Monday, February 13, 2006

One Year

Whoa Baby!!! Rhianna let the cat out of the bag. Today is my one year anniversary!!! I have been talking about shit for an entire year. Wow!!! In this year, I have only received one check from google (which means you are not checking out the wonderful companies who advertise with google), I have changed my blog so many times I can not even remember, I have made some cool friends and have managed to piss people off. So in honor of such a glorious day, I say we set a comment record for this site. Now, if you care at all about my young children's well being, you will tell all your friends to comment and tell them to tell all their friends....and so on, and so forth. If I do not get results that suit my ego, I will send my friend Annabelle over to make you her bitch.

Oh yeah, I have some hard core friends back from my prison days. I guess I will save those stories for my memoirs, that are sure to make a best seller.


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