Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Night's American Idol

Michael's performance was disppointing after last weeks. I realy wanted him to quit bouncing around.

Jason Castro picked a lame song but I think this guy is really good. I also like how comfortable he is with his guitar.

Luke seemed to be a bit show-girlish. I do think he is sooooooo cute.So why does he have to be the best of everything? He is an alright singer.

Robbie reminds me of Justin Timberlake. He sang good but needed more umph. I like him though.

Here comes queeny!!! Danny sang the Carpenters. He sang it good but he is more GAY IDOL. Maybe he could be Perez Hilton's BFF.

David H performed like he was a chick trying too hard to be sexy. I found it comical. He sang okay but his performance was a joke.

David Cook has nice teeth, sang really well and picked a great song.

What is with all the gayness. I love me some gayness but it seems to be oozing all over idol this season. Did you see Jason's shiny belt? He is such a mediocre singer.

Chikezie is a doll. I love him. He is a great performer and a pretty dang good singer.

David sang IMAGINE. It was flawless. I loved it. BEST OF THE NIGHT!!!!



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