Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Bunch Of Boring Crap About Me

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Katy

1. I am tired of being sick

2. I bought a ceramic 1 inch flat iron with my e-bay earnings.

3. This is my first super official Thursday Thirteen.

4. My husband scheduled an appoinment for me at a spa for Valentines day. I am supposed to go Saturday, but it is supposed to snow and I do not drive in the snow.

5. I am only 18 dollars away from getting another check from my google ads. Clint and I only have one more credit card to pay off, so guess where that money will go....

6. I am in desperate need of some eyebrow waxing....I look like one of those people who grow hair everywhere....damn, what is that disease called? Okay...weird....I just googled searched to try and find the name and found there is actually a condition where people think they are werewolves. It is called Lycanthropic Disorder.

7. I never did go in to get my blood work done. OOPS!!!

8. Tanner needs to get groomed. He looks like a hairy teddy bear. Poor Dog. I gave the kids lolli pops yesterday to help with the coughing. Well, Tanner came upstairs with one stuck in his ears. He managed to still chew on it. Such a flexible dog for his advancing age.

9. We have gone through an ass load of Children's Motrin around here. It really does so much better with fevers then tylenol.

10. I have not brushed my hair in three days and I am looking like one sexy bitch.

11. EWWWWW Gross, I just coughed up some green nasty sludge.

12. I hope Clint gets home early today. This going up and down the stairs is killing my chest.

13. I have a secret addiction to rubbermaid....well, it really isn't that big a secret. I think rubbermaid makes everything better.

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