Thursday, March 31, 2005

Do Not Forget The Women

I was over reading the very entertaining blog of A Texan Abroad. I noticed a link at her site, clicked on it, and ended up here. I have neither researched nor comfirmed this list to be sure it was complete. If you know of someone left off, Please tell us about them in the comments. I again want to thank those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their countrymen! Let us not forget those still serving our country here and abroad along with the family members at home, also making sacrifices.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005


OH LORD...THE MOODS ARE SWINGING. I do not know what suddenly swayed my mood, but watch out world. Emily did not want juice and about had a heart attack because there was juice in her cup. I calmed her down and explained to her that she just needed to ask for water. I went and washed out the cup, filled it with water and brought it to the PRINCESS!!! Was this good enough? What a silly question. Of course not!!! In her two year old mind....it is the same cup so it must still have juice. I tried to explain until she threw her cup. BIG MISTAKE SWEETHEART!!!! Emily then got a spanking and sent to her room.
Then, (oh yes there is more) Steven was playing with about a 100 little plastic balls. That was fine until I said please do not throw them over the baby gate into the kitchen. Within seconds, Steven began throwing the balls into the kitchen. Do the WANT to die? So, I spanked Steven's butt and put him in the corner. Is that all you ask? Of course not. There is still one more child who wants to suck what little bit of sanity I have left out of my haggared and withered soul. Ethan begins climbing on the dining room chairs. I keep getting him down. Finally, out of pure exhaustion I give up and let him climb on the chairs. (I know, I know, very bad parenting.) Ethan then knocks the chair over , while he is on it and manages to fall right on the cross bar of the chair legs. GREAT!!!! I am telling you, they are trying to kill me very slowly. The fact that they have given me ,lord knows how many, gray hairs (and not just on my head) just doesn't seem to satisfy these spawns of satan. As you see, today was not one of those sweet, sappy, I love and adore my children days. This was one of those, they better thank their lucky stars Daddy will be home soon and mommy gets to do her bi-monthly grocery shopping tonight. Oh GOD, I am refering to myself in the third person. Calgon take me away.



Christy had this on her blog and oh my god you are going to laugh. Please take the time to check it out. WELL WORTH IT.
I am a dumbass. It is spelled Christie. Oops...sorry CHRISTIE!!!


Vomit anyone?

I found this picture and (I know it is disgusting) I could not stop laughing. Could you imagine being this kids parents? Do you just frame that sports picture for the hallway or make copies for everyone you know?


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not but my darling neighbor Amy is now a rep for the sex toy company FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Seeing as how I just love the little sweetie, I want to do all I can to support her business. This means I am having her first party. While perusing the catalog I received as the hostess, I saw (hee-hee) cockrings. I have seen them before on the SUNDAY NIGHT SEX SHOW on the Oxygen Network. I have always wondered and now, thanks to Fickle Whimsy I no longer wonder. I had to change my underwear her story was so funny. (Don't laugh, you have three kids and see how well your bladder holds up.)


Fear The Mullet

My darling friend Tara has a father with a mullet. It is a highly entertaining fact. Last Christmas I got het a t-shirt that says "Fear The Mullet". Her Dad did not find it as amusing as we did. So, when I read this blog and found this website I knew that I was not alone in my love for mullets. Please.....ENJOY!



This guy is so damn funny to me. I think it is because he totally reminds me of Clint before our big, bad transition into adulthood three years ago. Thanks dude for the entertainment and the walk down "remember when we didn't have kids" lane.


Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh What a Day.

Today has been relatively quiet and productive. I boxed up all my e-bay items for Clint to take to the post office, vacuumed the downstairs, put google ads on Clint's blog (so please be sure to click on them...all proceeds go toward student loans), washed and dried two loads of laundry and started a big ass pot of beans (poor man's dinner). I feel like I really am ahead of the game today. I have only beaten the children a hand full of times, that by itself is a huge accomplishment. Of course we still have the afternoon to go. Afternoon hours always seem to be the worst. I am on the downhill slope of the day and the kids are full of energy from the daily naps. I wouldn't trade that quiet time in for anything though. That hour and a half is just enough time to clear my head and to remind myself they are smaller than I am and not to kill them.


Sunday, March 27, 2005


As I was feeding my addiction to surf the blogs, I came across many interesting reads. I have added them to my blog roll. I know a lot of them are associated to motherhood and that could be because I am a mother. Go Figure. I think there are a few more military blogs...Go figure. I think there are also a few hormonal, razy blogs...Go figure. Wait...Wait did I just admit to being crazy? No...NO it is a hormone imbalance. I am completely innocent of any and all charges. (hee-hee-hee)


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Long but worth the read!!!!

As you have probably figured out both my husband and my brother serve in the United States Army. I know most people would assume certain things about me...some will be true and some will be so far from the truth you would be shocked. One truth is that I am in support of freeing those unable to free themselves. Take the time to read this. The United States is doing something good for these people and even the soldiers who put their lives in harms way (as much as we ALL hate it) know they are doing something very profound that will have a positive effect.


