Sunday, June 25, 2006

Movies and Movies and More Movies

Clint and I have watched a crap load of movie this weekend. On a scale of one shit log being the worst up to five shit logs (a really clean colon) being the best, I will rate the movies.

First, The Weatherman. I am a fan of Nicolas Cage and I am a fan of this movie. There are some great lines and some great laughs, all while you are faced with the not so glamorous reality of life. If you liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I think you will like this movie. I am going to recommend this movie and give it four shit logs.

Second, we watched Derailed. I did not predict the outcome, but Clint did. He picked up on the "twist" pretty early on. I thought the movie was entertaining, but a little slow in some spots. the twist was good and the ending suprising. I guess this movie would be a 2 and a half...maybe three shit logs.

Let me see, next was The Hills Have Eyes. I did not know until the same day we watched the movie that it was a remake. Now, this being said, I have not seen the original, thus my opnions are based solely on the new version. I love horror movies and generally find them merely entertaining and not the least bit scarey. This one however, did have me a bit on edge. I really enjoyed it and would watch it again. It was fun, fun, and more fun. I give it three and a half shit logs for sure.

We also watched Fun With Dick and Jane. This movie is also a remake, of which I was also unaware until the same day I watched the movie. (what is with all the remakes? Lack of creativity...what?!?!?!) I do love a good Jim Carey movie. This movie was mildly entertaining. I would give it two shit logs. I would have to say it was worth the time it took to watch it, but I would not watch it again. Once was enough.

We will be watching Memoirs of a Geisha next. I have heard a lot of good things about it so....I 'll let you know.

Oh, and last night, Clint and I headed out to celebrate our anniversary. Well, didn't really happen. Tanner decided to take off while we were gone. We turned around to come home and help in the search. About half way home, Amy called to say they had found him, but we were no longer in the mood to turn around again and head back out. We came home and watched a movie. Maybe we will make another attempt, maybe not.

I have also found Clint and I completly disagree on the whole homeschooling thing. He is worried our kids will be huge weirdos and I am worried they won't. I want them to look to us for guidance and approval. Not their friends. I want theem to be a bit naive. I am okay with that. I do not like the things our young children are exposed to so early on. I am not against sending them off once we have established a firm foundation. I do not know. Parenting is so damn scarey. You just want what is best for you kids and I'll be damned if their isn't a friggin' manual. I know I screw up sometimes, but I want them to grow up to be good people like my brothers and I. Like my sister in laws and my brother in law. I want them to be caring, kind and smart. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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