Thursday, June 01, 2006

Way Back Wednesday (on Thursday)

Well, I really am a day late, but hey....three kids, a bunny, a dog, a sugar glider and a husband. What the hell do you want from me people. I am lucky I have time to wipe my ass.
(This is not my only post today, so you better look at my other shit, or I will hunt you down and crap in your yard)
So, Way Back Wednesday......Graduation

Here Hope (my friend who is currently not speaking to me, but will again....who can resist my charm) and I are on the big day. Graduating from High School. A place both of us were not overly fond of.

Where in the hell did we get those friggin' ridiculous dresses and who let those caterpillars crawl on our faces? Why did people not introduce us to the tweezers or the wax? Could they not see our eyebrows?

Ah yes, the grand entrace. Little did my parents know....I would get married in less then a year and come down those same stairs and stay married for less then a year. Man, Did I think I knew it all.

Again, eveidence that I thought I was one bad ass bitch.


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