Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stuck Poop

One of my nephews recently had a serious scare after we found out that at the age of 15 he had spent the majority of his life only pooping once or twice a week. He got very sick and has to completely change much of his eating habits. This of course freaked me out, so I have spent the last few weeks grilling my kids about their poop. HAHAHAHAHA I bet they are loving it. Of course every time they come out of the bathroom I have been asking "did you poop". I just want to know to be sure that all this fruit I shove down their throats is really working. Well, yesterday I asked Ethan " Did you poop?" He responded honestly "yes, but there is a piece stuck in my butt." It took all I had not to laugh because then he will never tell me anything again for fear I might make fun of him. Man, being a parent is hard. You cant just laugh at these little monkeys all the time because they have feelings and stuff.

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