Friday, August 26, 2005

That's What Friends Are For

It's here. It's here. Today is Self Portrait Friday.

Let me tell you about my friend. She is beautiful, both inside and out. She just purchased her own home at the young age of 21. She is partners with two other women in a Hair Salon. She has already started her IRA, she has life insurance, she is super kind to the people she loves and she is super funny. This is my friend Tara.

Plus, she lets me take her photo first thing in the morning and she still looks adorable.

Do you have friends? I bet you do. If you are lurking, don't be shy, leave a comment and play with us.
A Military Mom
Meritt (too damn pretty)
Kel (pics from last SPF also)
April Shah


New Hair to Go with the New Powerful Me!!!

Here is the new hair.

Tara did such a great job. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend. Damn I look good.


Who's Your Deputy Mayor Bitch?

That's right. We won!!!!!! We won by a whopping 29 votes to 9. Bwhahahahahahaha. I can feel the power already coursing through my veins.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Are you going to play?

Self Portrait Friday. To play or not to play, that is the question. This weeks theme....You and your friend. Any friend...if you do not have one, "What the hell is wrong with you?". I figured this theme would be in honor of Tara visiting.

Today is the last day of the elections. It is looking pretty damn good thus far. I am not sure when they will tell us the winner, but you will be the next to know. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ethan is feeling much better now that the antibiotics have kicked in. Of course Steven and I are both running fevers now. GREAT!!!!


Way Back Wednesday

I am a bit behind. NO, I am not A BEHIND. Damn, I crack myself up.
Here is my contribution to MaMaDuck's Way Back Wednesday.

This was before a middle school dance. I was in the seventh grade and my mother should have known better. The dress is from a second hand store (I know they had better ones) and the ribbon around my neck was a last minute addition. WhooHoo!!!!

I am still trying to find my school portraits. I may have MaMaDuck's beat. Okay, maybe not the first one.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lord Grant me SOME Serenity

Tara and I went to Target, Payless, and Red Robin yesterday. The trip was lovely except for the demon who seemed to keep following us around.
Let's start with Target. What a wonderful place. I found great jammies on sale for the twins. I got some more finger paint. Ethan pulled clothes off the racks, screamed bloody murder, and managed to kick Tara in the head as she bent down to pick up the goldfish he had littered the store with. Sweet!!!!

Payless was even better. I got each of the kids some cute, cheap tennis shoes and it seemed we had lost demon spawn. No, we hadn't. When we got to Red Robin, all hell broke loose. He spilled my water, he beat everything on the table with his corn dog, and then I had to pin Ethan down to keep him from leaving the booth. I will never take a child with an ear infection out in public again. Holy hell.

The aftermath of the water.

The good children.

After such a wonderful day, I was lucky enough to have darling Tara foil my hair and Hubby buy some wine.

Who is that sexy bitch?

MamaDuck I am always a dork. So, I am having a hard time. I will find something suitable this afternoon!!!!


Prayers For Noah

This is Noah and his Mom.

Noah needs your prayers. Go here to read more.


Monday, August 22, 2005

It's Me Dave!!!

Okay, the title will only be funny to those that know some Cheech and Chong standup.

My friend Tara is here visiting from Texas, so expect posting to be very light. I will do my BEST (Erik) to keep up with at least posting once a day. We'll see.

The last time Tara came to visit, the kids wanted nothong to do with her. This time....They are up her butt. I am not sure which she will find harder to deal with. This is Tara with little Miss Emily.

Here are some hot little ladies just after our steamy shower. Girls need to be pampered don't yah know.


Friday, August 19, 2005


We have less then a week until the elections. Jennifer and I are canvasing the neighborhood this weekend with flyers and we are having a sign making party tonight. We are going to kick some ass.

Now for the important stuff.....
Way back Wednesday. I have missed the last two. I missed vacations and birtdays. Sorry MamaDuck. I am catching up now, so please forgive me.
This was when I was in the 3rd grade. We were living in Twenty Nine Palms, CA and had gone to visit my Grandparents in San Antonio, TX. I know you lvoe the mullet. Oh, not to mention the ruffled shirt with a high ass collar. Lastly, there are those huge ass buck teeth.

This is while I was in my early twenties. I lived in the same town as Sea World, so not really a vacation. It does cost an arm and a leg, so I figured it should count.

