Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love going to the emergency room

Obviously that is full of sarcasm! Last night, Clint and I spent the evening in the ER with Emily the new found battery swallower. Yes, I do realize she is six and yes I do realize that I also just had to take Ethan to an ENT to have a pebble removed from his ear. Sometimes I wonder if going off that Paxil a few years back was a good idea.

Emily swallowed a watch battery after which Clint called the Poison Control Center and I called quickly began my internet search. We both came to the same conclusion. We needed to get Emily an x-ray and we need to do it quickly. The kids all loaded up and the boys are lucky enough to have a fabulous Nana and Grandad that kept them while we sat for a few hours at the ER. After a few x-rays, we discovered the battery was already in the stomach so all we could do is wait for it to pass. The doctors want us to go back up today for another x-ray to see where the battery is, but in the meantime, I am on poop duty. I was pretty sure once they all had learned to wipe their own asses I would no longer have to deal with shit. Boy, was I wrong. Off to poop duty I go.


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