Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thank God Daddy is Home

Oh what a life. I am pretty damn glad it is the weekdend. Clint put the little bastards to bed last nitgh. I had gotten to the point with Ethan yesterday that if I had tried to spank him for any other offense, It would have been abuse. He was pushing my buttons in a way that no other human being has ever dared to push.

Luckily today is a fresh day. I would like to give you this to think about.

Eleven women in the area around the nation's capital have bonded, according to a February Washington Post story, around a tall, athletic man of German heritage (with a master's degree and who tans easily), whom none has ever met. The man, known as donor 401, is the one whose sperm each of the women chose to be inseminated with, selected from a biographical catalog of the Fairfax Cryobank. That the women's 12 offspring have a common father has provided powerful motivation for them to learn about each other, as a way of learning about 401 (who has now retired as a donor, though there is still a waiting list for his stored sperm.) [Washington Post, 2-27-06]

For more odd, weird shit, go here.


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