Next is the famous birthday picture. I think I was turning five. I loved that cake so much. I plan on doing one like that for little miss Emily.

Now to catch up on Half Naked Thursdays. The themes I missed were feet and ears.
My feet are in desperate need of a pedicure..

And my ears....well they are pretty boring. If you look close you can see my favorite earrings. I never take them out. My mom gave them to me.

Okay, now for the really good stuff. The things that stress me out.
I'll give you the shallow stuff first. I hate the fact that stomachs get all wrinkly and stretched after kids. When I bend over (there is no way in hell I am confident enough to photograph that), my stomach looks like an 80 year old woman's neck.

Then there are my teeth. I am always worried about what coffee and smoking do to them (not enough to quit either one). And can you see that nasty ol' deviated septum? Gross.

Then of course, as my age continues to advance, I see more wrinkles and sun spots. My skin tone and texture is friggin' nasty as hell.

Then tehre are the main things that stress me out. My children. I constantly worry that they will not be smart enough or they will not think I did a good job. It is amazing how much you can love these evil little creatures.

What stresses my homies out? Go see.
April Shah
A Military Mom
Stacy Lee
Crazy Ride Lady
Some Soldier's Mom


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So, I was thinkin'......

I know, do not hurt myself.
I was thinking how much I really do pick my nose. I thought I may need to cut back a bit when I saw my son with his thumb in one nostril and his index finger in the other. I am afraid I have some how given him the idea that if he trains hard he could compete in some sort of nose pickin' olympics. I then gave it a little more thought and realized you should really support and encourage your children when they are good at something. So, to you Steven, I say Go for the gold son. GO for the gold.

Please do not forget to offer up some input on how the template is coming along.

Oh hell, I almost forgot. Thanks to "you know who you are" for reminding my feeble ass. Self Portrait Friday!!! Last week, we saw how everyone relaxed. This week, let's see what gets you worked up, stressed out, and worn out. Tomorrow, I am going to play catch up and post pics for WBW and HNT. Come on back now ya hear!



I got an e-mail from a man named Robert asking me to put up a Helmets to Hardhats banner on my site. I am more then happy to do so. I did, but then I can not get the picture to show up. I did not check to see if it worked before I deleted Robert's e-mail. Crap Crap Crap. ROBERT....ROBERT....ARE YOU THERE ROBERT?

Lisa e-mailed me my old background in one solid piece (seamless). Do you think I should do that with the new one? LISA...LISA.....CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO THAT?

I can not find a good color green for my flicker background. opinions? I know ya'll are full of them Well, I know you are full of something!!!!

There is more......My shit is jacked up in FireFox. I do not understand. Please for the love of god, someone help me or I will go of the meds again. I swear!!! I'll do it!!!! Do you want that weighing on your shoulders? I think not.


Excuse the dust

"You know what I like about highschool girls? I get older and they stay the same age." (movie line from Dazed and Cofused)

Well, It is time to start working on my template. If you see some funky stuff going on, feel free to comment on it. I will feel free to ignore you. Bwahahahaha. I will however add, all you friggin' computer smart pants, if you see something totally screwed up please tell me. Oh yeah, I am going to try a desert theme. I am still working on a titale and a way to divide up my blogroll. Any clever suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments or you can always e-mail me.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

One Busy Hooker

Well, I am in love with my new Vacuum. I can't stop. I actually have carpet lines. I guess that tells you how bad my last vacuum was. I vacuum everyday and now you can actually tell. I think if they made a sex toy that was a miniature version of my vacuum....whoo whee Daddy!!!!

I have been a bit busy lately. School has started, which means I get obsessive about teaching my kids. I am such a dork, I know. But Hell, They are 32 months old (2 and 1/2) and know all their colors (in English and Spanish), they can count to 13 (sometimes 15), they know all their shapes (including oval,circle, and now diamond) and they can say their ABC's (they can recognize a,b, and c). Did I say how proud I am of them? Oh, Oh, you got that already. Well, I have been busy teaching. Once we get back into a smooth learning schedule, I will post a lot more. You can blame my lack of posting on Jennifer and Amy. If their kids hadn't started school, I wouldn't have gotten all obsessed with my children's brains again.

I do hereby solemnly swear to be a good blogger. I will post regularly and TRY to get to everyone's blogs at least once a day.

