Monday, December 12, 2005

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

So, here is an update on the crazy neighbor drama. "someone" (I am not going to say who just in case) got a hold of a colonel's wife , who found the entire situation quite appaling. She was able to get someone to contact him to find out if she was able to clear out all their things. If he said no, someone was to be sent to stop her. It then became a race with time. The closer she got to finishing loading away all of THEIR things, the less chance their was she was going to be stopped. "someone else" called the mps to let them know she was in possesion of pot. I do not know if anything ever came of that. I do know no one was able to get there to the quarters in time. So, unless she got stopped and arrested at the gate........

I guess at least he will know to revoke her power of attorney and change banks again.

Yes, Christie you are correct. Sad unh?


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