Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Back Jack

Okee dokee, here is the scoopie poopie. I am going to take the Welbutrin in addition to the Paxil, but only for awhile. I REALLY want this time (quitting smoking) to be successful. Side effects.....Could enhance my OCD. I say that like it is a good thing. OCD is great for me. It could also bring out sypmtoms of terets (is that spelled wrong? oh well who friggin' cares) if I already have it and just haven't shown symptoms yet. That could be entertaining. I told Dr. Dawson I would just use that as an excuse if I act like an ass. Clint can't get mad if I have a medical condition. So Karen, do not worry. There will be no change in my title. Whew!!!!!!


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