Friday, July 14, 2006

Damn the Bandwith

So if you hadn't noticed....I have not updated in a little bit. I know it is bad when even my friends who know all my business are asking when the hell I am going to update. Well, I have been busy. Shit, can't a girl just hide out for awhile and take a break from life. No?!?!!? Okay well here is my update.

I had to renew my membership with photobucket. That would be why my bandwith ran out. HEE HEE.....

My Dad and I really are no longer speaking. We love each other very much, my step-monster (tongue and cheek) and I will have to come to an understanding and I am guessing that may take awhile, because she will have to e-mail me or call me for that to happen. Maybe!?!?!? I don't know, the more time passes, the more I just do not give a shit and just want everone to get along. They have made ammends to my Grandmother and that is all that really matters to me. Well, that and the fact that my Daddy says she makes him very happy. I guess if she really makes him happy, then thatis all that really matters to me. I have also heard through the grape vine that the girls have improved 100% in their behavior. My Dad made a good point when he said they actually give him less trouble then my brothers and I did. HMmmmmmmmmm.....things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......good point....Can you say Katy isn't perfect and maybe says things out of anger sometimes.....no? well, of course you can't because only I can say that about me.
So, anyways, things will work themselves out.

The kids and I got free tickets to the rodeo tonight. Clint is covering it for the paper. I think it will be kudos of fun.

I went to a big wig Hail and Farewell last week. Super fun. Hung out with the commander of the hospital...who by the way knows the family I used to babysit for when I was a teenager. Small world.

Asked Mr. Rivera (running for Colorado Congress) a million and one questions. Nice guy and good answers. Lov, love, love his wife Lynn Rivera. She is such a special person.

Marsha, my mother in law, came to visit. Had a great time with her. The kids love her, I love her and I can not wait to get back to Texas. She and Clint went fishing, site seeing and out to dinner. We would ahve all gone, but our vehicle is a five seater and the three damn devil children take up three of those.

I quit taking that wellbutrin (started taking to help me quit smoking). I do not think it made a huge difference in my cravings, but made a fucking ridiculous difference in my emotions and weight. I was much more sensitive and my clothes were all shrinking. I have been off it for a little over a week and all my clothes seem to be back to their normal size.

Okay, shit...I think that is all for now....uhm yah maybe.....
Oh, one more thing...I am still working on putting together the kids curriculum...we start school (homeschool...kindergarten) at the end of August. Yes, I am awrae my kids are only three and two....they are ready...They know all they need to know to start public kindergarten....oh other then the fact that Ethan is still in diapers. So I figure I may as well let those little sponges soak up all I can throw at them. Education is the key.....remember that kids.


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