Thursday, July 17, 2008

Forget Swim Lessons

The story starts with the 200 dollar above ground pool we bought. Clint and I had his sister's kids coming for a visit and knew that there was no way we could afford to take six kids and two adults out and about for a week, hence the pool.

Now another important piece of information to the story is that my kids were scheduled to start swim lessons (57 bucks a kid for 8 lessons) while the kids were visiting but I never got a confirmation from the lady at Schertz pool (poopie head).

Ethan was in the pool with his cousin Bo (8 years old). Bo was able to get Ethan to start going under water. Of course I clapped and oohed and ahhhed appropriately. I made everyone else come out and cheer for Ethan as well. This of course made Emily jealous, so she had to get in the pool as well. She got in the pool and would not turn loose of the side. She kept crying about how scared she was. Well, in about five minutes, Bo had Emily swimming half way across the pool while underwater. So I again oohed and ahhhed appropriately and this drew Steven out. Our niece Breanna then spent about an hour and had Steven swimming.

So I guess if you take the 57 bucks times the three kids who are no longer in need of swim lessons, plus the gas to drive over to Schertz for the swim lessons and well........It is like the pool was free. Damn I love when things work out like that.

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