Friday, December 09, 2005

Spoiled, Spoiled Children

Let me tell you how spoiled my children are. I didn't say rotten because they expect nothing they get and are very grateful for what they do get, but I am still going to say spoiled. Jena got my kids the Dora Talking Dollhouse for their birthday tomorrow. My friend Liz, who can not make the party, brought them their present last night. She got them a V-Smile. What the hell is wrong with these people? Don't they know you are supposed to get coloring books or something cheap? I can not believe how sweet and generous people are to my children.

Clint had to go into his Colonel's office yesterday. Colonel wanted to talk to Clint about a scholarship to complete his degree (he is only nine classes away) and about Clint going to OCS. Clint and I are both in agreement, he will only do OCS (Officer Canidate School) if the Army pays off his student loans (32,000). There is no way we would be able to pay that off in the three years commitment he would have to make. We would be completely out of debt in less then three years. We would be able to pay off our car and afford another one, we would be able to pay off my other loan (you know who you are) and at the end of three years, we would be so much better off. Well, anyways Clint has a meeting Tuesday to get all of our questions answered. I will keep you posted.


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