Monday, March 28, 2011

The Verdict is In

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.” While growing up, I had a bit of knack and flare for the dramatics. I often feigned illness to keep from having to do things I did not want to do or to merely miss school because I did not feel like going. My mother quickly caught on to my game and after a bought of “asthma” Mom rushed me to the ER because I was certain I could not breath and was going to die. On the way to the hospital my mother threatened me with near death beatings should by some chance the doctor not find something wrong with me. Well, low and behold, there was nothing wrong with me. Thankfully, my darling mother chose to not follow through this time with what I was sure was going to be one of the worst beatings of all time. I do not remember to this day if I was ever punished but the fear still remains.
On the way to taking little miss Emily to the doctor; I too began the Mommy rant. She was suddenly unable to hear us, but only part of the time, she was not running a fever, and she seemed perfectly capable of playing with her siblings. So, the threats began. I did not threaten her with beatings but I did tell her she better damn well hope the doctor found something wrong with her or she would spend the next week on restriction from anything and everything other than her books. Those would be her only companions and her only means of entertainment. Well, damn I ended up with egg on my face.
The doctor looked in the first ear and seemed to be taken aback a bit and explained how Emily’s ear was bulging and was full of pus. This of course wasn’t even the ear that she complained had been hurting. Oh shit. I am about to have to eat my words and apologize to my eight year old for not believing her. The doctor checked the other ear and it was more of the same, maybe worse. When the doctor left the room to get a prescription for Emily, my darling daughter turned to me and said “I am so glad I have ear infections, now I won’t be on restriction”. Hmmmmmmmm, I am not certain, but I feel pretty confident that was an extremely low day in my parenting.
Needless to say, the girl child is not on restriction and she has been on antibiotics for several days now and is doing much better.

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