Sunday, October 15, 2006

Is there adoctor in the house?

When I went to the ER right before Clint left (I couldn't breath and felt like someone had dropped an elephant on my chest) they did a shit load of tests. Appparently it is anxiety? What the fuck?!?!?! I don't have anxiety......well, they gave me some kalonopin. No more chest pains. Now here is the shit kicker of the Army. My Docotr will not give me any kind of refill.....not even on my paxill....that I have been on for all eternity inless I go see my terapist. Okay, have you ever taken three children to a therapists office? I will be causing many undue mental breakdowns. Fucker!!!!

Emily has said" Daddy has been gone along time", poor baby....it's only been a week.
Steven is obssessed with Clint getting a gun and shooting bad guys. I am not sure where this comes from. We do not let them watch adult shows and are picky about the kids shows they watch. I think he is just nucking futz!!!!
Ethan......he only wants Daddy when he is in trouble. Of course we are talking about Ethan, so he wants Daddy a lot. Okay, okay....I am kidding. He has actually been very good for me since Daddy left. I think he is afraid for his life. Ah, as he should be.

Freddy Fender dies at 69


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