Friday, October 30, 2009

Teaching the kids about an honest dollar

Our little people earn one dollar every Friday if they have met certain criteria.
  1. All smiley faces in folder from school
  2. Done chores during the week
  3. Have behaved at home all week

I realize that they are only 6 (the twins) and 5, but I think if we start teaching them the importance of responsibility and the value of money at an early age, we will be laying a firm foundation for them in the future.

Well, they have been saving their money and today was the day to spend it. The boys pulled their money in an effort to save enough to buy a video game at Gamestop. They actually spent the last ten weeks saving and managed to save over 24 dollars from their allowance, tooth money, and extra earnings. This allowed them to buy two video games and pay the tax. They are some badass lil savers unh?

Emily started off pulling with the boys and then decided she was not interested in video games, she wanted a barbie. After shopping at wal-mart, she ended up with a littlest pet shop stuffed animal (more on that piece of shit deal in a sec) that after tax was a bit out of her price range. In order to still get her doll, she had to do some extra work when she got home. She came home and got a shopping bag and pulled weeds from the rocks in front of the house. She is such a hard worker. I really am so proud.

Okay, so Emily gets this littlest pet shop doll because it is supposed to come with a code so you can go to http://www.lpso.com/ and play. Well when we get home and log on to the website, the mother friggin' bleepity bleeps require a PAID bleepity bleep bleep subscription that can be in the price range og 6 bucks a month to 60 bucks a year. Friggin' jerk ass mother bleepity bleeps. She is now crying and all kinds of broken friggin' hearted because these dumb ass bleepity bleeps cannot be content with the money they make off of the mass amount of toy sales, they have to charge to play at the website as well. I am so mad and sad for her. I bought another doll to give to her at Christmas and guess what.....I AM TAKING THAT SHIT BACK. I also plan to discourage her in the future from spending anymore money on that brand of stuff. I will try to get her to focus her attention on other things. That is such a huge pile of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Well, they bought their stuff and then when we got home they had to give Mom the money that was on the receipt out of their money jars; $24.88 and $10.43. This way they understand the fact that these things cost money and that money requires both time and hard work. After they give me their money I actually deposit it into their savings accounts. I think when they get older and realize all of their allowance actually went into the bank and they have learned the lesson of saving to buy something they want and working hard to earn that money....all of our hard work will pay off in raising children with mature, responsible money skills.

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