Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Girls

Okay, so here we are again. I am so full of opinions. I am not as thrilled with the girls as I thought I would be.

Kristy was cute and I loved her eye makeup even though she looked a little squinty. Her performance was okay. She was not outstanding. This could be nerves or the fact that a bunch of them are sick. I am not sure, but I can tell you she will NOT win. Of course that is sad because she sold her BEST horse to get to the audition. No regrets Kristy. Check out her MYSPACE.

Jo-anne was Awful with a capital A. It sounded to me like Loretta Devine (you know the receptionist chick from that new adorable show ELI STONE) was onstage singing.

Alaina has some kind of funky thing (like a mended gap) with her front teeth and I actually love it. I think it gives her such character. I grew up with a girl who had the cutest most delightful gap. I was a little sad when she got the gap fixed. I mean she looked cute still, but the gap had such character. Okay, I have strayed. Anyway, Alaina seemed pretty good and pretty powerful.

Oh dear Amanda. I know you have been compared to Janis Joplin and Lita Ford but I find you annoying. I find the grind in your voice annoying and I find you HAIR and clothes annoying. I hope you go home before I rip myself bald.

Amy sang WHERE THE BOYS ARE which was originally sung by Connie Francis (Not Patsy Cline like stupid ass Randy said...DOG!) and I can tell you, Connie is not a happy camper. Amy ruined the song and made me a bit queasy.

I was expecting a lot from Brook. Other than a few lame notes, I thought she had a Carol King type of stage presence and an engaging voice minus the nerves.

Alexandrea started off so strong but fizzled a bit in the middle of her performance. I think it was just a bad choice for songs because the girl can sing and has some serious stage presence. She does remind me a little of a prior idol Christina Christian. I really like this girl. I think she will be one to watch.

Kady does the best Brit Brit impression I have ever seen. She sang A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE by Phil Collins. She made it totally contemporary. I love, love her. She is cute, funny and talented.

Asiah sang some Janis Joplin with a bit of ghetto so so fabulous flair. Her performance was alright, but it didn't have enough of the ROCK feeling to it. Not enough Soul as my husband said. Oh and he says she has a big butt. I mean nothing like Niece Nash on Reno 911. Bwahahahahahahah.

Ramiele, you poor girl. When I first saw you I thought I was looking at useless girl Bai Ling. You really do have a nice voice and I found you entertaining but a wee bit on the dull side.

Syesha was already on a show called THE ONE: MAKING A MUSIC STAR. She is a beautiful girl and has a beautiful smile, but already being on a show and already having a break (appearing in Ford commercials) it seems she has a foot in the door and well, I just do not know if I think she should be there. I found her performance to be trite and lacking.

Carly looks way better in this picture then she did for the show. I love her with this short sassy hair. She has already had a record deal under the name Carly Hennessy. The company dissolved and her career went along with it. She says she sees "American Idol as her second chance". She has a nice voice, but for the love of god...sing a song that will not put my children to sleep at nightie night time. She went last and could have ended it on a real upbeat number. I do not care if you have the flu....entertain me!!!!


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