Sunday, October 25, 2009

House Hunting has Lost Its Luster

This house hunting thing was fun last month and well now this month it is not fun anymore. I pretty much just want to buy a house and move just to get this process over with. We have looked at nearly 60 houses and have searched through hundreds and hundreds on the internet. I need a full time assitant to just find me houses, know my criteria, and well just get to hunting ALL over the city. What is my criteria? Well............
1. An expensive neighborhood that I can not afford
2. A hous ethat I can afford
4. A big backyard for the kids
5. A nice covered deck or back patio big enough for my adorable outdoor livingroom set
6. 3 or 4 bedrooms, prefer 4 but 3 with a loft will do
7. A large pantry
8. A formal dining room and an eat in kitchen
9. A kitchen big enough for Clint to get some serious cooking on
10. An island with a bar
11. A linen closet that could actually hold ALL my linens
12. A two car garage (oh with a garge door opener)
13. A utility room
14. Oh, did I mention for a reasonable price and in a GREAT neighborhood?

I really do not think I am asking too much and would like to go ahead and find the right one, have the offer accepted, pass inspection, and close all before the end of November!!!!!

Okay NOW!!!


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