Tuesday, February 28, 2006

*tap*tap*"Is this thing on?"

Well, hello.... My name is Katy Stein and this is my first post....oh shit, no it's not. We are all alive. After we got Ethan home from the hospital, Mama went to the doctor to find out she had a sinus infection that had backed up into her hears. Now, that is gone and all is good.

Ethan is back to being his pain in the ass little self. I swear I have looked for his horns, maybe they just grow in at a later age. He is still on oxygen when he is sleeping (well, when he leaves it on). We are supposed to be getting a machine that monitors his oxygen saturation levels while he sleeps. If they stay above 90%, he gets to stop the entire oxygen treatments. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

I can not tell you how nice it was to read all the comments from ALL my concerned blog friends. Ya'll are the best never met friends a girl could ask for.

I woke up this morning to a ginormous inflatable cake on my front porch. There were balloons and streamers decorating the porch and yard and sweet messages from my friends written in sidewalk chalk. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Happy 32nd Birthday to me.

Clint was kind enough to buy me a new chain for my necklace (this will be the third chain), Jennifer got me the entire set of Redken All Soft, and Amy got me the entire three step line from clinique. I am really hoping that works. I may have to break down and get some proactive. I have apparently inherited my mother's curse of the after thirty acne. It started about two months ago. I really do not like it. Not one little bit. THANKS GIRLS FOR BEING UBBER SWEET AND THANKS CLINT FOR BEING THE BEST HUSBAND, FATHER, AND LOVER (oops, ignore that last part Marsha).

Yesterday was my Mother's (Mary Comerford Nichols) birthday. Even though she is no longer with us, I thought I should mention it. Happy Birthday Mommie Dearest. I miss you so much. Could have really used some babysitting last week.


Friday, February 17, 2006


Posting will be slim. Clint took Ethan in to the hospital last night because he was very lethargic and had shallow breathing. The doctor said he has tested positive for RSV and had phonon. I am now getting ready to go relieve Clint so he can come home and sleep and maybe have a bite to eat. Laterz


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Breast are not indecent!!!!

Please note......this post has nudity and if you are one of those people who will let your children play violent raping video games, but won't let them see a few peckers or droopy tits, please click on the back arrow and go back to where you came from. If you find weirdos amusing.......read on. READ ON!!!

I am a firm believer that people have a right to protest and that people have a right to express their opnions. I also am a firm believer that their is nothing wrong with nudity. That being said, I would like to send you to a place. It is a place full of people using rights given to them by our great nation. Now, I will again say, they have the right, but WHY!?!?!?!?! Do these people not look at themselves in the mirror? I mean really. Do ya'll hinestly think showing off your saggy, limp, pale, uhm........not pretty bodies is going to stop the war? Write a fucking letter for pete's friggin' sake. I mean holly friggin' cow. My kids no all about nudity and I am pretty sure that they too would be a bit repelled by what they see. Now let's look a bit more closely, shall we?!?!

I am not sure about war, yes it is sad and cruel. Yes, it is hard on both sides and unfortunantly could be considered a necessary evil. This picture is most definently indecent. WHere oh where do I start?
1. Please, if this is you in the picture, e-mail me your address and I will send you a razor. Shaven pits will also help with the body odor. (I know I can go two weeks without shaving my pits, so if I am grossed out then you ahve gone too far.)

2. Please do not wear pants so far above your belly button that they touch your boobs. If your pants are not THAT far above your bell button and they are touching your boobs, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH OUT A BRA FOR THE "GIRLS".

3. My mother had very curly hair and complained often of how hard it was to care for. They make great products now to help either straighten out that mess or embrace your natural gift and make the curls look like something other then the place all the rats on earth go for a vacation.

Now, those of you who are anti war, good for you. Good for you that you have the right to that opnion and good for you that you are not killed for expressing that opnion. Please, all I ask in the name of (insert your politically correct title here) that you do express your opnions in the above manner. Thank you and have a nice day.