Friday, March 25, 2005


That's right...I said it! Blog Slut!!! OH, by the way, I am talking to myself. I get down right giddy when I know people have looked at my blog. I get orgasmic when I know someone has looked at it more than once. (not you marsha or lisa...you do not count...you have to look) Thanks to all you who feed the blog slut.


I don't have much more ass to lose

So, I am sure you have noticed by now (and you damn sure better click on them...I have three children to feed and my husband is in the army) my google ads. They are suppose to pick up key words and offer ads that correspond to your blog. I made a mention of post partum depression and got anti depressant ads for days. Well , now after the Emily / crap story There were Hershey ads. Just so you know (excuse the language), I am laughing my ass off so fucking hard right now, I may have to pick my crap up off the floor.



So, 27 month old Emily is now potty trained. She still wears diapers for nap and bed but she is now officially a panty girl. She is now emptying her own potty into the toilet when she finishes. Impressive you say? Well, it was until tonight. Emily has always had the really hard deer pellet crap...again, until tonight. (She is going to hate these poop talks when she is older.) She sat on her potty and did her usual business while Clint and I sat on our butts and ignored her doing her usual business. BAD MOVE. We didn't know anything was out of the ordinary until a little voice said " I got poop on my hands." OH SHIT!!!! Emily did not have the usual deer pellets tonight...she had the green apple splatters and when she tried to poor that into the toilet, she missed. Being the good little helper she is, she tried to pick it up. OH....MY....GOD!!!! Well, it is all cleaned up, but I am going to get a really BIG glass of wine.


Thursday, March 24, 2005


Here are a few more things you should know that people do not always tell you.

1. The warmer the fart, the worse it smells.
2. When you are no longer having a heavy flow day, you should use slimmer tampons...OUCH.
3. It is okay to crap in a public restroom, but you should know that the people in the stall next to you ARE laughing at you.
4. Masturbation is not dirty unless you do not keep your toys clean. GROSS!!
5. Babies understand a lot more than we give them credit for...They will say every cuss word you do. BE CAREFUL SAILOR.
6. Everyone finds corn in their poop after the backyard bar-b-Q. It's not just you. IN CORN...OUT CORN!
7. The older you get the less you know. HONEST!!!
8. They sell EVERYTHING on e-bay. EVERYTHING!
9. The more children you have, the further away from stylish you get. TWO WORDS....MOM BUTT!!
10. We will ALL eventually here our class song on the oldies or classic rock station. EMBRACE IT!!



I think in this day and age of high tech we sometimes lose the faces of war. War is a very sad but necessary affair. For the anti-war people, please do not forget these guys are human. As humans, they make mistakes and sometimes they falter. They are you father, brother, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, best friend, husband and wife. The next time you speak in anger about the war...look long and hard at your loved ones and remember, that is who is sacrificing for our country. You do not have to believe in the war, but please believe in our soldiers and their integrity, bravery and honor.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005



Steven chokes (hee hee) I mean pets the chicken!!! Posted by Hello


Emily with baby goats Posted by Hello


Made me go hmmmmmm.....

Okay... final comments on Terri Schiavo. I had several posts and several comments about Terri. My brother of course (bastard) has made me rethink my stand. I was really only looking at the situation from my husband's point of view. However, not to long ago I saw things (somewhat) from Terri's families point of view. I really mean "somewhat" because there is only a small link. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her live-in boyfriend (husband of less than a year when she died)encouraged a completely "natural" form of treatment instead of the more aggressive treatments her doctors suggested. About a year later it had spread and was incurable. She of course died when it may have been prevented. We do not know for sure and I guess like Terri's parents I would like to have done everything possible from beginning to end and I absolutely did not agree with her husband. It got ugly and I try not to think about it but Big Brother made a great point. What If? I am just so confused now. If it was my husband I know he would be doing all he could to be sure that the right decision was made and He is sure of what I would want if I was in a vegetative state. What if she is not in a complete vegetative state? Why won't he let them do a few more tests just to be sure? What if I was her family? Oh good grief I do not envy anyone in that mess.....I just do not know now!!!! I (believe it or not) cannot form a concise opinion on the matter. Ugh!!!!!
What if my Mother's husband had pushed for the more radical treatments and she had survived? What if they do more tests and find Terri is not in a vegetative state? What if Terri does rehab and gets better and stronger than she is now? What if they do not do the tests and Terri's poor family has to always ask "what if" like we do? No more...I am gonna go crazy...I love to be in ignorant bliss sometimes...Damn that brother for actually making me see things from all sides!!!!;)


What the?

When Clint and I met, I weighed a whopping 103 lbs (a little to small for my height). When I gave birth to the twins I weighed 170lbs (holy shit you say?). When the twins were four months old, my fertile husband impregnated me again. I had dropped to 130 lbs and by the time Ethan was born I was back up to 170 lbs. Now I'm down to about 115lbs. I am in fairly good shape, I watch what I eat and I have been working out. Why am I telling you this? I want to know when the wrinkly skin on my stomach will go away. When I stand up I have a nice firm, flat stomach. When I lay down all my skin slides to the side. Disgusting!!!!!! Is this going to go away or is this another thing that women have to forever deal with as a reminder of the fact that we have to be pregnant. Sometimes I wish the men had to go through hormone fluctuations, bleed from their privates, have engorged breasts, have babies suck on those sore breast, etc.... Maybe they would quit thinking we are crazy because out of the blue we freak out about the papers sitting on the desk that have been sitting there a week and did not bother us until right at that hormonal moment.

