Friday, April 13, 2007

The next chapter

So we left off last time with the fact that I had called my Dad and read him the riot act about his wife and I had still not responded to any of her craziness. Then I got this:
I don't understand why you went off on your dad.....he wasn't the one who wrote you...I was. I guess I should have kept my fucking mouth shut....and why is it everytime you get pissed at me, you bring up me not working? Uh because you are a grown woman with children in school mooching off my grandmother and sitting on your ass while you watch my father kill himself trying to work two jobs Why is that such an issue with you? You don't work...does anyone rag you about it? and the rent...is that your business...no...that is between Grandmother and your dad.....its not your business!! Did you pay rent to Tara while you were here...who the fuck cares...its nobody's business, but yours and Tara's!! It sure was ok for me not to be working when you needed a babysitter....and have you ever thought that I am not working for a reason??? Has that ever crossed your mind?? Maybe there are somethings we do not tell people!! What is great about this comment is she says she can not work because of depression...uh how many people still work especially when there are bills to be paid and again you are mooching off of someone. I stayed with Tara, you are living in a house that my Grandmother is paying for but does not live in. Its our business...not anyone elses. I do believe there is money being given to your dad and Susan on a yearly basis by Grandmother....Susan gets hers......so maybe this is the way our rent is being paid, but honestly....that shouldn't have to be explained to you!! She should have gotten her facts straight because that was a total and complete misconception. My Grandmother expects them to pay rent and does not give a yearly amount of money to my Aunt. Maybe she should have checked her facts first. and by the way...I do contribute to this household with income...and not too bad of one either....but that is none of your business as well. If she IS WORKING, why the stink and why not just say I am contributing..Why is it that you, and....Dave and Tom, are done with your dad.....thats pretty shitty!! None of us have ever said we are done with our father. We will love him no matter what. I however am pretty sure I am done with you. Are far as what the boys think of you, that is their choice whether to discuss it or not but I think you are aware. Regardless...he is your dad...and have you ever heard of UNCONDITIONAL love!! So...he's not perfect....but neither are you, but does he say anything about it...NO!! I am really tired of all this bullshit, and if you don't want me in your life, than so be it...but I love you and those babies, and you know it!! Why should you punish those babies for mine and your petty bullshit? I am not perfect either Katy...and I have never claimed to be, but I spoke my mind...and I am sorry that it upset you so bad! Maybe next time, you can go off on me, and not your dad...he doesn't control, what I do or say, and vice versa. You will not hear from me again, unless you agree to it... Oh, if only that were true I promise you that! I am done, until we can come to some sort of agreement!!

So, I hoped and I prayed this would be the last contact. Of course it wasn't.
I went though the effort of deleting her and blocking her from my myspace. While I deleted her, I decided to clean my friends up while I was at it. I had a ton of friends that were military layout makers and since ,hopefully, Clint will be out soon, I deleted them as well. Of course in the process I accidentally deleted an entire page of my friends (sorry Dawn and whomever else I have yet to figure out). Well, my step sisters were on the page deleted so that of course made an entire new issue. I not only got another email from she who promised never to contact me again, but I got one from my step-sister. I felt really bad because I know it hurt the girls' feelings. I explained what happened, but of course Lisa had already emailed me and told me to not contact them so I told them to clear it with their mom first.

Here bis the e-mail she sent me, without of course knowing why the girls were not on my list anymore:

What the hell did Katie and Kimmie do to you, to rank getting deleted from your friends list. Now you are being real childish....Thay have no idea what is going on between us. I guess they will know now. Come on Katy....Grow the fuck up!! Actually....leave them off your list.....its better that way...no contact what so ever is best all around for everyone involved. Oh...and just thought you might be happy to know that we will be paying rent now My Grandmother explained to them she could no longer afford to carry the house which had nothing to do with me, the timing was just right though ...and guess what???? I am NOT going back to work!!!!! Uh, didn't she just say she had a job, man I am getting confused as to who is acting childish. OH and keep in mind I still have not responded to her and she has again e-mailed me. So now you will have nothing to bitch about...oh hell, better find someone elses life to make miserable!! You won't be happy until you do....and guess what...MY HANDS ARE VERY CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course they are clean, you do not clean your house so they haven't had a chance to get dirty. Okay, now that is childish. Dammit, shame on me.


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