Saturday, February 11, 2006


Well, the kids seemed to have survived. Thursday afternoon, the were full of life and energy. Thursday afternoon, I was puking and pissing out my ass. Oh JOY!!! I called Clint at worked and begged him to come and control the children. The are smart. Very, very smart. They figured out quickly that when Mom is sitting on the toilet with her head in a wastebasket, there is not much she has control of. Luckily, Daddy was able to come home. I locked my self in the bedroom (except for the occasional run to the bathroom to get ever last bit of bile and fluid that could possibly remain in a human body). Late that night (or early the next morning...depending on how old you are) Clint ran to the bathroom and began his decent to hell. The next day was great. Clint and I both lie in bed, close to death (or so it felt) and the three small (very smart) children had run of the house. I think we were too sick to be scared. We got up to get juice and food for the littel creatures and of course, occasionally called them all into our room to be sure they were still alive. There was not much else either of us were capable of. We really had to cross our fingers and pray to the dear lord that they would be alive at the end of this battle. Well, saturday is here and as are all the children. Yes, the entire Stein family has made it through no worse for wear. I think I have lost that holiday poundage that I seem to take on each winter. I took the two older children out to buy a new toaster (ours kicked the bucket) and to go load up on government milk and cheese. Damn I love the USA. That is about all I was able to muster. Thank you to all you well wishers!!!! I feel so loved *sniff*sniff*slowly dabbing the tears from eyes*the tears of joy*the tears of love* okay, okay....I may have gone a bit far......


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