Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Final Countdown

So, as I am typing the title to this post I started singing that song by Europe...I think. Anyone know what I am talking about? Oh, they sang that song Superstitious also. You know...."Well, I'm not superstitious, I have no doubt...." .

So, Clint leaves in less then a week. We have been busy making final preparations and (shhhhhhhh)It's a secret, I have decided to go home for the six months. I am just going to throw all our shit in storage and get the hell out of dodge. Clint will have about a month before he starts terminal leave when he returns from Iraq, so we will just stay in a wee little furnished apartment, just like we did when we first moved up here and had to wait for housing.

Here are the plans, I am having a big garage sale on the 20th to sell all the stuff we do not want to keep or that we got at garage sales for cheap cheap cheap and really do not want to store. I will be listing chingos of stuff on craigslist and freecycle. Don't tell the kids but I am getting rid of a crap load of their stuff. It will not all fit at Tara's and I do not see the point in storing it. Much of it was garage sale finds and I can just "find" something else. They have so much crap (stuff) anyways.


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