Half Nekkid Thursday

I can do nothing but sit at this computer today, so I am playing any and every game I find.
The first is just my feet,

but watch closely......

Now it is my feet on drugs.

Please no shitty comments about the elastic on the bottom of my sweats. They are the sweats my dear husband wore while in basic training. Yes, they say army across the chest and down the leg and HELL FUCKING NO am I one of those girls that wears them out of the house.


A Bunch Of Boring Crap About Me

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Katy

1. I am tired of being sick

2. I bought a ceramic 1 inch flat iron with my e-bay earnings.

3. This is my first super official Thursday Thirteen.

4. My husband scheduled an appoinment for me at a spa for Valentines day. I am supposed to go Saturday, but it is supposed to snow and I do not drive in the snow.

5. I am only 18 dollars away from getting another check from my google ads. Clint and I only have one more credit card to pay off, so guess where that money will go....

6. I am in desperate need of some eyebrow waxing....I look like one of those people who grow hair everywhere....damn, what is that disease called? Okay...weird....I just googled searched to try and find the name and found there is actually a condition where people think they are werewolves. It is called Lycanthropic Disorder.

7. I never did go in to get my blood work done. OOPS!!!

8. Tanner needs to get groomed. He looks like a hairy teddy bear. Poor Dog. I gave the kids lolli pops yesterday to help with the coughing. Well, Tanner came upstairs with one stuck in his ears. He managed to still chew on it. Such a flexible dog for his advancing age.

9. We have gone through an ass load of Children's Motrin around here. It really does so much better with fevers then tylenol.

10. I have not brushed my hair in three days and I am looking like one sexy bitch.

11. EWWWWW Gross, I just coughed up some green nasty sludge.

12. I hope Clint gets home early today. This going up and down the stairs is killing my chest.

13. I have a secret addiction to rubbermaid....well, it really isn't that big a secret. I think rubbermaid makes everything better.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Way Back Wednesday

Todays theme for

(as layed forth by the almighty TKW) is old boyfriends and girlfriends. Well, I do not really have those type of pictures, but I had a lot of guy friends. So I thought I would share / intoduce you to two.

The first, is a super sweet/super stupid friend, Marcus Romero. He can't quit smoking pot long enough to get out of trouble, but when he was out of trouble, he was so fun to be with and super sweet. We were room mates for awhile and I tell you, other then my husband and Dad, he was the easiest man to get along with.

(The first time I met this guy.....I thought serial killer for sure.)

The next fellow (not a boyfriend either), Chris, was one of those guys that protected me like a big brother and always held my hair back. So, seeing he was so sweet, when he passed out drunk at a halloween party, I only saw it fit to photograph my self with him. Oh, and this is a real creative halloween for me. I went as a cowgirl. Oh, so creative.

I guess I didn't exactly follow the "theme", but I played. All while tending to three kids with the flu and I myself now getting sick as well. Do I get any points for that TKW?


Monday, February 13, 2006

One Year

Whoa Baby!!! Rhianna let the cat out of the bag. Today is my one year anniversary!!! I have been talking about shit for an entire year. Wow!!! In this year, I have only received one check from google (which means you are not checking out the wonderful companies who advertise with google), I have changed my blog so many times I can not even remember, I have made some cool friends and have managed to piss people off. So in honor of such a glorious day, I say we set a comment record for this site. Now, if you care at all about my young children's well being, you will tell all your friends to comment and tell them to tell all their friends....and so on, and so forth. If I do not get results that suit my ego, I will send my friend Annabelle over to make you her bitch.

Oh yeah, I have some hard core friends back from my prison days. I guess I will save those stories for my memoirs, that are sure to make a best seller.


Down Again?!?!? FLU?!?!?!?!

Well, posting will remain a bit slim, all three kids now have the flu. Yes, you heard me right, the FLU. So I am thinking of taking up a nice healthy pot habit....well, shit at this rate I may just need to take smoking back up. If I do not post again, Happy Valentines Day to all of you who I so dearly love out there in the blog world.