My last complaint for the day (alright honestly, for this post). My darling children (demon spawn) have been begging to go outside. We finally had a semi-decent day yesterday. I got them each dressed (a rare occasion unless we are going somewhere....HEY!!! I have to cut back on laundry somehow), put on their jackets, and out to the backyard we went. I bet you are thinking they were thrilled and just played and played. Well, you are completely wrong. They wanted to come right back in the house. I do not understand. Wait , maybe I do. I guess that is like the boy who likes you at school. You never like him until he quits paying you attention. They want to go outside until they actually can and then the fun of the chase is over. Go grief...is that trait with them from birth? Lord help us all if it is.
This was originallt in another post, but seemed to have gotten lost so I thought I would separate them.


Little Miss Sensitive

Okay...before everyone sends me hate comments about my Terri Schiavo post, let me just say this....My brother as already argued the other side...I am not a cruel person by any means and I do not like for people to suffer....My main argument is that whether we like it or not it is her husbands decision. I am very sensitive today so please if you have a different opinion that is great and feel free to express it but please try to do so as my brother did in a way that is not insulting or personal.


How Cute Can They Get?

The twins are playing hide-n-seek. Steven just came downstairs and yelled "reedie r nit hur I com" or something like that. How cute...they are entertaining themselves and playing nicely. Thank god....that enables me to completely ignore them for awhile and play on the computer. Goodie goodie!!!!!


So much to talk about!

I am so full of opinions (or something) today.

First, I am so tired of the Terri Schiavo drama. I hate that her husband made a medical decision for her and her parents (and what seems to be thousands of other people) are fighting him. I chose to marry my husband and HE is the person who will make my medical decisions. I feel for Terri's parents, but at some point (when your daughter or son gets married) you no longer get to make those decisions. You may not agree with the husbands choice but that was your daughter's choice. I get so pissed off that people think it is okay. If my family fought my husband over my medical decisions...I would come back to haunt their asses!!!!
I found the interview of her siblings on Fox News last night equally upsetting. They are so desperate o "save" their sister, they are now implying that Michael may have done something to Terri that caused her to collapse. This poor man!!! ( refer to my brother's comments...maybe not the right choice of words for everyone, but if he has his heart in the right place then ....poor man) Why can't anyone see his agony? Why is he a monster because he wants to honor his wife's wishes? There are many, many things that a husband and wife discuss that parents may not be privy to. Alright...I am done bitching about that....on to the next topic

Update: my main point is that it is the husband's decision to make whether we agree or not.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little Weirdo

Ethan, who is now 14 months old, suddenly thinks everything must go on his had. Every bag,plastic or otherwise, is now a hat or helmet. I am trying to decide how dangerous it really is for him to have a plastic bag on his head if I am sitting right there. One, because it is so damn amusing and two, when I take it away he screams like I have just pulled his bowels out his nose. He also gives a whole new meaning to tantrum. I have never seen anything like it. He screams and cries like he is in severe pain. Don't get me wrong, the twins had their fair share of tantrums (and still do), but nothing like this. I would say it is comical except that it really makes me nervous. Should I go ahead and put him in anger management classes now before he becomes one of those kids that blows up squirrels and ground hogs? Okay...maybe I am overstating just a tad. It is a little weird though. I hope to hell he grows out of this phase quick.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Come on in...it's nice and toasty. Posted by Hello


Hello...? I'm dry!!! Posted by Hello



Okay, this guy's take on parenting is so profound and hysterical .....Take the time to do some reading and then go buy his book when it comes out for all your friends who think it would be so much "fun" to have a couple of kids.


This is where the twins now perch during the preperation of every meal. I think we must watch to much Food Network. Posted by Hello


When does everything have to be politically correct?

This post I wrote received a comment (anonymously of course)from someone who felt I was gearing my posts toward military wives and men being deployed and leaving out military husbands and women who are deployed. I of course do not intend to offend people by what I write but guess what people...I am a woman and my husband is a man. I write about my feelings and things I read and see. If you are a military woman or the husband of a military woman, why can you not just insert the proper pronouns to suit your situation. If I was Jewish and wrote all about my Jewish holidays would you Catholics all get your rosaries in a knot? No, I think not. Why does everything have to be geared to everyone. I feel for the men who stay at home as much as I do for the women...I am however a woman and I am writing things from MY perspective. If you are offended by that, maybe you need to look within yourself and see why you are so sensitive to a blog that is one of how many million. Please give a little thought to the fact that we used to have firemen who were women and policemen who were women. Now we must have names for each gender....just because I say woman doesn't mean I am leaving out men, just like a Fireman used to be able to be a woman but now ridiculously, we must have a whole new word....Fireperson.




