Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Way Back Wednesday

Todays theme for

(as layed forth by the almighty TKW) is old boyfriends and girlfriends. Well, I do not really have those type of pictures, but I had a lot of guy friends. So I thought I would share / intoduce you to two.

The first, is a super sweet/super stupid friend, Marcus Romero. He can't quit smoking pot long enough to get out of trouble, but when he was out of trouble, he was so fun to be with and super sweet. We were room mates for awhile and I tell you, other then my husband and Dad, he was the easiest man to get along with.

(The first time I met this guy.....I thought serial killer for sure.)

The next fellow (not a boyfriend either), Chris, was one of those guys that protected me like a big brother and always held my hair back. So, seeing he was so sweet, when he passed out drunk at a halloween party, I only saw it fit to photograph my self with him. Oh, and this is a real creative halloween for me. I went as a cowgirl. Oh, so creative.

I guess I didn't exactly follow the "theme", but I played. All while tending to three kids with the flu and I myself now getting sick as well. Do I get any points for that TKW?


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