Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are you friggin' kidding me?

Here is what I find really entertaining. Before I left San Antonio I had started posting some things to my Myspace about some of the new friends I made. My next post was of course going to be about my best friend Tara and her family. I wanted to really go in depth into how much these people meant to me. The next would have been about my dad and his new family and how they too had been some what helpful, especially my Dad's step-daughter Kimmie. She is sweet and delightful and I really had enjoyed her company. Before I could get to that I received the following :

Grandmother is doing awesome!! She really is....I am sorry I didn't call back...but I came home and layed down...I have an earache in both ears...and alot of pain in my back...it hurts to breathe...so I know its in my lungs...whatever that is anyway. I may end up letting one of the girls stay home tomorrow to keep the babies (I had a doctor's appointment).....just depends on how I am feeling. I will bring them over there so it is easier on you.
I have to be honest, and say that I read your blog.....and got my feelings hurt, due to the fact that you didn't mention this part of your family...I know we have not done near as much as Tara's family has....but they don't have near as much going on either. Kimmie has really been there for you...and mentioning her would have at least made her feel good.

I love you Katy...I always will, but I am not very happy with you right now.....and as always we will work thru this.....but I felt it time to say something. I never had a problem babysitting for you when you needed me to......but to keep those babies overnight so you could party all night, was just not right FOR ME....maybe it was right for you, and that is okay. Maybe I am wrong...and I am not meaning to judge you..but your husband was over in IRAQ...in a war zone.....and I remember you saying, when you first moved back, that you wouldn't hang out in bars...and such, during the time Clint was gone, but you did. I felt like that was just not the right thing to do. (That is funny because I did say that to Clint and friends and Clint told me I needed to get out. that I would need to burn of steam)I know you think its none of my business...and maybe its not, but I needed to speak out anyways. You have made several comments when we were together that seemed like little innuendos, to let us know we haven't done our part. Yes...it made me feel guilty for awhile, but the more time passed, the less I felt guilty. I love those babies as if they were my own blood.....I ALWAYS will!! And you have to see and know that!! I will admit...I am not much of a babysitter anymore...every once in awhile is OK...but I couldn't do it all the time (Funny how Tara's parents WANTED to keep the kids and spend time with them and wanted to play with them and MADE TIME FOR THEM)....my teenagers keep me hopping enough!! Please know that I love you so very much, and try to read this without getting mad at me.
I love you! Lisa

I was so livid when I received this. First we had a blow up not to far in the recent past and I had decided to no longer openly express my opinions about the fact that they were mooching off my grandmother by not paying rent, or the fact that she did not have a job as my father physically falls apart, the fact that my father has a history of cancer and they both smoke like a chimney and upon his death she would receive 55% of his military retirement (major from the marine corps) I thought, how dare her suggest that Tara's family had a great amount of free time when they both work full time, her dad doing extra work, they all are involved in sports and she dare say that when she sits on her ass at home all day long just waiting for my father to kick the bucket. Now, keep in mind I was pissed when I read this e-mail, so these are the very raw things I thought and felt. She also had the audacity to insinuate that my behavior during my husbands deployment was anything but prudent. Clint and I have interests and friends outside of each other. We have a very healthy and loving marriage. My father has no friends and nothing outside of her because she is too insecure to allow it. She also implied that Tara and I were out partying all night everytime we had a sitter. Well, we did do that a few times. I have the pictures and of course I had already had the discussion with my husband who insisted i get out and blow off some steam. Many of the nights we spent working on Tara's kitchen that was being remodeled or just hanging out at the house with friends. Yes, that's right, my husband knows I have friends and does not feel the least bit intimidated. I of course shared the e-mail with Tara, who was also insulted by the comment about her parents made by a woman who has no job. Tara had of course been battling several years over how to handle my Dad's wife because every time she came to get her hair done, she would never pay the money up front she would just leave Tara a check for an amount that she (my dad's wife deemed appropriate). Of course this amount was usually about 60 dollars less then what the service would have cost. Now, there was a point in time when Tara lived at their house and she felt she couldn't say anything because they had been kind to her. Well, after I moved to Colorado, Tara tried to maintain a family like relationship as was treated as a mere resource someone to watch the house or of course do the hair. Well, need less to say there was going to be no love lost for Tara. Then their is the "I love you" at the end. Who the hell are you kidding. You love no one but yourself and you have interest in those who can do things for you. I am guilty of saying it in return and I admit it was more out of discomfort then any type of "love"

Well, I took some time to calm down and decided, well maybe she just got her feelings hurt and my thank you posts could continue on if we could just get over this little hiccup. I then came up with my brilliant idea. I did not want to call her and say "hey jackass, I was going to say something nice about you but you can now blow it up your ass". So, I thought I would "create" situation where now that she was calm, we could pretend that damn e-mail had not been sent. Seems like a good idea right?!?! Saves a family a shit load of drama I thought. So I posted a bulletin on my myspace saying that some of my mail and some of my posts had been eaten. So what did she do......she resent it. That's right folks. Well, anything nice I was going to say was now out the damn window. So that is where the new saga begins. Stay tuned for the next email.


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