HI everyone. This is the lovely poncho that Grandma Claire (Tara's Mom) made for me. I am such a lucky little girl. Posted by Hello


Help Our Soldiers

Whether or not you agree with the war, the politices, or Bush I think we all agree that our troops need our support. Here and here are two places you can go to do just that. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. These men and their families make more sacrifices than anyone could ever imagine.


Good Morning Blogger Land

Good morning to all in the land of the blog. I have already been up 2 friggin' hours. I can't wait until my children learn to sleep late!!! Ahhhhhhhh...That will be the day.
So, I have a pretty good list of things to do. I have to vacuum the house (luckily we live on post so our house is really small), sweep and mop the 2x2 entryway (oooohhh really hard), sweep and mop the kitchen, clean the downstairs bathroom, workout (if I cannot wear a two piece by May I am just going to give up and never workout again HA HA HA), and start pricing and sorting for my BIG garage sale. I have to admit I am a garage sale addict. My favorite thing to do....buy good stuff cheap and sell it on e-bay. I know, I know what do I do with all that extra money (hee-hee)? Well, being the frugal (hubby is only a PFC) girl (31 year old broad) that I am, I use the money on E-bay to buy the kids clothes. They grow so fast at this rate I figure I better buy Cheaply now. When they hit 10 yrs old, It will be name brand city. Alright, I have gotten a bit off track. I wanted to discuss all the riches I plan to make at my BIG garage sale. I have been so diligent about performing my own "Clean Sweep". I must say I am such a fan of organization. Rubbermaid containers and my label maker are both my true friends. I have two weeks to get this massive pile of my crap, someone else's treasures sorted and priced. What doesn't sell I am donating to the thrift store here on post. All you military wives should do the same. They do great things with the money they earn. Our thrift store used most of the money it raised last year to help military wives who lost children. What a cause!!!!! You can call your thrift store and see what they do with their money. Okay,okay I am done blithering for now. More to come!!!!:)


Sunday, March 20, 2005


As the weekend draws to a close, I must say that my mood has definenlty improved (all the women know this is because Aunt Flo finally got here). I did not find myself having the ever entertaining internal struggle over to beat or not to beat my children. I think they could sense the mood change. I do not know why, but it seems just when I need them to behave for my sanity and their safety, all three go plum, butt wild. I have no idea why this happens...but I swear sometimes I think they are doing it on purpose. That really makes the to beat or not to beat decision much more difficult.
Emily and the potty training is going very well. We made two big family outings this weekend (anytime we leave the house with three toddlers, it is a big family outing). The first was Saturday and we went to the Easter Event here at Ft. Carson. There Emily took her first crap in a public restroom. I am so proud. I was unable to crap in a public restroom until I was pregnant with the twins and at that point I would have crapped on the neighbors couch to make room. The second was Sunday and we went to Wal-Mart. We had to get price stickers and poster boards for our big garage sale coming up. There Emily again took a crap in a public restroom. I have to give her great kudos. She even yelled out "I made my poop come out. I can see it." so everyone in the Wal-Mart bathroom could also relish in the fact that Emily can shit in public. Good Girl!!!
Steven is starting to show a bit of interest in the potty. he wants to sit on it and then play the bo-bo game. What is the bo-bo game you ask? Well, he hops off the potty and chases Emily with his bo-bo yelling bobo at the top of his lungs. Already a streaker this kid is. I now wish I had never used the word bo-bo, but I guess I would rather he yell out bo-bo then ass!!! Would you like me to use the word bo-bo a few more times? I really would like someone to share my pain.
Ethan...No potty training in sight. Of course he is only 14 months old and still seems perfectly content to sit in a big warm mound of crap. I can dream. You cannot deny me that. I dream of a day when I am no longer buying diapers for three babies. I will then begin drinking wine. I have decided that is a fair trade off. I will have wiped three other people's butts for approximately 3 and 1/2 years. After that anyone deserves a shot at an alcohol induced stupor. Ah, I am just kidding. I am such a light weight...I would puke for sure, but the concept of being in any kind of stupor sounds appealing today.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Anniversary in Iraq

I read this post aloud to my husband and had to fight back the lump in my throat. If you have ever doubted the sacrifices our country has made please read and reread this blog. If you know someone who doubts why we must make these sacrifices, please send it to them. We are doing something very profound for this country. We are doing something for people who could not do it for themselves. We are doing somehting for good people!!!



Man, I do not know what is wrong with me today but if it wasn't to late I would probably give my kids away. I know, I know, that sounds awful. I never have claimed to be perfect. I am in such a grumpy mood. Everything seems to be grating the one nerve I have left. My poor, poor husband. I am pretty sure it is the dreaded PMS. Yes, it really exists. Ever since the last baby, My PMS is out of this world. It seems like for about a week our house becomes both rollercoaster ride and UN-fun house. I have absolutely no control over the evil monster called irritability. Maybe a hefty dose of xanax would do me some good. I think I am way out of midol's (slight irritability) league. Some kind of mood altering drug would probably make everyone in the house much happier!!! Well I guess that is all the wonderful things I have to say for now...I must return to giving the evil eye to anyone who so much as tries to look my way.


