out. It seemd like everything was going to be good.

Two days ago, wife showed up with two guys, a u-haul and a really bad attitude. She(without huband's knowledge) is cleaning out their quarters. She is taking everything but his clothes and his TA-50. She has new boyfriend and new boyfriend's brother helping her. She also told us that since she has a special power of attorney that she is just going to go ahead and lease a vehicle on his credit and of course she has been taking money like crazy.

Wondering if they have kids? Well, of course. She had a daughter by a previous marriage and they had a daughter together. They have been married for about four years and right before he left for Iraq (1 week), he adopted daughter from previous marriage. I feel so friggin' bad for this guy. I put a call into the rear detachment unit, hoping they could at least stop her from cleaning out the house while he was gone. I hate getting involved because if my name comes up, I do not want to have to worry about retaliation, but I could not just stand there and watch this poor guy get screwed. The really sad part is, when we first met , she was so nice. She was one of the kindest people I had ever met. She was SO in love with husband. Man how a deployment changes things. This poor guy is over there doing his job with no idea that wife is cleaning him out. Sad, Sad!!!

Maybe she will realize the error of her ways....well, if not, I can tell her from experience that Karma is a bitch!!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 09, 2005

Spoiled, Spoiled Children

Let me tell you how spoiled my children are. I didn't say rotten because they expect nothing they get and are very grateful for what they do get, but I am still going to say spoiled. Jena got my kids the Dora Talking Dollhouse for their birthday tomorrow. My friend Liz, who can not make the party, brought them their present last night. She got them a V-Smile. What the hell is wrong with these people? Don't they know you are supposed to get coloring books or something cheap? I can not believe how sweet and generous people are to my children.

Clint had to go into his Colonel's office yesterday. Colonel wanted to talk to Clint about a scholarship to complete his degree (he is only nine classes away) and about Clint going to OCS. Clint and I are both in agreement, he will only do OCS (Officer Canidate School) if the Army pays off his student loans (32,000). There is no way we would be able to pay that off in the three years commitment he would have to make. We would be completely out of debt in less then three years. We would be able to pay off our car and afford another one, we would be able to pay off my other loan (you know who you are) and at the end of three years, we would be so much better off. Well, anyways Clint has a meeting Tuesday to get all of our questions answered. I will keep you posted.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thirteen Thursday

Okay, I was over at Petroville this morning and decided to play.

1. I finally got the sound on my computer to work. Apparently all you have to do is turn up the volume.

2. I am going to make some peanut butter cookies today and I want to send some to Mike in Iraq. Can they get homemade stuff?

3. I need a vacation from my kids. They have been exceptionally needy lately.

4. I have been exceptionally lazy and unintersted in shit lately. Sorry Erik for being such a lazy blogger.

5. I really would like to stop having a period. I mean, I am not going to have any more children (which I am having total mixed feelingsa about....see next post), so why must I bleed each month?

6. I love some morning lovin'. I am not tired yet, I am refreshed, but not a big fan of morning breath.

7. Rhianna sent me a homemade, beautiful Christmas card. What a sweet thoughtful biatch. Thanks Rhianna. Can I come visit. LOL!!!

8. Our low last night was -10. I wonder what the friggin' wind chill was?

9. I am going to be strating a new blog game called "SHOW MIKE". It is for the entertainment of my friend Mike in Iraq. I will probaly strat it next week. Please play and help keep him entertained.

10. I have got to get a blog layout. I think I am frustarted with mine which is part of my lack of enthusiasm lately. I am just not sure it will sit well in the budget.

11. Just a reminder....The twins have their birthday party on Saturday. If you can not attend, we understand and will only cry a little bit.

12. Have you tried that new chocolate cool whip? I am so on the fence about it. I can not decide if I really like it or if I just want sweets.

13. I really hate how paxill makes my pits sweaty. I feel like Whitney Houston. Gross!!!!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I took the kids out to play in the snow. I am going to have to say they love it just as much as I do.

Steven and Emily really love it. It was like pulling teeth to get them to come back inside when Mommy had had enough.

Ethan reminded me of that movie"A Christmas Story". He was so bundled up, he kept falling over. It was such a good laugh.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Weekend

We have beautiful snow here. The kids are ready to adorn themselves with snow paraphenalia and head out into the great white outdoors. They were ready at about 7:00 this morning. I explained we would have to wait for the neighborhood to wake up. Not everyone gets up at the butt ass crack of dawn like my little freaks.

What a deal!!! I bought some shoes for Emily on e-bay in the wrong friggin' size. I am such a dumbass sometimes. So, I relisted them in an attempt to at least get some of my money back. I am now almost three dollars ahead. Isn't that great!!!!

Next weekend we will be celebrating the twins' third Birthday at 2:30pm, our house. This is an open invitation to America. Please feel free to attend. Gist are required. Cash would probably be best. Okay, I am kidding. Maybe!!!!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Full of Shit!!

So, let me tell you of an exciting night in my life. (I know you thought the poop stories had come to an end....) Emily (God only knows why) decided to take her panties of and just shit on her bedroom floor. Now come on kid, we live in enlisted housing on an Army post. The bathroom is only two friggin' steps away. She figured out she had made a mistake, grabbed a washcloth and tried to clean it up. Well, a three year old is not so bueno at cleaning up slimey masses of foul smelling crud. She proceeded to smear it into the carpet. At this point, her little three year old friend Kaden came down to tell us Emily had poop and that the baby was eating it. I was certain he was mistaken. Emily is potty trained, but dear god, he must have meant Ethan. Oh hell no!!!!! She had smeared it and Ethan was tasting it. What the hell is wrong with my children? I am certain they will be the next Jeffrey Dahmers (that's what Dr. Phil says happens to kids who play with shit).

Now, the poop has been cleaned, the child has been cleaned and it is time to pick up and put them in bed before Mama pulls an Andrea Yates. (Awful reference, I know....Save the lecture for someone who will listen) As I bend over to pick up some blocks, I bump into little friend Kaden. He turns to me in a huff and calls me a shithead. What the hell is this night coming to. All children have turned into shit wielding assholes. I hate them all. Where's the paxil? Fuck that!!! Where's the Xanax?

Okay, I know it sounds a bit harsh, but admit it.....we all feel that way sometimes. It is only illegal if you act on it. Thank god for self control!!!


Slumber Party Send Off

Well, my sweet, darling friend Mike has left for Iraq. His wife Amy got a call yesterday syaing that he had arrived safely in Kuwait, via a stop over in Ireland. I ams so Friggin' jealous. What an asshole.

Before he left, we had a pajama party send off with he and his wife, another couple and of course us.

(Mike#2, Clint and Mike leaving for Iraq)
Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of guys? We played games, drank beer and then the women headed off to watch a movie (the new Bewitched) and the guys played some football on the PS2. Male bonding I suppose.

I will have to say it was very surreal when I went with his wife to drop him off to leave. I guess it is hard to imagine someone you know and spend so much time with being in a war zone. I mean, I have seen this guy drunk, acting like a complete ass (in a funny way of course), but to imagine him carrying a weapon is very hard. I know the things our soldiers do is a necesity, but I hope he gets home soon and I am glad Erik is on his way home.


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