Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thirteen Thursday

Okay, I was over at Petroville this morning and decided to play.

1. I finally got the sound on my computer to work. Apparently all you have to do is turn up the volume.

2. I am going to make some peanut butter cookies today and I want to send some to Mike in Iraq. Can they get homemade stuff?

3. I need a vacation from my kids. They have been exceptionally needy lately.

4. I have been exceptionally lazy and unintersted in shit lately. Sorry Erik for being such a lazy blogger.

5. I really would like to stop having a period. I mean, I am not going to have any more children (which I am having total mixed feelingsa about....see next post), so why must I bleed each month?

6. I love some morning lovin'. I am not tired yet, I am refreshed, but not a big fan of morning breath.

7. Rhianna sent me a homemade, beautiful Christmas card. What a sweet thoughtful biatch. Thanks Rhianna. Can I come visit. LOL!!!

8. Our low last night was -10. I wonder what the friggin' wind chill was?

9. I am going to be strating a new blog game called "SHOW MIKE". It is for the entertainment of my friend Mike in Iraq. I will probaly strat it next week. Please play and help keep him entertained.

10. I have got to get a blog layout. I think I am frustarted with mine which is part of my lack of enthusiasm lately. I am just not sure it will sit well in the budget.

11. Just a reminder....The twins have their birthday party on Saturday. If you can not attend, we understand and will only cry a little bit.

12. Have you tried that new chocolate cool whip? I am so on the fence about it. I can not decide if I really like it or if I just want sweets.

13. I really hate how paxill makes my pits sweaty. I feel like Whitney Houston. Gross!!!!


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