No matter how BIG we get.... Posted by Hello


We will always stay grounded Posted by Hello


Thursday, March 17, 2005

10 Things You Should Know But No One Ever Says #1

I feel it is now time, with my advancing age, to begin sharing my wisdom. I would like to start sharing things that I have learned the hard way....Experience.

1. Pubic hairs also turn grey.
2. When you are pregnant you will get unexplainable, shooting ass pains.
3. Even small boobs sag after breast feeding three babies.
4. Your parents had sex more than the number of children they have...yuck!!!!
5. You will at some point want to cause your child harm....the important thing is that you don't.
6. Some toddlers paint with poop.
7. When a recipe calls for fresh parsley DO NOT use the same amount of dried parsley. Gross !!!
8. When you become a parent sleep is a thing of the past.
9. People without children just do not understand.
10. Once you are in the "mommy club", you can talk about you vagina, boobs, bowel movements and sex drive as freely as you want.



I do not know why I am homesick today, but I sure miss Texas. We are in Colorado right now but Clint and I are both from Texas. It is so scenic here and the people have been really friendly, I just LOVE my family and almost all of them are in Texas. We just went home in Jan. after being gone for almost a year. I hope someone comes to visit soon!!! That always makes time go a little quicker. I miss the weather, my family, my friends, my dog, knowing where evertything is, and Taco Cabana!!! Oh well....



Okay, So I added that adsense to my blog....as per my big bro's suggestion. The adds are supposed to coordinate with your blog. I have made one little mention about post partum depression and this morning all my adds were geared toward depression. I swear I am really an upbeat person. I have to be with three small children or I might kill someone.... LOL just kidding of course.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mowing with Grandad and I taught Tom the importance of teamwork. Posted by Hello



Tom was meant for Special Forces. He was always a master of disguise....or was he just a nerd? Hee Hee Posted by Hello


As you can tell by baby Dave's expression, Tom has given him the order to change his own diaper. Posted by Hello


This is the start to my big brother's military career. He was a leader from the get go. Here he is holding baby ME. Posted by Hello


Military Man

I come from a long line of military men. My Grandad served on a sub during WWII, My Dad was a Major in the United States Marine Corps, My big brother is a SFC in the United States Army and last but definently not least, my husband is a PFC in the United States Army. In this picture you can see my Dad in his dress blues. Of course taken many, many moons ago. What a handsome guy!!!! Posted by Hello



I am so excited about the game because the kids really loved it. I just wanted to show the shapes. I know not too exciting ....... Posted by Hello



So the twins know most of their shapes and colors (in English and Spanish...I am so proud of them)and I was looking for a way to really reinforce their knowledge. I came up with a game that they really seem to love. I cut shapes of all different colors from construction paper. I wrote the color on each shape (hoping they will eventually recognize the word) and then taped them up (at a level they could not reach, but see easily) on the wall. I would then call out a shape and color and they had to find it. Steven and Emily did so well. I would recommend that the next time you put the shapes up, put them in different spots. The kids got to where they had memorized where the shapes were. I recommend this game for kids who are already learning their shapes and colors. It could be a little frustrating for the parent and the child to play before the child really has a grasp on the subject.



Still not smoking and guess what....I feel great....I can smell, breath, and my teeth are aleady looking whiter. Goodie Goodie



I have started babysitting Conrad (the two year old) He is really such a good little boy. He is a little bit aggressive, but I think it is because he is an only child and not used to sharing. The twins have built in playmates so they were sharing at the time of conception. Anyways, so far so good. I do not feel overwhelmed .......yet!!


Army Family Team Building

Yesterday I had to retake the first two courses at AFTB. It had been so long since I logged in to the sight all my info was gone and I have absolutley no idea where my original certificates for the classes went. So, yesterday I retook the classes. I really would reccomend them to any army wife. Some of the information is common sense but some of it (especially the benefits and programs) are so helpful. I really feel like so many people are unaware of all the programs the army really has to help make military life easier on the family. We try to learn about all the benefits the army has to offer us and take advantage of as many as possible. For those of you with deployed husbands, most posts are offering free five hour daycare on saturdays to enable the spouses a break and a chance to get errands done. Everyone should go to their local army community center and see what programs are offered at your post. I would also like to suggest everyone contact Army Family Team Building. You will learn so much about our army plus if you volunteer, you get free daycare, a chance to get out of the house, and a chance to network (meet many new and interesting people.) I have my brother JackArmy helping me put all kinds of helpful links on my site for all those military families.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Soldier commits suicide

My heart goes out to the family. No one has ever claimed war was either easy or pretty. Unfortunately the ugliness follows most home. Some more extremely than others. I know it is little consolation to the over 1,500 soldiers who have died, but they are the true martyrs.


Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.



Today is my darling friend Tara's (seen holding Ethan at his 1st birthday) 21st birthday. Happy Happy Birthday sweetie!!!! Don't drink to damn much. Posted by Hello


Thank You to Military Spouses

My husband wrote this commentary for the Ft Carson Paper back in December. With all the soldiers leaving our mountain post I thought it appropriate to revisit.

