Saturday, April 14, 2007

And the saga continues

She has now promised no more e-mails my way, so I guess my dearest Tara has become the next victim. A little bit of back history. Tara was doing our hair all through out beauty school. Of course she never got paid except for materials and wine. She didn't care. It was practice. No when I moved to Colorado, Tara tried to continue a close relationship with my Dad and Lisa but was often blown off and then felt like the only time they contacted her was to house sit the dirty squat or to do someones hair. When Tara finally opened her shop, she was sure the freebies would stop. Well, when Lisa would go in to get her hair done (ladies, we are talking the works:foils, cuts,style....) she would just give Tara a check for how ever much she could handle at the time. Not the amount Tara charged of course. Tara never got the nerve to say anything about this because she did not want to cause any trouble for me with my "family".

So Tara's first E-mail arrived:
I am just wondering if you would prefer not to do my hair anymore. I called your mom 2 weeks ago to make an appointment, and she sounded like she was trying to put me off, and then said she would call back to set up an appointment for me, and I have heard nothing back. I know things are going on with Katy and me.....but I really do not want to lose my hairdresser. I was hoping we could at least keep it professional. I am not trying to be ugly at all. I just need to know how you feel, and what you would prefer. I know Katie has an appointment with you on prom day...so please let her keep that. Her and Kimmie, like me....do not trust anyone else with our hair. Thanks Alot...and Love Ya!!

I find the love ya part the funniest out of all of this. Come on,, who are we kidding. Then Tara received another e-mail because apparently in her busy schedule her world should revolve around Lisa and she should have responded immediately to her e-mail.

Tara........I was hoping for a response by now. I know you read my email yesterday. So does this mean, I need to look for another hairdresser? I started to call today, but decided to wait a day or two. Please just let me know how you feel, and I will not bother you anymore...I know you are a busy woman!!
Thanks, Lisa

At this point, I calmly called my Dad..scary calm....and asked him to please make her stop e-mailing me and my friends. that there was nothing to say. I explained that Tara had read the e-mails Lisa had written to me and was offended by the fact that Lisa had insinuated that her family, who all work full time, unlike Lisa, had more spare time. I told him I loved him and he was always welcome in our lives and that she was not. I got off the phone and called my Grandmother to tell her that i had asked him to please get her to stop or I would have to take all the emails in and press harassment charges now that she had been asked to stop. Then what?!?!?! Lisa calls me. I tell her twice I have nothing to say, she says that I lied to Tara and said she had said bad things about her family. I have said nothing but let Tara read the emails and be equally insulted that she would dare say the O'Leary family had so much spare time. they made the time to include the kids and I in their family. Then came Tara's response to Lisa:
I did read your message yesterday but I haven't had time to write back until now I am not on the computer for very often or for that long at a time. I have to say that was and am a little offended by the letter you wrote Katy and your mention of my family. I believe that whatever goes on between you and Katy is in fact none of my business however your comment about my family in your letter to her is. My parents and brother as well as myself did not just spend time with the kids (and Katy) because we have loads of free time on our hands. We did it because we love all of them. You have no idea what are day to day life is filled with, we made time. I am also a little bothered by the fact that you feel like my mom gave you the brush off, you called before Easter which is a very busy time for my shop and your name is in fact on a cancellation list, my mom is a professional. I guess if this is the way you choose to view my family it is a better idea if I do not do your hair anymore. I will of course not cancel Katie's appointment I am not that kind of person and wouldn't be ugly. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

I thought Tara did well holding her own. Oh and if there is any confusion, I have step sisters names Katie and Kimmie. You might have thought it would have ended here, but oh no...not when dealing with a little (okay) a lot of crazy:

I am not sure what you were told,She was not told anything, she read the e-mails herself but I NEVER said anything mean or ugly about you or your family. I can promise you that. I know you did alot for Katy and her kids when she was here. You are very wonderful person...very caring, and giving. I would never say anything mean about you or your family. Katy and I have our differences, and I guess it will always be that way. But to say mean things about you Tara, is simply not me. If it were not for you and your family Katy would have had nobody...and I admit that to you, and I admitted that to Katy uh, when did you admit that to me?. Steve just got a call from Katy, saying for us Us is not the word...I asked him to stop you from emailing and harassing people who do not want your crazy drama in their life. not to email her friends anymore...I was simply trying to find out if I had a hairdresser or not anylonger. I apologize if I bothered you Tara, I truly am. I am not a bad person...I swear to you I am not. We will keep Katies appointment, and then be done, if that is your wish. I will always think of you as a special person no matter what.
So, Tara quickly cleared the air up in my defense:

I just want to take a minute to clarify what you think I was told. Katy (being my best friend) actually read me the email you sent her and I never said that you said mean or nasty things about my family or me I just said that I was offended and bothered. Katy is not the ugly nasty person you see her as and that opinion of her bothers me as well. I did not say that you were mean I I just want to make that clear. My feelings have just been hurt not just by your comments but also your actions. I don't feel as if we are friends, I thought at one point we were but once Katy left I got a different idea of our relationship. I have never said anything before because it was awkward and I didn't want to put Katy in a bad place. So I am sorry that I haven't mentioned it before I just didn't know how. But to tell the truth I think it is just better this way. My loyalty lies with Katy and that really is nothing against you.

Gooooooooooooooooooooo Tara. Someone is standing up and saying we do not have to take this craziness, no matter who you are married to. It was nice to again have someone stand up for me. You would have thought my Dad might have had something to say to his wife of only a few years and the fact that she is driving his family away. Well, then the final Lisa/Tara e-mail came:

Thank you Tara for clarifying that for me. Uh...do you think she is going to apologize to me for accusing me of being a liar? Oh I would never dare hold my breath I definitely understand and will honor your wishes. I am sorry if I made you feel as if we weren't friends. I guess I have a bad tendancy of doing that. I am working on myself though...and hopefully it gets better. Thank you for all you have done, and that truly comes from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best. I will have Katie call to verify her appointment, so she knows the exact time. If I stay out of the picture...and have Katie bring herself and Kimmie in...will you continue to do their hair. I will make sure they check out upfront with your mom Does this mean that they will actually pay the rate that Tara charges and not just assume that they get some sort of discount. I am not sure what made her feel hat was okay. i think i might start trying that at the grocery store. You know, This milk says 3.29, but I think you should just let me have it for 50 cents. I know they really think alot of you....and nobody does there like Tara, of course. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely, Lisa

Well, That has been the last e-mail to Tara, but believe it or not, she has moved on to my sister in-law. The one married to my brother who has just been extended in Iraq. (Watch out Ashley, you could be next)


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