Thursday, February 16, 2006

Breast are not indecent!!!!

Please note......this post has nudity and if you are one of those people who will let your children play violent raping video games, but won't let them see a few peckers or droopy tits, please click on the back arrow and go back to where you came from. If you find weirdos amusing.......read on. READ ON!!!

I am a firm believer that people have a right to protest and that people have a right to express their opnions. I also am a firm believer that their is nothing wrong with nudity. That being said, I would like to send you to a place. It is a place full of people using rights given to them by our great nation. Now, I will again say, they have the right, but WHY!?!?!?!?! Do these people not look at themselves in the mirror? I mean really. Do ya'll hinestly think showing off your saggy, limp, pale, uhm........not pretty bodies is going to stop the war? Write a fucking letter for pete's friggin' sake. I mean holly friggin' cow. My kids no all about nudity and I am pretty sure that they too would be a bit repelled by what they see. Now let's look a bit more closely, shall we?!?!

I am not sure about war, yes it is sad and cruel. Yes, it is hard on both sides and unfortunantly could be considered a necessary evil. This picture is most definently indecent. WHere oh where do I start?
1. Please, if this is you in the picture, e-mail me your address and I will send you a razor. Shaven pits will also help with the body odor. (I know I can go two weeks without shaving my pits, so if I am grossed out then you ahve gone too far.)

2. Please do not wear pants so far above your belly button that they touch your boobs. If your pants are not THAT far above your bell button and they are touching your boobs, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH OUT A BRA FOR THE "GIRLS".

3. My mother had very curly hair and complained often of how hard it was to care for. They make great products now to help either straighten out that mess or embrace your natural gift and make the curls look like something other then the place all the rats on earth go for a vacation.

Now, those of you who are anti war, good for you. Good for you that you have the right to that opnion and good for you that you are not killed for expressing that opnion. Please, all I ask in the name of (insert your politically correct title here) that you do express your opnions in the above manner. Thank you and have a nice day.


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