Commentary by Pfc. Clint Stein Mountaineer staff
Many people have heard the old saying “there are only two things that are certain in life, death and taxes,” but for those in the military there is a third — sacrifices. During recent and past years we have heard so much about the sacrifices made by men and women serving in our military, but what we don’t seem to hear a lot about are the sacrifices made by their
spouses. Behind every married servicemember there is a spouse who provides an equal or even greater service. They are the support system of the family. They are an intricate part of what holds their military family
together. They are the backbone. More than half of military servicemembers are married and with that brings sacrifices, especially
during deployments. No one ever wants to be separated from his loved ones, but for those of us in uniform it’s sometimes part of our duty and we proudly accept it. For those spouses left behind they accept it too,
but with gracious reluctance. When a spouse sees her husband packing his things for deployment, they may start to feel vulnerable and empty inside and can only pray for his quick and safe return. She may even cry and get weak in the knees as she watches him kiss his children for what could possibly be the last time, but she remains strong and proud — she has to. When Soldiers are deployed their spouses take on a different role in the family. They become both mother and father, providing both the tender love and care for their children as well as upholding the rules of the house. They are the accountant, teacher, cook, coach, carpenter and protector of the family. They become the provider, at least for the next six months to a year. While a Soldier is deployed, many people don’t take the time to consider the trials and tribulations that still go on in everyday lives of military families. Just because a Soldier is gone doesn’t mean life gets any easier for his spouse. On the contrary, it gets much more difficult. The spouse must now handle the responsibility and workload of two, while not burdening her loved one with the everyday stress she feels because of what effects it may have on him as he tries to focus on his mission abroad. The very same mission she is reminded of every night before going to bed without him. Aside from the worried and lonely nights a spouse spends away from her or his trooper and the extra chores a spouse has to endure, she or he may have made a personal sacrifice just by marrying into the military. Many spouses out there, like my wife, had careers before becoming a military spouse. Some still do, but for many it’s hard to have a long-term career when they don’t know if they’ll be moving to another duty station or if their spouses will be deploying. It takes a lot of courage and trust in a Soldier for his or her spouse to put their careers on hold for a while, and married couples should recognize that commitment. These spouses know, just as the Soldier knows, that when they joined the military, sacrifices would have to be made, personally and professionally. Their lives change and they must give up much of what they once had in order to conform to the military way of life. It’s not a bad life, just a different one. Since I joined the Army I have been thanked for my service to our country on many occasions and many times with my family standing right at my side, and yet there was no acknowledgement to my wife. Except for Spouse Appreciation Day once a year and the occasional second mention at a promotion or reenlistment, our spouses rarely hear the words, “Thank you for your service.” Our military spouses have provided so much for so many Americans who can’t always see the military way of life from the outside. They have given tremendous sacrifices in order for their loved one to provide the freedom our nation holds so dear and for that we should commend them on a regular basis. Servicemembers and civilians alike should look deeper into the military family and realize there is an honorable service being provided, one that sometimes goes unnoticed. It’s the day-to-day service our military spouses provide. Whether it’s big or small, it’s important. As a Soldier and a husband, I salute my wife and all military spouses for the sacrifices they have made not only for me, but also for our country.
Thank you for your service.



Looking at Steven and his friend Kaden ( for some reason) gives me the urge to watch Braveheart. Posted by Hello



I would just like to bask in the glory of all the milk it takes to sustain Ethan and the Twins!!! Holy Cow. Wait, maybe it is Thank You Cow. Posted by Hello


Saturday, March 12, 2005


Clint was able to get Dora The Explorer Live tickets from work. Ever since, Steven and Emily have an affection for pirates. Here they are doing their best pirate imitations. I think Steven's leg warmers really make the outfit. RRRRRRR MATEY!!!!! Posted by Hello



The three kids were all upstairs playing with their duplos. Clint and I went up to put them down for nap and it seems Ethan had put himself down for nap. He was so tired he fell asleep still holding a block. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Posted by Hello



I was surfing the net and found this story. I thought other mothers who are in post partum depression denial like I was might want to read this story. Thank god I did not have delusions or anything quite that dramatic, I did have some pretty severe depression. I tried to keep it in my "complete denial" folder. I did not want to believe I was that weak. I will say....It does not make you weak. It is a condition completely out of our control and despite what I tried to tell myself, it really exists. I recommend to all woman to not suffer in the little denial folder, but to just accept we are all humans and see your doctor. If I had seen the doctor, I bet I could have felt a lot better, a lot sooner!!!


