Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's a Little Choking Between Friends?

My friend Liz called me today. She was a tad concerned because her son got in trouble at school for choking another little boy from his kindergarten class while they were in the bathroom. She was unsure of all the circumstances, but I happened to be experienced in the choking field.

Ethan has gotten in trouble twice in the last week or so for pretending to choke his brother. I may have to take blame for this situation because sometimes I will tell them "you are driving me crazy, come here and let me choke you" Of course that is followed by me pretending to choke my children. God, now that I am typing this I should maybe tell them that discussing that kind of playing around at school is not a good idea. We may end up with a situation like Liz is in or as I sit here and imagine...."My Mom likes to choke me if I am bothering her" LMAO.....oh my goodness. I can just see a visit from child protective services in my future.

Okay, so back to Liz. She was a little worked up and was concerned that Gavin may have done it to protect himself from the other boy. So what was my advice...

Well, I suggested she first find out exactly what the circumstances were. I can not even tell you how many times a little poke has escalated between my children into an all out brawl. One child pokes, the other pokes back, then a push, then a push back....well we can all see where this is leading. I am guessing her son is not a serial choker or anything nearly as nefarious. He may just be playing in the bathroom a bit rambunctiously with his little friend. HE is a sweet boy, but I bet he can be pretty tough when he is playing...most kids have that amazing talent. You know, the strength of a retarded chimp.

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