Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

So, I have decided to get some part time work when I get home....okay, not really. I just have that damn song from the movie in my head "twenty-five miles until we get to heaven". I have less then a month until I go to Texas. I think it will really make a big impact on the kids and I having so many people around. You know like.....uhm they will not get drowned in the bathtub, they will not be covered in cigarette burns and bruises....you know it's the small things that make a difference in different parenting styles.

Well, how about another view of our trip......

MaMaw and PaPaw had a HUGE pile of dirt. Well, there is nothing better to a bunch of kids then either a way to royally annoy their parents or a way to get ridiculously filthy. Our three decided on this day that filthy was the way to go.

"WOW....I bet you can't even imagine how much dirt is in my ass crack at the moment."

"UHM guys....are you sure this isn't a huge pile of shit?"

Oh and by the way, since Meritt is bribing, I will threaten....If you do not vote for me, I will send you all three of my damn children? Scared? Well, you should be!


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