Friday, March 11, 2005


My husband and I have a pretty strict budget and some financial goals we would like to reach before he gets out of the army. One of those goals is to not have any credit card debt. We know that we will not be able to pay off his student loan before he gets out but other than that we would like to be debt free. We think that this will not only make military to civilian transition much easier but it will also make our future finacial goals much easier to attian. Anyways, my point is I am going to be watcjing a little boy (Conrad-2yrs old) for the next two months. According to the time and numbers, we will have all our credit card debt paid off at the end of two months. Goodie Goodie. We will then begin focusing on our savings and our car. It would be a real dream come true if we could apy that off early!!!! That would be another monthly payment gone. Talk about a low debt to income ratio. Anyone who is military knows how little a PFC makes, but he is gonna be a big boy spec soon( next month or two) and will be in over two years in july which is another raise. I think if we stick with the PFC budget and set up an allotment to put the Spec. money in our savongs we will be doing ourselves such a great service. We really want to be able to help our kids with college (without drowning in student loans like Clint had to do). I know his parents would love to have helped more and that is a big goal for us. I think I have gotten a little of topic....That always happens to me. Anyway, The point was I am going to have another two year old four days a week, ontop of my two, two year olds and a one year old. I think I can handle it though. Especially for only two months and the outcome is so incredible. (paid off credit cards!!!!)


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Wesley Stein

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. He is 26 today. I remeber 26...no kids, lots of freedom, and most of all... lots of sleep!!!! May Wesley get lots of sleep today...ha ha ha.
It is so funny the things that you hope for after you have three kids.



Happy Fifth Anniversary Tom and Karen. (I do realize this is a day late, the card will be late too!!!) I cannot wait to celebrate 25 years!!!



As I was surfing some of my favorite blogs I came across this site. You must see it. It made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants.( A side affect from birthing children)


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I love this Blog

I read a blog today . After reading MY House (the name of her blog) I felt so inspired. Maybe inspired is not the right word, maybe I mean kinship. I think if you have sometime you (women, or sensitive men) should check it out. I would have made a link in my sideboard of blogs worth checking out but I have absolutely no idea how to do that.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Update on the Not Smoking

Okay...Still not smoking! I did (I want to be honest) get really drunk (REALLY) This weekend and took a few drags off a few cigerettes. This however has not been my downfall. I have accepted the small back slide and am going to continue on my non-smoking path. I am actually very excited that I am still committed to quiting. Thanks to all those who have been supportive and thanks to all the people with nasty yellow teeth and raisin lips for being such strong motivators!!!! THANK YOU.



I really don't know why I am so surprised by people's stupidity but sometimes I just find it completely overwhelming. One of my neighbors decided to move home because her husband was deployed to Iraq and she is pregnant and also has a 5 month old son.(Not the stupid part yet) She saw her young husband off and then decided it would be a "good idea" to go ahead and leave, giving power of attorney to one of her friends. This POA is to enable this "friend" to clear housing for her. The part I find completely ridiculous is that she has only known this girl for a few months and it can be a pricey venture clearing military housing. Why in the hell would you leave someone you hardly know in charge of that. Here at Ft Carson you have to clean your quarters (pain in the ass to do yourself and almost $300 to pay to have it done), have your carpets professionally cleaned ($150), and then replace any thing that cannot be fixed (ie...stained carpet, bent blinds, etc...). Why in the hell would you ask someone you REALLY DON'T know to handle that. I hope she doesn't get screwed!!!! I think I would have just stayed the few extra weeks without my husband and handled my business myself. I guess that is just me.


Going to Iraq

I just finished reading my brothers blog and he has a lot posted about the war, recruiting, and et al. I wanted to add a bit of a face to what he has been saying. My husband and I are stationed at Ft. Carson,CO. The 3rd ACR (a hell of a lot of guys) just left for Iraq. Some were our neighbors and friends. They all were apprehensive to leave their families and of course afraid of losing life or limb, but all were ready to serve their country and spread freedom throughout the world. I would not say my husband and I are necessarily pro-military (even being active duty), but we are pro freedom. All these opponents to the war, I pose this question... How long do you suppose we should have let Saddam systematically murder thousands of Iraqis and Kurds? I believe it is the job of the mighty to protect the weak. I do not like war or death, but I know that as such a great nation it is our responsibility to defend those who cannot defend themselves. People see these insurgents killing our soldiers as well as Iraqi security and civilians. These insurgents are the minority. The soldiers I have spoken with (who have a first hand account, so I tend to believe them) say the Iraqi people are glad to be rid of Saddam and are grateful to have been liberated. They want their country safe and then they want us to leave. I know I am probably over simplifying, but in my eyes it is simple. We as Americans should appreciate all people and their cultures and should do our best to help anyone who needs our help. The cost of freedom is high and I am so grateful to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifices to maintain freedom. Thank you to those who even when afraid are brave!!!!!! "The liberty of others extends mine to infinity."FRANCE GRAFFITO 1968


Friday, March 04, 2005

I wanted to post this picture up by my name but I cannot figure out how so I guess It will just be a post. I wanted to have a picture of just me but considering I really do not like my picture taken anymore I really do not have an up to date picture of just me. Posted by Hello



So, I was surfing through some other blogs and I find everyone's thoughts so interesting. I really enjoy the fact that there are so many different opinions out there. Some people were just plain whacked while other were just slightly off. How great is it that we have the means, with this ever growing technology, to see the world from so many different perspectives. I really wish I could read all these other languages as well. I bet I would be even more enlightened. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to put their random and not so random thoughts and opinions out there. I have really been enjoying myself.


