Monday, June 26, 2006

Please, Not Again.

So, ten days ago, all the kids started coming down with colds. No big deal right?!?!?! Well, then on Monday, they started waking up with green goop, sealed eyes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we also had pink eye. We took all three children to the doctor on Wednesday. They all had pink eye and ear infections. Well, five days of eye drops and antibiotics and Steven and Emily are doing fine. Ethan.....not so much. He goes back to the doctor this afternoon. He is not eating, but when he does, he throws it up. He has gone from 10 to 12 cups a day to 2 maybe 3 if we are lucky. He also has diarrhea...which doesn't surprise me with the antibiotics, but since he is not keeping up with the consumption end, I worry about dehydration. He also seems to be having labored breathing and remember not to long ago we had the fun hospital vacation with the RSV.......well, let's just say, Clint and I are very concerned. Please do not let it be phenomena. UGH!!!!!

Okay, so more movies. We watched Underworld. I liked it. I am now interested to see Underworld 2. I thought the background story was great. Vampires and Lycan (werewolves)....how fun is that. Three shit logs for sure. Lots of action and gore.

Next was Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a nice story, but dear god......It took two hours and it felt like four!!!! So, 1 and a half...maybe two shit logs.

Then....Just Friends. All I am really going to say about this movie is...Thank God that Amy owned it and Clint and I paid not a single penny....I actually feel like sending them a bill for my time. What a ridiculous movie. I will be kind and give it a broken off shit log. Yes...that's right, not even an entire shit log for this piece of crap movie.

Last but not least....Into the Blue. This movie actually exceeded my expectations. Not only does Jessica Alba have the ass all of us women dreamed we could have, but the story line and cinematography was great. Man, the scenery was beautiful. Believe it or not, I give this movie three shit logs.

We will probably watch the new version of Shaft tonight. Hmmmmmm....wonder if that will be any good.

I am going to be listing some stuff on Ebay and will post a link later. I expect everyone to buy something from me they do not need or want. Thanks ahead of time.


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