There has been all kinds of crazy shit going down here in the peepee pool (junior enlisted housing). We have now had three wives stab their husbands, we have a girl (18 yrs old) cheating on her husband in Iraq (in-laws loading his shit into a u-haul as I type), and of course the normal caos from the 16 children (11 just from our four-plex and five more from other buildings). The craziest shit of all is I forgot to take my crazy lady meds for four days. I now know when I decide to quit these things, not to go cold turkey. Man, I was worried I was schizo for a bit. I had all kinds of paranoia. Never a dull moment here, I tell you.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Oh what a night!

Has anyone besides Clint and I seen Alien Vs. Predator? I was actually suprised at how much I enjoyed it. I know, it is a movie reeling with testoterone and I still liked it.

What have I done today? Oh, a little of this and a little of that. I have spent the majority of the day cleaning and surfing e-bay for some good deals on 3t clothes, toddler bedding, and 2t clothes for Ethan. Anyone having a garage sale? I hate all the clothes with the characters on them. I do not know why I feel that way. The kids love them, but I feel like they are a walking billboard. Which is a stupid thing , but hey...I can be pretty stupid. I have got to get these kids outfitted for winter on a very tight budget. Ouch...did you hear that? It just squeaked. Thank god i do not mind buying second hand. Clint and I will feel like we are rolling in the riches when he gets his bachelors and we return to the civilian world.

Oh, I did a bunch of laundry as well. I know, I know....you want to know how Clint got so lucky (laughing at my own talent for sarcasm)? Well, first he is HOT!!!!!! Secondly, he spoils the hell out of me, so I feel it is my job in return to keep our house clean and our children beaten!!! Lucky me.


Friday, August 12, 2005

Self Portrait Friday

Oh to relax is such a beautiful thing. There are so many things I find relaxing. I enjoy reading a good book, blogging, and a glass of wine. If I really need to relax, you will find me vegging in front of the TV.

A good, deep nose picking is also calming.

Then there is the nasty, dirty habit of smoking. I just oull up a kiddie chair and smoke away.

Now, if the week has been especially bad, I like to cut loose with a little bit of Kareoke. There is nothing like making a total ass of yourself.

Check out how these little darlings take time out to relax.
April Shah
Stacy Lee
A Military Mom
Medic's Wife


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are You Going to Play or Do I Have to Mail You Gray Pubic Hair?

Guess what tomorrow is kiddies? Yes. That's right. It is Self Portrait Friday. Let's see what you do to relax (boys, no self pleasuring photos). Remember, it is what you do to relax, not go to sleep. Do you read a book? Do you drink a glass of wine and smoke a pack of cigarettes? Do you stand on your head and stick lightbulbs up your butt? Oh wait, that falls under self pleasuring doesn't it. Well, you get the picture. So go get the picture. Do not to forget to leave a comment to let me know you are playing.

Ah yes, today was our WIC appointment. For those of you who earn enough money to not know what that is, kudos to you. For those of you who are enlisted, you know exactly what I am talking about (and people say the military earns to much....hmph!). Ethan screamed the entire time, Steven said he did not like it there and wanted to go home, and Clint just looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole and die. All three kids have summer colds. So, suffice it to say, none of them had very good dispositions. If it wasn't too late, I think we would have put them up for adoption after the last few nights of NO sleep and today's wonderful performances. Anyone interested in three adorable, usually well mannered children? They are for sale!!! Cheap!!!! Okay, I am kidding, but really kids. I have gray pubic hair for god's sake. No one told me that was going to happen. What the friggin' hell?!?!?! Gray pubic hair?!?!?


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Title? What Title?

I have decided to read "I Know This Much Is True" by Wally Lamb. I have added all the great suggestions to my "to read" list. Thanks guys.

There are a few people on my blogroll having either a pissy day or a bad week. Go by and give 'em a hard time. Laughter is the best medicine you know.
is not really having a bad week, but she has been working hard to raise money for mothers who have lost children. Jenny had three miscarriages and knows the importance of support. I know it is tight for everyone, but think of the difference our money collectively could make to someone. Even if it is 3 bucks a piece. What is that? A pack of cigs or a latte. I cannot imagine the overwhelming since of loss. You can go to Jenny's site or straight to this site. Be sure to include theses three loss dates, 12/2003, 6/2004 and 3/2005, in the death/birth line. In the in honor of line, include Jenny Giannopoulou's name. Thanks guys ahead of time. Even if we all gave a dollar, if fifty of us did it, that is....yep you smarties, 50 bucks more to the cause.
More later.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Random Crap

I finished East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, the other day. I enjoyed it so much, I was sad for it to be over. I am looking forward to starting another book. Now that they are a bit older, I seem to have time to read while they play. I do not have to CONSTANTLY pull things from their mouths and chase them down. Any suggestions on what to read next?

