Monday, April 16, 2007

And the beat goes on

I think the title of this e-mail is probably my favorite, because you and I both know that we have heard this before. I still have sent no response because I find it cruel to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person and I am not sure if she even knows what wits means. This is a bit out of order because I wanted to keep the emails in a certain group so this email was actually sent before she got the final e-mail from Tara explaining I had not said anything.

My Last Words Ever To You.....I promise

I have a few things too get off my chest and say to you, before I vow to never speak to you again.

First off Katy........Telling Tara I said mean things about her and her family is such a lie.....I will send her the copies of the emails
(I told Tara nothing, she read the e-mails for herself and formed her conclusions. From the last post, you should be able to tell Tara was never a big fan. She does not like fake people who mooch and try to break up families) I sent you, so she will know the truth...regardless if she does my hair again or not.

Second....I can not believe you would even say I am a danger to your kids......that is actually comical
(I find someone who has no control over their emotions a danger they are unable to control their behavior and I am particular as to who scars my children. hat is my job.).....You know...I know...your dad knows...and most importantly, those kids know how much I love them, and would never bring them harm. If you were trying to hurt me, well you succeeded....that hurt!!

Telling me to stay away from your family will not be a problem, Katy....You have my word...I will stay away....and to say that I would keep your dad away...is a joke as well. I have NEVER
(Now, I find this comical...you have made an issue of the friends he used to have, his religion and of any woman in general. So much that he has changed stories to include a man instead of a woman IE: when he bought the t-shirt from the taco store and you thought he bought the t-shirt because a woman was selling it)kept him form doing anything he wants to do ESPECIALLY where family is concerned. If anything, I stay on his ass to please call his son....to email Tom in Iraq...To call his mother more often. Your Dad has issues with that...and it has nothing to do with me.

I know Tom has NEVER liked me...and that is his right...I have never pushed myself on him or his family....but he was ALWAYS welcome here when he came to visit. The same with Dave
(I will try my best not to speak for the boys, but I will point out the fact that Tom and his family no longer stay at your house because the last time they did, it was filthy and everyone got flea bitten as far as Dave, how often does he bring Meredith over? I as a smoker do not smoke in my house and why? Because it makes the place stink like a nasty ashtray and when his daughter comes home smelling like a nasty ashtray.....gross)...and the same with you. If I didn't love you or care about you Katy.....why would I worry about you when you called here crying the night you and Tara were fighting? I was VERY concerned for you, and you know that.

I do not have psychological problems Katy...Only depression, and that is a chemical imbalance...and I am not ashamed of it. For your information...and to maybe ease your mind..I am NOT bi-polar either.....My doctor confirmed it for me
.(How exactly was that confirmed. Maybe you should do some research before you say that. Do you even know how they "diagnose" Bi-polar disorder) Maybe you should check into that......I already have!!

Katy....you are the most gossipy, nosiest
( Oh I a so nosey, I always want to know what is going on and I admittedly say things that are a bit off color. I do however live by the creed that , life is an open book Then I never have to worry about the shame or embarrassment. I am not saying I do not do things I regret and may have done differently, but I am not ashamed to be who I am and I do not lie about having a job or buying a new dog or feel the need to hide things such as that.)...and the most IN YOUR FACE person I have ever met. I came to accept you for who you are. To judge other people ( I do not judge...I am very accepting of all people until they screw with my family and you are screwing with my family...yes, i do judge that and find mooching off of an elderly woman disgusting and the way you keep your house, I have seen worse, but you have no job and teenage children, there is no excuse)the way you do is very embarassing at times. It seems the only time your dad and I fight is when you call complaining to him about me.......and he just listens to what you say...and then tells me..and I blow up...so then a fight starts. He LISTENS.....he is good at that, but remember....I am his wife...he shares EVERYTHING with me. I am tired of you TRYING (UM, I am not trying to cause problems, I do believe all of these e-mails have not been responded to yet, they keep coming, who is trying to cause drama here?)to cause problems in MY marriage...so stay the hell away from me and MY family!!! If you want to blow up at me CALL ME...not your dad......why would you do that when he is at work, can't you find better times to call him, then at his job??