What someone else had to say about cigs!!!

This all seems to ring true to me!!

Why would seemingly intelligent people continue to smoke, knowing full well the dangers and potential implications of doing so? Well folks, I don't want to disillussion anybody, but it is because they are nicotine addicts. Cigarette smokers are just as much an addict as someone hooked on crack, cocaine, morphine or heroin. The folks that say they don't want to quit, because of the pleasure they derive from smoking, are not really speaking for themselves. It is their addiction speaking for them. It is that little addicted voice inside their minds rationalizing the addiction, because they know, it might hurt to quit. They know that there will be a sense of loss. They know that smoking is as much a part of their personality as being a happy person, or being a morning person, or liking to go to the movies. Smoking becomes a part of who and what you are. An ADDICT. It amazes me the number of people who smoke cigarettes who would never smoke a marijuana cigarette. "Oh no, thats drugs" or "I ain't no dope fiend". Sorry pal, tobacco is dope, it is drugs and if you're a smoker, you are also a drug addict and a dope fiend. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will be able to get well again and kick those "nasty butts" out of your life. Smoking, like any addiction, especially addictions that involve chemicals, is a sickness. Fortunately it is a sickness that can be cured. There is help available. Chances are that unless you can lock yourself away for a few weeks, you will need some help to get well again. Help can be something as simple as some education, or it may be a prescription for a nicotine replacement delivery system. The most effective way to stop smoking is a combination of both. You also need some motivation, a reason to live a long healthy life. I quit smoking for myself and my family.

I do not know who the author is but please feel free to check out this site....pretty interesting.



I know it has not been very long but I just wanted to say I am still not smoking. The crazy thing is, my teeth aleady are a little whiter and I can actually breath while I am working out. WOW!!! Maybe Steven will quit picking cig butts up off the ground and prtend to smoke if he does not see clint and I smoking.(another big motivator)


Happy Birthday Stacy

Today my friend Stacy celebrates another birthday. I hope she is well today and has a great day. I am sure the sales of coors light will have a significant increase today.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Thoughts

I have been doing quite a bit of introspection lately. Maybe because I am getting older or maybe because I spend a lot of time with people who cannot carry on a deep and philosophical conversation (my very young children) so I must have them with myself. I have realized many things and would like to discuss them in no particular order.

First is anyone who says " I would never do that with my children" will eat those words. I remember telling my friend Hope that I wouldn't let my children dictate the TV the way she let hers. HO HO HO!!! That was just one example of the funny things you say when you have not had children who want to watch something particular. It is not hard to be swayed by two screaming children. I have however overcome that. How you ask? Well, by doing something else I swore I would never do. I put a TV in their bedroom. Sometimes we all must compromise for the greater good or atleast for our own sanity.

When I was younger and several of my friends starting having children, I was seldom around. I would like to blame it on being young but I have a dear friend who is fixing to turn 21 (yes, 10 years younger than me) who has always been so thoughtful of my feelings and my family. That being said, I realized I was not always as good to people as they were to me. Unfortunately we cannot change the past and just as I have learned to be a much better friend and that sometimes my opinions are not always wanted, I have also learned "Friends provoked become the bitterest of enemies" BALTASAR GRACIAN, The Art of Worldly Wisdom (1647). I have let go of those situations I cannot fix, but I do leave that little glimmer of hope that one day all will be good!!!!!! I guess if I had to give advice to people about friendships I would say,"If you are friends with someone, you must accept them for all the good & all the bad."
Well, better get back to motherhood!


Special Days for Special People

Since I seem to have a little more time today I want to remember all the Special days for the past couple of months. I figure after this I can remember them as they happen. My in-laws were married for 31 years on January the 6th. That is a big deal for sure. Especially in this day and age when one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. My son Ethan's birthday was on the 11th of January. What a big ,sweet boy. Grandmother turned 80 on the 1st of February. We had a birthday party for her. I was so glad to see so much of my family there. My little brother, Dave was there with his family. His wife Ashley,who is making us all proud starting law school this year and my niece Meredith, who is not only adorable, but just as smart as her parents. My older brother Tom also brought his much larger family. He has four girls; Sarah, Natalie, Missy, and the ever enchanting little Kelly. He and my sister-in-law Karen (I spoke about her before) were as usual highly entertaining. Tom's birthday was on the 12th of February along with my step-brother Curt's birthday. My friend Hope's daughter Addison had a birthday on the 21st. I believe she turned four and I am sure it was a great celebration. My friend Christy had her birthday on the 24th. I am sure that birthday was brought in with a lot of alcohol!!!! My Mom, Mary Nichols - Comerford, would have celebrated her birthday on the 27th if she hadn't died of breast cancer a little over two years ago. Of course my birthday was on the 28th and all I can say is Ouch!!! I think since I have already mentioned natalie's birthday I am caught up and can start fresh tomorrow.



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 Posted by Hello


MY Dad, my brother Tom and my brother Dave all have a tendency to give me way to much praise. I guess that happens when you are the only girl. They want to make sure I always feel good about myself. Here they are telling me "You are number one!!!" Hee Hee Posted by Hello


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