Jennifer and I will be heading out to do some door to door campaining this weekend. Wish us luck.

Clint's trip to Denver yesterday to cover the Denver Broncos training camp...uh yeah!!!! He met ALL the players. He ate lunch with the Quarterback. Lucky bastard. Not that I could give a rat's ass about football, but he is still lucky. He did marry me after all.

I do not know if I am the only one that feels this way, but I think I may be a bit paranoid. I have had one neighbor say Ethan grates her nerves and another make the comment "Don't you wish your kids were as good as mine". I know mu children are no angels, but now I really just want to stay inside. Steven told Jennifer to shut up yesterday, Emily threw a gigantic fit, and Ethan, well...he is just Ethan. My children are 2 and 1/2 and 1 and 1/2. The twins are very verbally and cognitively advanced and I think people forget how little they are. I have pretty much decided I am going to avoid much of the social scene lately. I do not want my kids to be the ones everyone dreads coming out. I really think they are pretty damn well behaved and have great manners. I am of course their mother and am totally biased. Okay, enough on my motherhood insecurities. Wait...do other mothers feel this way ever or should I up my crazy lady meds? HMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Oh yeah...can I get a hip hip hooray? I made it through my blogroll. I am going to separate it into categories pretty soon. Any suggestions?
In the famous words of GH.....OUT!!!


Monday, August 08, 2005

More poop....

Allright, everything I said yesterday about motherhood, I take it all back (kidding of course).

When Ethan woke up from his nap, He had taken a gigantic crap. He now knows how to undo his diaper. What do you suppose that means? It means he walked all through it. Every where that baby put his feet, there was poop. There was a trail coming to my bedroom, there was poop all over Steven's bed (the first place he goes when he wakes up), and of course, there was poop all over there floor. I have spent the afternoon scrubbing, shampooing, and bathing. WHOO HOO!!!! It really cut into my blog surfing Dammit!!! Clint has to be on the computer all night writing a story (He spent the day at the Denver Broncos Training Camp...Jerk) and finishing a final. This means I will have to read and catch up with everyone tomorrow.

I have added some new blogs to my blogroll. Maybe you will want to check them out. When I can get my act together, I will get back to posting random links on each post.

Oh, by the way, I know you are wondering where the poop pictures are. I would have taken and posted some, but Clint took the camera today and I sure as hell wasn't going to let it sit until he got home. I am sure you understand. I will be sure to post shit smeared in my carpet, the next time it happens.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

This is going to be a long one.

I have so much to get in.

1. I was playing an old cd and "That's what friends are for" came on. I am always singing that to my friend Amy, so I made her come over and bond with me. Could I be any cheesier?

2. Ethan is getting so big. Well, he is looking like a BIG BOY.

3. The other day, we had some cool ass shit going on with the Mountains in our front yard. The clouds were just flowing over. It looked so weird/awesome. I am not sure the picture does it justice.

4. I have been babysitting my friend Jennifer's 4 kids here and there. She went to run some errands and when she came back she was kind enough to bring doughnuts and coffee. Yummy!!!! Well, her little twin girls decided to finish off what the other kids didn't eat. They are too cute.

5. My friend Amy's husband Mike, just left for NTC (some kind of training to get him ready for his deployment to Iraq this winter). This is Mike giving his War face.Bwhahahahahahahahaha

6. My vacuum really sucks (pun totally intended there). It finally went to the great vacuum heaven in the sky. I got a NEW vacuum. I am so friggin' excited. I know that is totally gay to be excited over a vacuum, but that shit does it for me. What can I say. Thank you Clint.

it even comes apart to make it easier to vacuum the stairs. Hallelujah!!!!!!