Another thing.....I know you love and care about Grandmother more than anything in the world........BUT....DO NOT EVER bitch at your dad and me for not visiting more often, because when you were here.....we can count on ONE hand how many times you visited her. I offered so many times to keep the kids for you, so you could go visit...especially when she was sick, and you chose not too......I know there were times in the evening you could have visited, and you didn't...you found time to get your nails done...to TAN....to party...but not to go visit Grandmother.
(I spoke with Grandmother almost every single day and no one wanted me dropping the kids off there with just you to go see Grandmother. It was not necessary. Plus you and i both know grandmother is of the old school frame of mind that it is her children's job to care for her, not her grandchildren. And for your information I shopped for her, i took her to the bank, I went over and cleaned, I changed her sheets, I did laundry, and I am the one who broke her confidence and told dad she was possibly having surgery even though she did not want you two to know because she was so hurt that her son and daughter in law who lived less then two miles away saw her and spoke with her less hen her daughter who lived in Houston. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of the amount of time and attention I pay to my grandmother. The sad part is it is okay for you to mooch of this woman but you can not even give her your time.)Now see...it doesn't feel good being bitched at ...does it??? I am honestly trying to make a point here, Katy....but its the truth, and you know it as well as I do.

Since we will not be speaking any longer...you should know that I love your dad more than I have ever loved another human being (Other than my children)....and I will ALWAYS be by his side.....I won't go away....EVER!!!! I will also not take ANYMORE bullshit from his kids either.......MAINLY you...you are the only one that seems to cause grief. He can do and go wherever he pleases to be with his children...but YOU will never be welcome in our home again. EVER!!! I can't even stand the thought of you anymore....you are such the trouble maker!! Your kids will always have a place in my heart, but I know I will never see them again.....so in my heart is where I will keep them.

You told your dad I attacked your marriage.....and that is not what I did.....I simply stated that I did not agree with the way you acted while your husband was overseas.(You did not agree with how I acted?
I went out to a bar with my friends 4 times in the entire five months I lived with Tara. Maybe you should get your facts straight. I laughed and joked about it and posted pictures to my myspace. Would you rather have heard the stories of Tara and I tearing down drywall and watching movies?) If there is ever a woman who loves her husband so damn much its you, Katy....I know that....I was just speaking my mind, which I guess I shouldn't have done.....but you speak yours so freely....why can't others??

Thanks to you...I now have to search for a new hairdresser...which I have done before, so it can be done, but to say very untruthful things to Tara.....that was so wrong. It takes a hell of a person who is used to living alone, to all of a sudden take in her best friend and 3 kids, why would I say mean things about her? I have the emails Katy...I know what I said......I was simply hurt that you could not mention this portion of your family, for the LITTLE help we did give...especially Kimmie.
(May be if you had kept your ignorant mouth shut, you and would have given it a few days you would have seen what I had to say. You have ruined that though with your spewing of false information and by acting like a flaming idiot.)Tara and her family derserve all the praise you gave them and more.....You and I both know that.

I can see now, why Ashley wiped her hands clean of you
( Just to clear things up, not all people like each other which is okay because everyone has different personalities, but the issues between Ashley and I have been put behind us and just out of curiosity, when they came to town did they come see you? Oh, you didn't even know they came to town...hmmmmmmmm)....and now I am doing the same. Now...that is your brother's wife, and your dad's wife...how many more people do you think you can push away in your lifetime?
(I have no problem with you not being in my life, Ashley I missed because I did enjoy her company and her intellect. I only post this to get it off my chest without actually having to deal with you because again like I said you are unarmed and that would just be cruel.)


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