Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Kwaanza

So, today is the first day of Kwaanza. We celebrated by taking down our Christmas tree and putting up our Kwaanza something or other. What do they put up for kwaanza? I know they have a big feast or something.

The kids were thrilled (I have oh so many pics I will post), Mom and Dad are tired and the transition of meds is going a bit smooth. I think it isn't too bad because I know what to watch for. I guess we will see. Damn the man for not giving me any zanax. That would smooth out the rough spots on those days. You know the ones....when I am up to my asshole in toddler shit. Ah....memories, of the other damn day. Emily decided the other day that she must have still been wearing a friggin' diaper because she not only wet her pants twice, but took a big ol' healthy shit. What the fuck.

Clint got me a winter jacket, some new underwear and of course some rubber spatulas for my baking. The underwear.....desperatly needed. I have still been wearing underwear I bought back before I ever got knocked up. Sad...Sad. The Jacket....also a great buy. I did not have one. Yes, I said it. I did not have one. I have been wearing Clint's. I look like I am walking around in a damn down circus tent. I am from Texas dammit. Oh, and the rubber spatulas? They are the good ones. Yep....I am worth Kitchen aide spatulas.

Tomorrow, I will post some pics. Maybe?!?!?!

We are taking the kids to eat at Red Robin, thanks to their Auntie Tara. Oh, I also need to post the pictures of all of us in our Hawaiian shirts. My dear sweet sister in law JillArmy sent us all t-shirts from Hawaii. Damn she is sweet.


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