Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

I am going to play a little Thirteen on Thursday. Yes, it is still Thursday.

1. I just got a friggin' papercut and it hurts like a bitch. I can not believe I have given birth to three children and I am bitchin' about a papercut.

2. I can not seem to get caught up with the house, with the e-bay, with my blog......I feel so far behind.

3. I have decided to discontinue Self Portrait Friday. If someone else would like to host it great, if not...... no loss!

4. My good friend/neighbor is fixin' to leave for Iraq and I hate that.

5. Steven's poop is almost white. What the hell is that about? I find it a bit disturbing, especially sense I have to wipe his ass. Well, if I don't, his underwear gets pretty funky.

6. Emily and Steven went to see their first movie with their Daddy. He took them to see Chicken Little and were both amazed at the size of the "t.v.".

7. I missed all kinds of birthdays. I am telling you, I can not get caught back up. What the hell is wrong with me. Oh yeah.....I have three friggin' children. Maybe tomorrow will be the catch up day.

8. Tanner (my cocker) has a tumor. I am totaling freaked out. The vet did a needle biopsy (which she didn't charge us for) and found abnormal cells in the tumor. It has to be removed. OH MY GOD!!!! HOW MUCH IS THAT GOING TO COST? IS HE GOING TO DIE? HOLY APE SHIT BATMAN!!!!

9. My friend Tara just got back from Spain and was totally disturbed by the number of mullets. Do they not know those are gross now?

10. My face is breaking out like a friggin' teenager. Does God not know that I am already freaking out about the changes in my skin's elasticity, smoothness, and the changes in my body? I hate getting older. I know you are supposed to embrace it, but I have to say......FUCK THAT SHIT. I don't want to get old. I want to be hot. I want my boobs to not look like deflated friggin' balloons. I WANT TO BE HOT!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

11. I really need to get stitch, the sugar glider, a friend. I really worry about him getting depressed. Anyone have an extra one just gliding around?

12. I miss Texas. I really want some Taco Cabana and I want a damn Garden Ridge Pottery. I want to go home. I know this home sickness will pass. It always does, but tonight, I miss my brothers, my nieces, my Dad, my friends, My Grandmother......

13. Oh yeah, Tanner has given Ethan two really good bites. Ethan is bound and determined to torment the hell out of that poor dog and Tanner is trying to get his message of "back the hell off me asshole" message across. Dumb ass kids. Just kidding....Maybe!?!?!


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