7. Jenna is playing a game on Sundays called confessional. Today, she wants to know what you wanted to be when you grew up and if you succeeded. Well, I have. When I was a kid my mother wanted me to be a lawyer (my sister in-law) or a doctor (almost one of my dearest friends, who will speak to me again someday), or something very prestigious. I would always tell her," I just want to be a mommy". I did it...I did it (quoting Dora the Explorer). I find this job to be the hardest, yet the most fulfilling. I have always taken my jobs very serious and this one is no different. I can not tell you how much I love it. I am glad I waited until I was older, because it takes a hell of a lot of patience. I would also have to say, it changes a person. You become so much more understanding of other people. You become a hell of a lot less self-centered. I would say having children has made me a better friend, wife, daughter, etc.......


Little Bunny Foo Foo

No, not THAT Bunny. I think she decided to quit leaving comments here. I have NO IDEA why.

The Bunniies I am referring to are the bunnies that run around here on post. When we got here last year (around middle of March), we drove around post (just to check out our new digs). While in the officer housing (the rich ass folk),I saw several bunnies running around. Much like this.

Okay, they are rich in comparison to us, but not that rich. They looked more like this.

As we continued to cruise Ft. Carson, I noticed no more bunnies. I came to the conclusion.....Only officers are good enough to have bunnies running through their neighborhoods. I have been proven wrong. The other night, Clint and I were sinning (smoking a cigarette) and there it was. A bunny!!!! We ARE just as good as the officers. Except our bunnies look like this.

Okay, not really. We do also have foxes (who I am sure eat the bunnies). I fed a fox a weinnie the other night. No it wasn't this kind of fox.

It looked more like this kind of fox.

It is like Animal Kingdom around here.

At least we do not have huge,human eating bunnies. What the hell?!?!

(photo found on internet...no idea who the lady fixing to be devoured is)


Friday, August 05, 2005

Can You Say Camo?

I am working on a new theme for my blog. I want to do something to show the love to all my favorite desert rats (okay, maybe not rats....uhm, how about cats). Well anyways, I wanted to do a desert theme for awhile. Erik has been kind enough to send some pictures of Iraq sand to use in my title. I was searching blingo for desert camo to use for my background and found a few pictures of, who I can only guess, are Erik and Curt's good friends.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha....Oh shit, I crack myself up. Maybe we should send the soldiers over there some of these in their care packages. They could work on a dandy tan. Oh hell, I can not stop laughing.


I am an SPF Woman

Bwahahahahaha.....Don't you think that sounds like some vagina spray.
(You are all vagina sprays...yes, you Erik )

Well, Welcome to Self Portrait Friday. I think this week, we will honor the players before I show you what I had for dinner. Oh, yes....It is never to late to play either. just leave me a comment letting me know that you played and I will add you to the list of these hot babes.
A Military Mom
Stacy Lee
April Shah
Some Soldier's Mom
MaMa Duck
Cat couldn't play, but go give her some love anyway!!

Okay, here we go. I went shopping last night (groceries...too poor for much else) and hoped to see chimichangas cooked when I got home. Did I? No. I found a husband watching a motocycle show and drinking margaritas. He did have all the kids in bed and the house clean. I swear, I am a lucky woman. What did we have for dinner then? Frozen pizza. Whoo friggin' Hoo.

Ooh Ooh...It's hot! (look at my devil eyes and the crappy out of focus picture)

But, this Taco pizza ain't half bad. The motorcycle show on the other hand..... (again the devil eyes and out of focus. I may have to fire that shitty photographer)


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Way Back and Half Nekkid

MaMaDuck over at The Kept Woman,wants to see some drunken wedding photos. Well, seeing as how my darling Clint had knocked me up before the wedding, there will be no drunk wedding photos. I do act like a jackass a lot. Does that win me any prizes?
Let's start with the sweet, sentimental ones first. This first picture is during the ceremony on June 29th. My mother, who passed away September 15th, performed the ceremony. She does not look her best here. Chemo and all the other meds, had her bloated and exhausted. How cool is it that she was able to marry Clint and I.

The next two pictures are of two of my favorite people. They started off being just my bosses (They owned the restaurants I worked at) and ended up being more like family.

This last one is of me with my boys. All these "kids" were servers at Pat's Place, the restaurant I managed. Boy, did we have some cute boys.

Now, I also wanted to play with WarCryGirl over at The Cure for Boredom. Today is Half Nekkid Thursday. So, here I am on my honeymoon. I am literally half-naked.


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