Friday, December 23, 2005

I have unhitched the trailer and lit a fire!

I went to see doctor prescription and am now taking zoloft. Let's hope this keeps the craziness under control. I feel better already, not nearly as sluggish and strained. Whoo Hoo.

I talked to baby brother today. I sure miss that asswipe. He asked me if I had read a blog lately that he and I both read on a regular basis. I had not, but when I did, I was fucking floored. I am not going to say which it is, but I will give you a quick overview. This guy walked in on someone he knows really well with his baby girl. By baby, I mean very very very young. My little Pony Young. His description of the situation was gut wrenching. Many of my friends have always said I am paranoid when it comes to someone, anyone sexually abusing my kids, well I think I will just be more paranoid and more adamant my children are not left alone with any man. I know that sounds sexist, but the majority of the stories I hear have men as the predators. It breaks my heart every time I hear of a poor child's innocence being ripped away from them and their gentle, carefree spirits being raped. These predators do more then rape their bodies, they rape their spirits, their trust. I am a firm believer there is no cure for pedophilia and feel anyone convicted of such an act should be put to death. These people who prey on children are sick and tainted individuals. I do not care if they are "stuck in a cycle". I care that they do no have the ability to stop themselves from killing the spirits of our youth. I care that they are killing the trust we have for one another. I care that it could one day be my child, my family. I care that it could one day be your child or your family. Please, I ask each and every parent out there to remember....
These sick people are you brothers, fathers, uncles, priests, teachers, pastors, neighbors, best friends........Be vigilant. Your main priority in life is protecting these little people. It is obvious that you can not rule anyone out. Act as if everyone could be a suspect and watch your children closely.


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