Thursday, November 02, 2006

It was a Happy Halloween

Halloween was a lovely night for us. Steven and Emily peed in someone's yard while we trick or treated. It was that or try to make it home in time, which wasn't going to happen. They also tried to take some newspaper. They thought I could use it to pack. Oh and a side note to all you Fort Carson residents, toys will become fair game if left on the corner. it was a pain in the ass trying to explain to my son why he couldn't have your toy lawn mower because it was not put away so you were not taking care of it and that means you do not want it. Bastards.

Well, we will be staying in Schertz, right outside San Antonio. Jody, are you going to be close to San Antonio? I am all for meeting up for some margaritas.

If any of you would like Clint's address, please e-mail me and I will get it back to you. There isn't much the guy wants or needs. I will include a list of stuff you can send him though and what snacks he likes.

Clint's List
1. Phone Cards
2. Old Spice (I think) All in one shower gel
3. Gillette Sensor Razors (all other toiletries he can get for free form supply over there and doesn't want anyone to waste their money)
4. He loves Turtles and dark Chocolate
5. He will have a lap top soon for finishing his classes and will be able to watch movies on it, so any movies you are tired of or can burn he would appreciate.

He really can get pretty much most of what he needs there. Any homemade treats will also be pretty nice. He can not have anything with pork or pork by products. They are also not allowed to be mailed religious items (prayers are allowed), alcohol and of course the item that most men want and can not have porn. That's right, please do not rush out and buy my husband a bunch of porn. It is sadly, unallowed those items. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Clint will finish his last four college courses while in Iraq, so he will be coming home with a bachelors degree. WHOO HOO!!!!!

Thank you to Rhianna for the picture.

You should go see what my little brother has to say.


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