Monday, April 30, 2007

"Spongebob is on my forehead"

Clint and I are sitting on the couch enjoying a nice quiet evening. We have put in a movie for the kids in their room and they are back there being so good, so quiet. Then we here what sounds like a herd of elephants coming down the hallway. The kids are all yelling "Spongebob got on Ethan's forehead". Out of the hallway appears Ethan.

Clint's first response "What the hell have ya'll been doing?" Ethan quickly replied, "It wasn't me it was Steven." To which Steven promptly began his defense,"It was an accident!" Oh come on....an accident my ass.

I jumped in and began my counter bullshit operation. "An accident? What happened? You just fell down with a marker in your hand and accidentally drew spongebob on your brother's head?" At this point I would like to tell those of you who have no children or have only infants that sarcasm is lost on children at this age. They will take your sarcasm and twist it to suit their little devilish needs and wants. Steven quickly took my sarcasm and ran with what he saw as an opportunity. "Yes", he said "I fell down and accidentally drew Spongebob on Ethan's head." This brings a great deal of laughter from Emily because she knows. She knows that they are all full of bullshit. She also sees the defeat in her parents' eyes.

At this point, I know I can no longer stare at Ethan with the Evil eye and I have just been beaten down by my four year old son. He has taken my ammunition and fired it back at me. I concede. I give in. You my children have won this time.

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