Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I wouldn't Come Around These Parts

Friday night I am starting a 6 day detox with Amy and Jenn. I am going to try to quit smoking again. Here is what really made me change my mind.....

Steven and Emily have been biting their little nails.....I am sure because they have seen Mommy do it. I do not want them to bite their nails. It is a yucky habit. So, Mommy quit biting her nails and I have been on them like flies on shit to keep their fingers out of their mouths.

This is where it began. I am willing to stop biting my nails because it had an adverse effect (affect...shit whichever) on my children, but I was still smoking. HMMMMMMMM....Studies hsow that a very high percentage of children with parents who smoke will one day smoke themselves. I believe this. My parents smoked and My younger brother and I both picked up the habit (he to a much lesser degree). I do not want my children to ever smoke. I do not want to be the reason they smoke. I want nothing but the best for them and if I am willing to stop biting my nails, how ridiculous that I would not quit a cancer causing habit. So, I am going to do it. There is no trying about it. I am going to quit because not only is it the best thing for my own health, it is a committment I am making to my three children.

It is going to be hard as friggin' hell.


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