Monday, August 04, 2008

Update, Update, Update

We have all survived the dreaded stomach virus. It looked Clint and Were going to come out completely unscathed, until early Saturday morning when I began to piss out my ass and vomit like there was no more tomorrow. Luckily, it did last only one day and I was able to enjoy Sunday with friends and family.

We started off trying to remedy the cloudy mess we call a swimming pool. Of course being the white trash we are, that did not stop us from getting in and swimming. My friend Tara showed up just in time to not only wiggle Emily's loose tooth as she was heading into the pool, but give it a little tug and pull it out. So needless to say, we had to stop for a photo op.
I mean this is only the second tooth so it is still exciting and new. The boys are showing no signs of loosing any teeth any time soon.

While Tara and her new "not yet a boyfriend" Kenny were over, Clint grilled up some bacon wrapped scallops. OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!!!! They were so divine. He followed that up with some meticulously rubbed meat.
Still rubbing.....
And of course no meal is complete without some yummy vegetables
We finally were ready to cut the boys hair, throw the kids in the bath and call it a day. Of course that did not happen. The boys started yelling that they could see a rat in the back yard. Well, It was not a rat. It was a baby opossum.
I talked Clint into picking it up so the kids could see it up close and feel its fur.
Once Clint got it in his hands, we realized the little guy had a broken back leg. The rugged farmer in him told Clint to just get the shovel and put the thing out of his misery, but the wife and kids were voting for wildlife rescue. I called the 24 hour hot line and they gave us a drop off point to take him to...IN THE MORNING. So, in the box he went.
Of course when we got up this morning the little bugger had climbed out and we had to do a quick search. We found him and put him in a box with a lid. My Dad came and picked him up to take the Opossum to the drop off point. I was so grateful because I do not do well in traffic and it was "in town". Thanks Dad!!!

So thank goodness I was not still sick on Sunday. I would have missed out on so much.

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