Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Feel Like Jill In The Beanstalk

Before I get to the real meat of this story, I must give a bit of history.

Clint got out of the Army and we MOVED to his parents for the few weeks it would take him to find a job now that he had completed his Bachelors degree.

After several MONTHS, he accepted a position as a service tech for a company near Springtown, TX (where he is from). We then MOVED into a house we rented from his uncle.

After two months, the railroad called. They offered him a job in San Antonio that he would start in two weeks. So we had two weeks to load up and get ourselves and our shit to San Antonio. We were to rent a house from a girl I used to work with back when I had a J O B. So, we loaded up the truck and we MOVED.

We got to San Antonio and the house we were to move into (which had been vacant and on the market for something like 8 months) had been broken into and had squatters. So here we are with a moving truck full of our stuff, three kids and no place to live.

I panicked for about an hour and then we began the hunt. Within 16 hours, we had found a house, unpacked our truck and set up the beds. Now, I am sure you can guess the house we ended up with on such short notice was not exactly what we had been dreaming of. It was dated. The floors were ridiculous. However, we had a place to live and that was GREAT.

Now for the MEAT!!!!

I have a bit of an anal side. I like a clean. non cluttered house. I sweep and mop most every day. Can you imagine my surprise when I found plant life growing in my bathroom?

I am not exactly sure what this mean, but it can't be good. I mean where is it coming from? Do you see that black? That is some sort of sticky gummy stuff from when they laid the linoleum on top of the old linoleum. It really is all kinds of Fancy Time.

Now, I ask you not to be jealous. Do not look at your house and wonder why you can't have plants growing out form under your tub. We are special and we have been chosen.

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