Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wonder if anyone will notice

Man, the stress has been aparently hiding. Here I thought I was rolling with th epunches, and now.....I have stress induced shingles. So let's see what kind of stress has tere been.
1. husband in Iraq
2. dog of 10 and 1/2 years put down
3. living with one of my best friends with three kids during a kitchen remodel
4. A return fifteen hour drive back to colorado
5. hoping we have jobs by Clint's ETS date
6. Can not start shopping for a house until he gets a job
7. My father's wife burned her bridges with my husband and I and can not understand or refuses to understand her fault in the situation.
8. Living with three preschoolers in a two bedroom second story apartment.
9. Did i mention the shingles? all in conjunction with aunt flo
10. A friend here in colorado who really for her own good needs to know that each and every friend she has is about to mutiny because of her selfish and thoughtless behavior.
11. Ethan has to go see a urologist because his urethra hole is not at the tip but on top causing a completepiss fest while in the bathroom.

Anything you want more details on? Please feel free to ask and I will give you the full story.


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