Monday, July 28, 2008

Let the Laundry Commence

Last night around 9pm, Steven began throwing up. Then at about 11 pm Ethan started throwing up. they have both been throwing up about every 20 0r t30 minutes since. I have done a gazillion loads of laundry. Seems that small children are not always the best about getting up and barfing in the toilet. I have now resorted to a mattress in the living room, three buckets (the third is for Emily who is now complaining of an upset tummy) and a lot of towels. Neither boy has even been able to keep Sprite down.

We did have a bit of a lull between 5:20 and 6:10 this morning. I managed to fall asleep sometime in there. So I have not been up quite 24 hours....UGH!!!! I am pretty sure I will be a zombie when Clint gets home this afternoon.

On the bright side, Clint is now home, so I will have a relief pitcher on deck.

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