Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Didn't Mean to Drop the F@#k Bomb

Oh what a weekend. Steven managed to break his DS that he received for Christmas. What is that, less than two months? Are you kidding me? He was mad at the game and pretty much beat the screen with the stylus. He then tried to lie and say he dropped. Lucky for me his Daddy is video game savvy. I would have fallen for his sob story hook line a sinker.

I did tell him that we were not buying him a new one. He would have to save his money. Of course the water works started again. His sweet brother and sister offered up all their saved money to help him buy a new one. He immediately started adding up the dough. No thank you to his siblings. I told him how nice it was of them and he should thank them. He did but it was so not a genuine thanks you. I could feel my blood boiling.

He then admitted he would not do the same for them. STRIKE TWO...butt head!!!

Oh and then later I he had a fit because Emily and Ethan had games to play and he didn't.


So out it came. I had no control. There was a complete disconnect when I yelled "What the F#$K are you thinking? You are acting like a F$%KING brat. I mean really!!!!! What the F$%K?!?!?!?!

Of course after that I felt horrible. I cried, certain he was going to be scarred for life. How much was this F bomb slip going to cost me later in therapy bills? Well I think he got the message. He apologized later to me for being "ungrateful" and spent the rest of the evening acting extra nice to his siblings.

So to you F word, I say DAMN YOU. Damn you F word for coming out without my permission and damn you for never leaving my vocabulary after the kiddos were born. Will you ever find a new home?

Doubt it?!?!?! I know, me too!!!!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Lump in Her Throat

Really?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me. My three hundred dollar, shelter cat who is still having to go for monthly vet visits has a knot in her throat. Man, I love this cat but how much more does she have to go through? Now she won't eat and there is a damn knot in her neck. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to love my kitty, Dammit.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stuck Poop

One of my nephews recently had a serious scare after we found out that at the age of 15 he had spent the majority of his life only pooping once or twice a week. He got very sick and has to completely change much of his eating habits. This of course freaked me out, so I have spent the last few weeks grilling my kids about their poop. HAHAHAHAHA I bet they are loving it. Of course every time they come out of the bathroom I have been asking "did you poop". I just want to know to be sure that all this fruit I shove down their throats is really working. Well, yesterday I asked Ethan " Did you poop?" He responded honestly "yes, but there is a piece stuck in my butt." It took all I had not to laugh because then he will never tell me anything again for fear I might make fun of him. Man, being a parent is hard. You cant just laugh at these little monkeys all the time because they have feelings and stuff.

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