Saturday, February 11, 2006


Well, the kids seemed to have survived. Thursday afternoon, the were full of life and energy. Thursday afternoon, I was puking and pissing out my ass. Oh JOY!!! I called Clint at worked and begged him to come and control the children. The are smart. Very, very smart. They figured out quickly that when Mom is sitting on the toilet with her head in a wastebasket, there is not much she has control of. Luckily, Daddy was able to come home. I locked my self in the bedroom (except for the occasional run to the bathroom to get ever last bit of bile and fluid that could possibly remain in a human body). Late that night (or early the next morning...depending on how old you are) Clint ran to the bathroom and began his decent to hell. The next day was great. Clint and I both lie in bed, close to death (or so it felt) and the three small (very smart) children had run of the house. I think we were too sick to be scared. We got up to get juice and food for the littel creatures and of course, occasionally called them all into our room to be sure they were still alive. There was not much else either of us were capable of. We really had to cross our fingers and pray to the dear lord that they would be alive at the end of this battle. Well, saturday is here and as are all the children. Yes, the entire Stein family has made it through no worse for wear. I think I have lost that holiday poundage that I seem to take on each winter. I took the two older children out to buy a new toaster (ours kicked the bucket) and to go load up on government milk and cheese. Damn I love the USA. That is about all I was able to muster. Thank you to all you well wishers!!!! I feel so loved *sniff*sniff*slowly dabbing the tears from eyes*the tears of joy*the tears of love* okay, okay....I may have gone a bit far......


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is It the Bird Flu?

So, have you noticed the lack of posting here? Well, we have been struck by the mucky muck. All three kids have been vomiting. All I am going to say is......No fun when they are all still too little to make it to the toilet.

Here is little miss angel watching cartoons on mommies bed, waiting for the next wave of puke. She was the first to get sick.

Here is the youngest little man. He was the first to start getting into everything again.
Well, I will have to post more later, we are off to our poor folks (W.I.C) appointment. Gotta love free milk!!!!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Taking it for the team!!!

I am taking a bit of a risk posting this, but what is life without a few little risks. The neighbor I will be referring to, doesn't have a computer, but does read my blog when she is over here sometimes. Oh well!!!! Okay, Let's call her Liz...wait that is her name. Should we call her something else? Nahhhhhh.
Okay, so Liz just recently went off Paxill (cold turkey) and is 9 weeks pregnant (many changing hormones) and has pretty much fallen off the deep end. She is mad at her husband all the time and is really quite nasty to him. This makes EVERYONE uncomfortable. Doesn't she know that you are supposed to play nice nice when you are in public. Please DO NOT air all your dirty laundry! Okay, so yesterday is the Super Bowl and Clints other drinking buddy is in Iraq, so it just leaves (let's call him....heehee okay, this too is his name) Mike. Well, I knew that with our three kids and there one Clint would still be able to enjoy the game. However, you throw some nasty comments and guilt on that and he is now unable to enjoy the game. So, what does good wife do? I take Liz and ALL three of my very small children to the mall for several hours. That's right, I took one for the team. Clint had a good time and I had a pretty good time as well. I think it did Liz some good getting out. Just a side note, she is going to talk to her ob about the emotional roller coaster it seems she has gotten on. Thank goodness.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hello, My Name is Katy

and I suck balls (figure of speech). I realize I have not posted much (slacking bitch) this week. I have been spring cleaning my house. With all the crazy lady med problems, I have really just not given a shit about the condition of my house. Well, now I give a lot of shit. I have reorganized, scraped, scrubbed and rearranged. I have baked cookies, cookie bars, bread, muffins and made cereal bars. I have listed shit on E-bay and played with the kids. It has been a good week. Now that I am about back to normal, maybe I will get back to normal here as well. Of course I am not sure I have ever been "NORMAL" so I guess whatever is normal for me.

And to the Holtans and the Kretzsingers (fucked up spelling, I am sure), Ya'll are in my heart!!!! Ginormous hugs and kisses to all of you.


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